Moment of Silence...

My sister, brother in law, other sister and two nieces just left.


Guess what that leaves me with?

A new camera
A new cellphone
A new iPod
A new iPod speaker
My own bathroom
My own full-length mirror
My own creepy picture of Jewel that some guy drew of her...It's seriously creepy. Her forehead it huge in it. But I'm gonna color it and then put it up.
My own hair-dryer
More books
Enough shoes and shirts to last me a lifetime
An extra jewelry box
More jewelry
My own body-by-jake machine! WOO!

(like I'm seriously gonna use it...)

Powders and eyeliners and mascaras
All the towels I could ever want
New computer games
And a tearstreaked face.


24-7 Dishwashing duty
Right-hand helper-ness
Playmate for Anna and Shichu.

K. I'm Proud of Myself.

I'm Gettin' It


I'm gonna do it.
I'm in the process of organizing my room as MONK would. (By that, I mean I'm on my lunch break, but as soon as I finish I'll be getting back to it. K?K.)
He rocks socks.
I've encountered and taken note of the problems that cause me to neglect keeping my room tidy.


And so on and on and on..

I've found solutions that I'm going to try.

1. I'm going to start labelling. As soon as I finish organizing today, I'll tape little ( ..tapes..? ) to shelves, drawers, etc.
Because: When I see those labels, I will not be able to handle shoving the shirts where my skirts go.
See? Anyways...I'm actually excited about it.

And as for being like Monk...He's mostly known for...

"That...that curtain there...It's...Wrinkled."

"That man...he missed a button."

"She spilled her drink... And there's a splatter..."

So basically, just teeny little things. But they make a big difference.
I'll stick tiny little tapes with stuff like,






What do you think? Maybe you could try it with me, even.

Plus, I like how labels look. They just...ARE organized. You know?

Other things I'm gonna work on...

Washing dishes on a whim. As in...I see them dirty, and such, and I 'can't concentrate' until they're cleaned and cleaned well.

I'll also work on being circumspect. :)

I love it.
And I'm really gonna do it.

I may need a few pushes, *MOM*, who will be happy to help.
But I will.
And I'm determined.

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