Holy Guacamole.

I haven't blogged in...
What seems like forever now.

My goodness.

My last post was like... August-ish? Maybe? I dunno.
So, I'm back here to just rant my head off, and perhaps yours as well. So shush and listen.
Rather, read.

I'm uh... 15 now... Life's goin'... yeah... Uh... I just got back from a camp as a mini-counselor. I was in a cabin of 6th graders where one half of them hated showers and I had to force them to wash themselves, and the other half, I wasn't able to get them out if I'd been paid a million bucks.
And their beds? DISASTROUS.
I was also approached by a little kid who called me the 'girl who uses too big words.'
Maybe that's because I yelled, 'That is unnecessarily preposterous!', when our team lost a water-balloon relay... :/
I was asked to repeat in, 'earth speak.'
I also said, 'magnanimous' instead of 'awesome' and 'antidisestablishmentarianism' just because that word rocks.

Anyways... Yeah...
And now, 'tis nearing Christmas and Face-Stuffing-with-Pumpkin-Pie season. And I haven't blogged in that long.

Do me a favor, so you can understand this just a little better, and make the face you'd make if you walked into your bedroom right now and saw a circle of walruses playing checkers.

That, dear friend, is my face right now.

So, hello to you people. Believe it or not, I HAVE missed you all. Even those of you who don't even COMMENT.

* cough, nudge nudge *

I have a life. :D I've had some privileges taken away for a few months, but they're back now... Well, most of them.
Another I will get back this Saturday.

* does a weird dance *

* sees you watching *

* blushes and screams *

* disappears like an Indian in those old movies *

I say that all the time. CHA. It's just a cool way to say 'yeah.'

And don't, try to be extra-cool and be like,
"Yo, Ron. Are you coming to eat dinner with us or not?"
"Oh, cha-cha!"

Yeah, um.... NO.
Uhh.. No.

Please.. don't.

Anyways... People have been bugging me and bugging me to blog, so... There it is.

Hope you enjoyed it. Maybe giggled a bit. :)



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