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You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.

You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.

But you sure can beat a good drum.

"Kill! Kill!"

Last Video of Statler and Waldorf

More Of The Funny Old Guys!!

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~*Summer Has Come*~

Do you hear the birds singing?
Do you see the children playing?
This means summer has come.

Do you hear the peaceful mornings,
The brightness of each day?
This means summer has come.

When you wake,
Do you see the grass billowing in the breeze?
This means summer has come.

The trees as they rustle,
The dogs barking gaily?
This means summer has come.

When you nestle down at night,
Do you hear the peaceful silence?
This means summer has come.

As you pray by your bed,
Do hear no sounds but your own voice?
This means summer has come.

When you look out your window,
Do you see the sun shining?
This means summer has come.

Do you fall asleep at night,
Hearing the night crickets singing?
This means summer has come.

Do you agree with this poem,
Nodding your head at each question?
This means summer has come.

~*~The Child~*~

His powers are endless,
His holiness, enchanting.
Though at night there are children, awake, scared, and panting.

They do not know that a friend is there for them,
To love and care for them,
To hold and cherish them.

They do not think that He is real,
for their parents told them to forget about Him.
But the little child is still there, hoping.

The child feels alone, no friends doth he have,
That is the reason he thinks of God like that
He lies there alone, oh so alone.

Then stands right up,
and walks to the window.
He stares out at the night.

Then something so beautiful,
Brightens his sight.
A person, he sees.

Come to me, the Father said.
Forget about your blanket,
forget about your bed.

The child is not scared or frightened,
for there was something so calming about this person.
The child dropped his belongings, and stretched out his hand.

The father took it, and smiled, and said,
Thank you, Dear child.
Now let's take a walk, the father said.

Your father is kind to you, is he not?
The father asked, like he had forgot.
No, the little child said.

Come with me, and we will go to Him,
The father said.
Alright, said the boy.

And the Lord patted his head.

I am not sure about this poem it may not have the correct grammar and it may not rhyme, but I just wanted it to be out of my head.
Any suggestions on help in the grammar and rhyming? Just leave me a comment with what you think should go there. And if you don't get the point of it? That is alright, too.

Keep praying for Madeleine.
God Bless All

Good Morning

Hello everyone. I hope it's a great morning for you all too. May 22, I went to my cousins' recital. They played piano REALLY well.
They played the music box dancer, a world famous song.
Today Josh, Naomy, Me and Dad want to go to the zoo here. Parque Bararrida, it is called.

I have made an email prayer chain-letter for her. I have sent it to everyone I know to pray for her.

The birds are singing, dogs are out on their walks.. It is such a peaceful day today.
Josh, Naomy and Me watched the movie Open Season last night with the projector in the living room.

I am making my rounds to the blogs I know.

Each of you have a blessed day,
and keep praying for Madeleine.

Another Post of Maddie And The World She Is Lost In

She still has not been found. Bless her poor, dear little heart.
As my Aunt Pam has said in one of my comments,
"There are millions more that we don't even hear about." Which nearly broke my heart as I read that. It is so very sad, but it is also, very true.

In the headlines here, there are always MISSING articles. For children, and anyone. Venezuela also has the highest gun-death rate in the World. Isn't that comforting?

Maddie could be returned, or she could not, even how much it hurts. The kidnapper will be taken care of, if that is God's wish. But no matter how much we are tempted to, we must not despise the kidnapper, instead, we must pray for the kidnapper.

He may need just as much help as Maddie does. He may not know the Lord, and that is one of the most sure signs that he needs prayer.
Maddie is a sweet, caring, lovely girl. Please pray and help to not put her on the child murder list.

Jonbenet is in the list.
Jessica, from Florida is there, and all around the world are so many more. Please do not add Madeleine McCann to the list!

Each and every missing child needs prayer.

Each and every kidnapper needs prayer just as much as the child he kidnapped.

There are so many sinful, cruel things going on in the World right at this very minute.

Remember that Maddie is not the only one.
Remember that the person who took her from her dreams is not the only one.

When I pray for Maddie, I pray for World she is lost in, too.

I pray for all the children who have been taken and are lost, as well.

I pray for all the kidnapper's and murderers, and all of them.

I pray that they will receive the Lord before it is too late.

That someone will tell the ones who think they are unloved, that someone loves them.

I pray that the Lord will help all of the people in the World who just feel like they mean nothing to anyone, for them to feel God's love.

And you know what??

If you don't already pray for the World in it's tragic state, then I think you should start!

Keep Praying for Maddie, and for the person she is with.

