Your Body is 12 Years Old

Your body is younger than it should be. Congratulations!

You're taking good care of yourself, and it's definitely paying off.

Whether it's by accident or by choice, you're living a very healthy lifestyle.

Keep it up, and you're likely to live a long, vibrant life.

You Are a Mohawk

You are a true rebel. You enjoy flaunting your nonconformity.

Your idea of style is not fitting in with the crowd. You like to look unique.

At your best, you are creative and ready to challenge the status quo.

At your worst, you are surly and stubborn. You sometimes scar people.

I Just Wrote This...

I just heard from a friend and her brother just went to be with Jesus. (He was shot. )
Please pray for her.

"Just Fight." by Jayde Vernoy

The soldier on the battle field
The one that would never yield
The one that fought till his last breath
And till' the job was done he would not rest

Now here he lay on the ground
Helpless, defenseless, listening to the sound
He knew he didn't have very long
So he wrote this song

Finish every single battle
Never stop 'till the very end
Learn every single lesson
Make just one more friend
Don't make more trouble than what's needed
For you to understand
Just fight.

Tears flowed from his eyes
As he counted what was left of time
He knew someone had spotted him
But he tried not to give in
And he prayed

Lord, I don't know what's gonna happen
If You want to see me now, just know I'm willin'
Do what you have to do
For people to live long enough to know you

Slowly he closed his eyes
Then he imagined the skies
Seeing God in all His splendor
Knowing just what he did was right
And He says to fight

Finish every single battle
Never stop till the very end
Learn every single lesson
Make just one more friend
Don't make more trouble than what's needed
For you to understand
Just fight.

Hello Friends and Lurkers!

I've been away.
Wanna know why?
Go here, as I am too lazy to type it out myself and my mother can do a much better job of describing such things as a wicked crazy awesome volcano thingy! :D :D
Anyway...My computer (sorta like this one), is in the shop. It went to visit the computer doctor earlier this morning.
Get this.
I have
I don't know how much more of this I can take! I am going to DIE! :O :|

Moving on, we have found Anna. And I smell watermelon..o.O
Anyways...Anna was gone all day, we couldn't find her. We, of course, thought up the worst scenarios:
She was taken and vaporized by aliens
She was cat-napped (Which in a way...She was...She was napping when she was found.)
She was...I don't wanna keep writing. The important thing is I found her and the house is filled with happiness again.
She is sleeping with me tonight and that is final. We were worried sick! Well, me and Mom. We walked around calling her name and meowing. (Do not ask me why...)
I found her under the pool-boards that surround the pool out in the backyard. I heard her before that, and I freaked out and called Dad to go get the ladder because I heard her. At first I thought she was over in the empty lot behind our house. Then I thought she was stuck in a tree next door. Everyone was questioning me.
"Did you really hear her?"~Mom
"Are you sure?"~Dad
"Yes and yes..." I said, climbing the ladder. I looked over both walls. But I found her when I came back down. She has taken to hiding under the boards and it can drive us nuts.
As it did today.
But we found her and she has been fed Tuna and her life is back to peaches and cream. We adore our kitty.
Look at this:
How can you NOT adore her? =) She is our little sweetie here. =)
And other news...Hmm...
I have taken up drawing.
And I spent most of today cleaning my room.
And my good friend, William at William's Blog, has Photoshop 6 and maybe he will copy it and send it to me? :D :D :D PLEASE? WITH CREAM, CHOCOLATE SYRUP, STRAWBERRIES, GUMMY BEARS, PEANUTS, SPRINKLES, M&Ms and...OTHER YUMMY STUFF on top? PLEASE? <=-D
I am off now, to go and read Skittle's blog now. =)
...I'm sorry...But I can't think of anything else to blog.
Forgive me.

Anyways...I'm back.
That should be reward enough...tehehe...=D

xD Just kiddin'!

PACE YAW! xD No, not that either.



After reading that-good-friend-of-mine-who-is-always-changing-her-name-and-now-I-cant-remember-what-it-is-at-this-minute-when-I-need-it-most's blog, I decided I'd chat about what superhero I'd make myself to be.

I've got some awesome news and some awful news. Which do you wanna hear first?
"Neither. If I hear the good news first I won't be able to enjoy it cause I'll be worried about the bad news coming next, and if I hear the bad news first..-"
~Adrian Monk.

...I hope I didn't miss a letter...8|
* checks it *
* double checks cause she doesn't trust her better judgment *
* has a nightmare about missing a letter *
* wakes up *
* gets out of bed *
* goes to the computer and checks again *

Here are some of my entries for LOLz at PunditKitchen and the ICanHazCheezburger contests every week.

Later on today I will dedicate an entire post to my captioned photos. Deal? :)

For now, I must start school.

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