I just found something that made me laugh so hard I fell off my chair.
See that freaky dude up there? The world loves him. Apparently, according to them, he's gorgeous, beautiful, dreamy and sweet.
I wouldn't let him within 100 miles of my house...:|
At least I know I'm not a hypocrit.
Well, anyway.
What made me laugh...
Here I go.

He's not only freaky, but he's also stinky.
He forgets to shower.

He said, (after all the complaints thrown out, that got all over the Internet and magazines from his cast-members.)
"Yeah, well...See the thing is, I forget to shower. You know, I don't even realize it. You know. It's kinda funny! I just...I guess I stink, though. Oh, well. You know."

* stares at that *

* eyes bug out *

* bursts out laughing *

He-- forgets to shower? I don't think it's funny. He doesn't realize that he smells like a decomposing cow in a field of brown onions?
And why is he okay with being stinky?
Just another reason I don't want him near my house.
And yet all the girls that read that, their immediate response is:

"Oh, he's so GREEN! Awwwwww!"

I'd be like...

I don't care about whales enough to stop showering.

I'd like to know what on EARTH is up with today's girls?

First it was skinny twerps in tight pants, who sing like choking squirrels AKA The Jonas Brothers, and now it's sparkly, stinky vampires whose eyes turn black and red.

* shrugs *

His trademark is his stick-up straight hair.

There's a reason it's sticking up like that...
(I'll bet they don't even need to use gel or hair-spray..)

"His hair has enough grease in it to run McDonald's for a week." said the poor girl who stars alongside him..

(Let's hope he at least brushes his teeth...)

Here are some more of the complaints that made me laugh so hard I cried.

"He seriously reeks."

"He never showers, and it drives the crew crazy!" (I can't imagine why..)

And now, I think I'd ranted enough...

I hope I didn't offend anyone, but COME ON!

So...Let's run through this just one more time...

His eyes change colors.

His hair sticks straight up.

He sparkles.

He doesn't take showers.

Does THAT sound like Prince Charming to you?


I made a new blog.
It's a weekly contest...


It's pretty spiffy. Check it out.



Also...Advertise some! :D


Old people rock. xD HAHA!

Christian Persecution

Christians were persecuted. They either got thrown into gladiator pits and had to fight for their lives against a tiger/lion thing, or they were beaten and stoned.
How does that affect us today?
Today, people would be arrested and if anyone threw me into a pit with a jaguar, thankfully, I always carry a comb in my pocket, but as soon as I got out I'd sue them for all they had.
(The comb thing can be further explained here: :O! Click the linky!
Back in those days, when the Romans thought of it as 'entertainment' and 'justice', Christians had it rough.
They were stoned, thrown into pits, beaten to death at times...(Picture Gladiator. That pretty much covers it...)
Today, Christians are still persecuted. ... In many countries, sadly, that still happens to Christians.
But anyway, we are still persecuted in many ways.
We are made fun of. We're kicked out of our homes. We don't get privileges at times. And for what? Because we believe and talk about God. And being His children.
(There are some big meanies who don't, but...)
So, the world has calmed down a ittle bit. At least we aren't being beaten to death in football stadiums and calling it 'entertainment'.
But we are still persecuted. Missionary friends have been literally pushed and shoved out of their homes for preaching the gospel.
In other countries, they are not even allowed to SAY they are Christians. It's a 'public offense'.
Not homos or streakers? That's MY idea of a public offense...Not Christianity.
In many schools today, Christians can't even PRAY at the lunch table, as it's offensive. A few schools I have heard about, do not even allow BIBLES.
You know...Maybe they wouldn't need metal detectors and cameras if they'd just let a few Christians speak. And maybe accepting Christ would stop a few of the attempted suicides for those who have lives that are so unhappy...?
No. Reading your Bible is the unpardonable sin, and worshiping in public can get you kicked into jail.
But running around like a freak, naked through the streets, piercings, tattoos, homosexuality, all that nastiness...It's considered, 'being themselves'. It's 'sharing their individuality'. It's 'freedom'.
Thanks...But they can keep it. I don't want anything to do with it.
You can run through the streets naked today, and get away with it, but if you read your Bible and pray you can be sued for 'force of religion/voice/example/oppinion.'
Wouldn't and SHOULDN'T that fit into the category of 'being yourself' and 'freedom'? I'd rather 'be myself' with God by my side, thanks. But there is none.
Not unless you want to tattoo and pierce every bone in your body. Just so long as you do not wear cross necklaces or get caught singing hymns and Christian songs. That, my friends, is a bad boo-boo.
So you see? We are still persecuted.
Guess who's fine with all that? Obama.
Guess who's not? God.
Guess who's gonna get it, sooner or later? Obama.
Guess who's gonna give it? God.

Thanks for listening.

Until my next post..

GAME: Guess The Reason


This is what I could have watched:

This is what I watched:

Have at it, GO!

Stinko de Mayo

What is the point of today?

* flings confetti *

* blows squeaky, little, annoying thing *

* pops balloon *

* slaps donkey *

* stuffs face with cake and cookies *


Facebook: FARM TOWN beta.

I love it.
Mom loves it.
All my friends who have it, love it.
It's great.

I just started. It's, like, this little world where you make a little farm, personalize your farmer and spend as long as you like raking, planting, harvesting and such.
Recently, my wonderful cousin gave me a pig. I loved him, I named him Petey. And he was mine.
But then he did the weirdest thing ever. He must have been trying to make me laugh so hard that I had to run to the bathroom because when I came back, he was standing up on his hind legs and dancing some kind of Southern jig!
I. cracked. up.
But he ran away...:(
So now, I'm running around to everyone's farms and tending them, weeding, watering and harvesting everyone's farm to earn myself some coins.
No one will ever replace my little Petey, but I might recieve a few animals as gifts soon. YIPEE!

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