Everyone needs prayer.

Help it spread!

Madeleine McCann

I know many of you are praying, and I am very gratified. The Lord is hearing each and everyone's prayers.
As we all know, Maddie still hasn't been found or been returned. It just hurts me that she is lost and alone somewhere, and her innocent mind is blank.
I urge all people who visit my blog to make a post or put a picture of Maddie on your blogs if you haven't already done so.
She needs all the help she can get. (And so does the kidnapper!!)
I can't believe how dangerous and cruel the world has become for little children. They're innocent!
I used to be so mad at the Lord because He let it happen. But I have learned my lesson. He always has a reason.
It is just that sometimes we don't understand the reason. We are completely blank on why He lets these things happen.
Such as Maddie's situation. She was taken from her bed, by someone she didn't know was good or bad.
Children her age know not yet that there is a difference from the nice-looking man on the street to her own father.
The Lord may have let it happen to teach a lesson, or He may have done it to show Maddie's parents the precious value of life. The options are endless.
But, if we believe enough, and if we can just have enough faith and hope, then we just might be able to get little Maddie back.
God Bless All,
Keep Praying,
And be strong during this confusing time for you, Maddie.
I pray for you and so do millions.
We're doing one of the best things to help you.
We're counting on not just the police and the FBI and all of them.
We are counting on The Big Guy. And anything is possible with Him.


This breaks the hearts of millions. Down to David Beckham. A large amount of people are thinking of her.
So, let's just keep up the prayers, please.
And I am sure she'd thank you too, if she even knew what was going on. Poor girl.

-----♥♥♥------Send this Ribbon
----♥♥-♥♥----to everyone
---♥♥---♥♥--- and
---♥♥---♥♥---together let's pray
---♥♥---♥♥---for little
----♥♥-♥♥----Madeleine McCann's
-----♥♥♥------safe return
----♥♥-♥♥----Thank You
---♥♥---♥♥--- x X X x

A Poem for Madeleine McCann


My prayers are with you,
I hope you're safe.
I hope the kidnapper returns you,
For goodness sakes.

You are missed deeply,
You have the country's prayers,
If the kidnapper hurts you,
Fear not, for God is there.

He is the shepherd,
You are the sheep,
The kidnapper's the wolf,
who trespassed into the keep.

God will take care of him,
You'll see,
I pray you'll be safe,
Until He sets you free.

You are in many people's hearts,
And you're in minds all over the world,
God be with you,
Sweet little girl.

Lord willing,
You'll go back unharmed,
But just remember,
You're in God's arms.

Please pray for the safe return of 4-year-old Madeleine McCann.
She was taken from her hotel room on May 3rd, while she and her younger brother and sister slept, as their parents were across the street dining. Mrs. Kate McCann went to check on them all, about every 45 minutes or half hour. Then one time, she went to check on the kids again, and ran out screaming that Madeleine wasn't there.
PLEASE pray for her. I know she needs it.

Good Morning, Everyone.

Well, today my brother Josh and Naomi will land in Valencia around midnight.
Me and Dad are the only ones that will go and pick them up and drive straight back through.
I am so excited!! Today, I was also supposed to teach a girl that is getting married, the rhythm of the song I sang in two weddings. She is gonna be singing that song to her husband, but Jewel was gonna get her dress fitted while I practiced with the bride, but the lady who is doing the wedding dresses, canceled. So, I couldn't go today. And, shush!! It's a surprise for the guests that she is singing to the groom.
Jewel is in the wedding... AGAIN.
I'm going to the wedding. But AGAIN, I am not in it. BUT MY TIME HAD BETTER COME!! Like Dad says. ;)
It's very peaceful this morning. The trees in our backyard are rustling calmly, the birds are singing, I am in my pajamas, it's 10:24 AM, and I am writing a post. Ahhhhh... What could be better?
Mom is probably still asleep, considering she has the whole day, to sleep.
Dad is not here. He went to get our car washed.
Josh and Naomi are either driving to Miami, in Miami, or on a plane.
Jewel is watching morning TV.
What a great day!!
Well, l8ter!
God Bless You All!

Pat Requested This So Here It Goes...


1. I hate peanuts. I can't stand them. The only thing I ever even liked about them was that at a restaurant, I could throw them on the floor and not have to pick them up.

2. I don't believe in Bug Spray. I believe in catching them and letting them free. Any animal deserves to live. Hey, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, right?? Well, ANIMALS, are OTHERS!! DON'T squish or spray them. Free them!!

