See If You Know Me!

Answer these questions in your comment. Wednesday, I will post the answers. Give it a go! It can't be that hard! This can also be a meme if you want to pass it along.

What is my full name?
Where was I born?
Where would I like to go for vacation?
Do I have pets?

What color is my hair?
What color are my eyes?
What is my favorite color?
Who is the youngest kid in my family?

What is my favorite thing to do?
What is my favorite game?
When do I put on make-up?
What kinds of clothes do I wear?

What outfit do I usually wear when you see me?
What is my favorite song?
What bad habit do I have?
Can I speak two languages fluently?

Am I a Christian?
Am I a grouchy person?
What ONE word describes me best?
What once-in-a-lifetime opportunity have I gotten to do?

Who do I write most in e-mails?
Do I write Christmas cards or send Christmas e-cards?
What countries have I lived in?
On a rainy day, what do you think I would do?

What things annoy me?
What things calm me down?
What summer job should I do, based on my talents?
What is my favorite Bible verse?

What is my favorite season?
What is my favorite holiday?
Do I like to swim?
Do I like to take pictures?

Do I like to shop?
How old am I?
What is my favorite animal?
Do I play any instruments?

Have at it! GO GO GO!!



I Got Tagged!!

1. Wrapping or gift bags? Wrapping paper is prettier.
2. Real or artificial tree? Artificial. They are a lot easier to handle.
3. When do you put up the tree? About a week before Christmas morning.
4. When do you take the tree down? About three days after Christmas Day.
5. Do you like eggnog? Never tasted it, and I don't plan to any time soon.
6. Favorite gift received as a child? My kareoke machine is GREAT!
7. Do you have a nativity scene? Not this year.
8. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? I can't think of one at the moment.
9. Mail or email Christmas cards? Do e-cards count?
10. Favorite Christmas movie? Elf is hilarious.
11. When do you start shopping for Christmas? At the beginning of December, usually.
12. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? My Aunt Debbie's frosted sugar cookies!
13. Clear lights or colored? Colored. Always. More cheerful!
14. Favorite Christmas song? O, Holy Night.
15. Travel at Christmas or stay at home? It depends. Usually we stay home. But sometimes we travel and visit family.
16. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Comet, Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Cupid, Blitzen, Vixen, Prancer.... I can't remember any more!
17. Angel or star on the top of your tree? Angel. Always!
18. Open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Christmas morning.
19. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Not knowing what to buy someone! I HATE that! That's when gift cards come in handy!
20. What do you leave for Santa? Nothing.
21. Least favorite holiday song? Probably the Twelve Days of Christmas. It's cute in the beginning, but around the " EIGHT MAIDS A MILKING!" I forget and sing something else.
22. Do you decorate your tree with any specific theme or color? Nope. But it still looks nice and colorful.
23. Favorite ornament? The golfball.
24. Family tradition? We open gifts on Christmas morning at 5 AM.
25. Ever been to Midnight Mass or late-night Christmas Eve services? Yeah. Once.

I'm tagging Cheese Monkey!

It Is Almost Here

Tomorrow night we open presents. Tonight I get to see my cousin, Shane. (Battle-King to you all) Don't bother checking his blog, because I guarantee that he has no new posts. Saturday we go to South Carolina. It is all taking forever!
I am dressing for the Holidays! Tuesday I went to the office here and gave some cookies to the workers. The party I had, all the girls helped in decorating the cookies! I am finished wrapping presents. Completely finished. Done. Nothing left. Zilch.
I am looking forward to tonight! Church is always exciting, is it not??
My friend, Katie, has her own blog now. I got her started, thank you very much! I am responsible!
She and I always go around this neighborhood, wearing our matching Santa hats! We believe that since it is Christmas, we should spread Christmas cheer! So, we sing Christmas carols, and tell everyone who walks by, "Merry Christmas!!" The friendly greeting is always returned, which is reassuring.
We almost always meet together in either the playground or the library and play games. Me and Katie aren't the only ones. There is also another Katy, and Shauna, and Charis, and Debbie, usually, who is from Venezuela also! They are all pleasant, and make up the JUG Club.
Shauna is our basic leader. She thinks up ideas of things for us to do, such as games and quizzes. She is very creative!

