Good Morning, Everyone.

Well, today my brother Josh and Naomi will land in Valencia around midnight.
Me and Dad are the only ones that will go and pick them up and drive straight back through.
I am so excited!! Today, I was also supposed to teach a girl that is getting married, the rhythm of the song I sang in two weddings. She is gonna be singing that song to her husband, but Jewel was gonna get her dress fitted while I practiced with the bride, but the lady who is doing the wedding dresses, canceled. So, I couldn't go today. And, shush!! It's a surprise for the guests that she is singing to the groom.
Jewel is in the wedding... AGAIN.
I'm going to the wedding. But AGAIN, I am not in it. BUT MY TIME HAD BETTER COME!! Like Dad says. ;)
It's very peaceful this morning. The trees in our backyard are rustling calmly, the birds are singing, I am in my pajamas, it's 10:24 AM, and I am writing a post. Ahhhhh... What could be better?
Mom is probably still asleep, considering she has the whole day, to sleep.
Dad is not here. He went to get our car washed.
Josh and Naomi are either driving to Miami, in Miami, or on a plane.
Jewel is watching morning TV.
What a great day!!
Well, l8ter!
God Bless You All!

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