3. When I see a huge amount of little polka dots, my nose starts to itch like crazy! No Lie.

4. I have never taken voice lessons. Though I really want to.

5. I hate math!!! I always have!

6. I am a complete movie nut! And a bookworm, too. And most people THINK I am a geek or a nerd, but it's only when I am nervous or bored. WhAt ElSe Am I sUpPoSed To Do??

7. I love writing stories!! There are thousands of them in my room.

Well, that's all of my random things.

Just like Jackie! But I am not in HS yet!

You paid attention during 80% of high school!

68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you've read. You were a child that wasn't left behind!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
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I'm Back

Hello Everyone!
Sorry I have been out of Blogworld. I was at my cousins' house for 5 days while Mom relaxed and and went to the hospital. I was able to get in the pool, and I had alot of fun. Me and my two cousins, Janelle and Jeanah, were playing around with little pipes, and it was Jeanah's brilliant idea to put little tiny mangoes in the pipes and shoot them at people.
So we formed a little army of three, and Jeanah was the captain, I was second-in-command, and Janelle was a private. We would wait for anyone to come near the pool,such as Jason, their older brother, and Jeanah would say,
"Prenez Vos Posicionz!" Which is French for Into Position or something like that, and me and Janelle and Jeanah would get into position and SHOOT. We had perfect aim, and hit anyone we wanted to. Jeanah kept telling me and Janelle to 'wait for it.' Then the doorbell rang...
The whole church youth group came in, and me and Jeanah and Janelle formed a small huddle in the corner of the pool. Jeanah, as the captain, told us the plan.
" Okay, no shooting any of the girls. Just the boys. Ready, and go to the fort!"
We would all run to 'the fort' our shooting ground at the front of the pool, and we shot every boy we wanted to. Then the teenagers kept taunting us, and coming closer to OUR pool.
"Steady! Aim! FIRE!!" Jeanah shouted, and we shot the living daylights out of the trespassers.
They never bothered us again.
Then we would reload our guns, and carry little pouches of mangoes, and spy on the teens in the office. And once they came out, they got bombarded with our mangoes!
Finally, the teenagers left and we rested, since we had already shot all of the teenagers and anyone who had come near the pool a while before.
For celebrating, we got out of the pool, and ran around singing the Indian War whoop.
And to finish the day off, we ate a delicious supper, and watched a movie.
P.S. The mangoes do NOT hurt at all. They just hit and you can feel a little pain, but they don't hurt anything like stubbing your toe or hammering your thumb. But they do sting a little... Hehehe..
God Bless You All!!

I Stole This From Mom

1. Things that scare me:

-My sister, Jewel, when she jumps out of no where and screams at me! I could FAINT!

-It used to be singing.

-Emails that are ALIVE!! Like ones that laugh at you!

2. People that make me laugh:

-My best friend, Belen.

-Josh, my brother.

-My dad.

-3. Things I hate the most:


-Animal haters.


4. Things I don't understand:


-Why people have a blog to update people on daily, and write one post every 12 years! ETHAN! This means YOU!!

-How babies can sleep like logs in a room full of screaming and yelling kids. I'm telling you, it's AMAZING!!

5. Things I'm doing right now:

-Coughing.(I have had a cough since forever)

-Thinking of what to put in this space...OH YES! Listening to the washing machine. (How cool is that?:l)

-Pushing up my glasses.

6. Things I want to do before I die:


-visit Paris, France.

-Survive 7th grade Math.

7. Things I can do:



-Beat anyone at racing or do any dare.

8. Ways to describe my personality:


-challenge authority

-prankster and sneaky

9. Things I cannot do:

-Arm wrestle.


-I can't stand El Chavo.

10. Things I think you should listen to:

-Opera music.

-The Word

-My brother. He'll crack you up!

11. Things you should not listen to:

- Rap music. BLEH!!

-Reggeaton. Again, BLEH!!

-Pentecostal parrots next door to my house! They are annoying!!

12. Things I'd like to learn:


-Veterinary stuff. We have books, and I intend to read them.

-To keep my mouth shut when chavistas at my church are saying, "UH! AH! Chavez No Se Va!!" I think it'd help if I could just keep my mouth shut.

13. Favorite foods:


-Black beans and rice

14. Beverages I drink regularly:

-REAL Coke


15. Shows I watched as a kid:(When I was about 5 to 7, Now I'm almost a teenager!YIPEE!!)

-Blues Clues

-Franklin, the turtle

-Mother Goose videos

16. Three persons to tag:



-Josh Rios or Josh, my brother.

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