And, I must go now, so,


December...How Much Longer?? When Will It Come to An END??

I have been waiting forever... Or so it seems... December has decided to take especially long this year. I want it to end! I want to see my cousins! I want to open presents!! NOW!!! LOL! ;)
I may sound very impatient. The Reason: I AM!!! I can't wait for next weekend! We are opening presents next Saturday! One of the reasons? Well, my parents know that they can't keep me out of the presents much longer. So, they figure they'd better get it over with so that they can have peace! Plus, they are just as impatient as me inside!
I have quite a few things to do! I have to buy some presents! I have a Christmas Caroling Banquet Friday! WE OPEN GIFTS SATURDAY!!! WOO HOO!!!
I am twitchy as a jitterbug! I just want to get my hands on that enormous package that says JAYDE on the front! Or the envelope that has MY name written on it and feels a LOT like some sort of Gift Card is inside it! OR, the bag that has something hard and heavy in it. I confess: I have felt around in the bag. That was before Mom scooped it out of my arms and put it behind the tree! ARGH! Why do parents like to torture their children? This is so unjust! I told Mom,
"I pretty much already know what everything is. You might as well let me open them." Of course, she said no. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! She knows I have a pretty close idea to what is inside the bag! SHE KNOWS! I don't understand. When I told her that, she just gave me a sarcastic look that said, "Do you REALLY, beyond a shout of a doubt think I am gonna let you open them?REALLY??"
I know the exact answer to that simple, easy question: No. Nope. Absolutely not. SORRY!!
It would be so much easier! Honestly! WHY do I have to wait? Is there some enormous law that says, "NO OPENING PRESENTS UNTIL CHRISTMAS MORNING!! OR YOU'LL GO TO JAIL FOR FORTY YEARS!!!"
Well, there is a law that I must honor anyway. "Honor thy father and mother." So I MUST honor her. That doesn't mean I have to like it! Especially where presents are involved.
And there are all of the presents. Just sitting under the tree, calling, "OPEN ME! OPEN ME!" Every time I walk by our little four-foot tree. I want to shout back, " BE QUIET!! DON'T SAY A WORD!!! I CAN'T! I JUST CAN'T!!! NOW SHUSH!!"
It's such a happy little tree. With colorful lights and tiny ornaments. So cute and peaceful. And there are the tempting presents. With pretty bows and tissue paper on them. With objects that I will not say what they are inside. An angel on the top is on my mother's side. "Jayde! Don't even think about it! I cross my heart I will blow my plastic horn and your mother will come! Don't even touch them! Go Away!" The little ornaments are not with me neither against me. When the presents say yes, the angel says no, I want a third opinion and ask the ornaments, and they just shrug and say, "I don't know. Your choice." Wow! Such helpful little things, aren't they? Personally, I think I don't know shouldn't qualify as an answer. Unless you are doing school and don't know the answer to the problem. THEN it is fine.

Well, I need to make some lists. And sing some happy Christmas songs.



My other blog

What I Think About When I Say S.W.A.T!

I said SWAT team for some reason today, and thought of a hilarious meaning!


Your house.... Infested by billions of flies, mosquitos, etc? Who you gonna call?


And some professional uniformed people bust into your house with gigantic fly-swatters!
"We heard you had a problem that needed to be dealt with.Where are they?"

And all afternoon, your living room is full of shouts, "On the coffee table! Get him, Max!"
"Bart, he is RIGHT behind you!"
"I missed him! Get him, John!!"
"There is a HUGE group of them on the blue couch!"

But, hey, at least when they leave, your house is nice and free of flies!


Love Jayde.


Christmas! A Season To be Cheerful!

I certainly am cheerful! I recieved a whole lot of Target giftcards the other night! that REALLY what I should be the most thankful for?

Or, should I be more thankful that the Savior Jesus Christ was born? To grow up and save us from our sins? And give us what we don't deserve?

Should we think only of Christmas as related to 'presents'? Or, should we remember....

The meaning of Christmas,
Is true and real,
It's not about presents,
Or the gifts appeal!

Though we may not have been there,
To see the great sight.
Three kings did see it,
And it gave them quite a fright!

A star in the heavens,
Bright and high,
An angel told them,
Follow that star in the sky!

So they rode their camels,
Not knowing where they were going,
But they made it to a manger,
And there was baby Jesus, all the while knowing.

They gave him gifts,
Presents and more,
Presents that no one,
can find in a toy store.

And right beside the child,
In the animals' stall,
Sat Joseph and Mary,
Sheep, cows and all.

Who would have known,
The greatest gift unless,
Jesus had been there,
King of Righteousness.

So while you set up your Nativity scene,
And put up your tree,
Remember the meaning,
And be thankful as can be!

I hope you remember.
I sure do!
I'm glad I could share
This quick poem with you!

Well, Merry Christmas!

Remember the reason for the season!




Tomorrow. The day I have been dreading all week... Tomorrow we hit the schoolbooks...HARD. Social Studies, History, Biology, they are all just fine. Math, however, is not. I do not like Math. And Math doesn't seem to like me, either. I don't get it. Sure, I am quite capable of acing Math. I just don't seem to want to. I don't like Math. I hate it, in fact.

I am good at memorizing. I can memorize entire songs in languages I don't speak. Why??

I wish I knew. Maybe I do? I am not sure.

I hope that tomorrow will go well. And that all of the Math problems will vanish.. As soon as I wake up tomorrow, I will tell myself, "Today is a new day." Like Chicken Little. "I CAN DO THIS!"
"MATH IS AS OF NOW INFERIOR TO ME!" And a bunch of other sayings that are supposedly inspirational. By Johnny, they'd better work!

I hope I get good grades and am able to concentrate... I THINK I CAN!!!




My Captions


What makes you think that you can just barge in here and take my picture??!!

HAHA!! You can't accept the agony of defeat. I'm cuter than you, admit it!


Gettin' Organized!

I cleaned my entire room last night, as well as unpacked my suitcase. I never get the mood to clean my room, but, the mood just struck me last night as soon as I was free from the car! It feels great!
I am a little untidy, and my entire family knows it, so it was a bit strange to go through all of my drawers, fold things, stack things, and throw away trash! Maybe it was because I went shopping before, and knew I needed to make room for all the stuff I bought! I am the person who shops the most, so because I shop... A LOT... my parents gave me a rule to follow. 'However many things you buy, that's how many you have to give away, donate, or toss." So, that is what I do. I buy a cute shirt, I have to give away a shirt.

As for my room, I feel that I can breathe! No more things in my drawer I don't need!


First drawer is empty, so I have an extra spot.
Second drawer contains all of my art supplies! It is packed! So, I don't need any more art supplies!
Third drawer has a few odds and ends, and I will take care of it later, and find the perfect things to put in it.
Fourth drawer, have my quick-notebooks, stationary, a bookmark, and my diary. LOCKED, of course.

A bit difficult, because I share it with Jewel, but my first drawer contains all of my JUG CLUB stuff. JUG CLUB (JUG= Just Us Girls) is a club that is only for girls, and we learn how to become WOGs. (Women of God.) We have to have folders, and pens, and that is what fills my first drawer.
Second drawer, contains my Bible, and some Christmas gifts that I am going to give away.
Third drawer, my wallet (empty!HAHA!) and some things to grab quickly.
Fourth drawer, has my clothes. Winter clothes, that I don't need in Florida.

I have only one, and it as some warm clothes as well, and some bookmarks in a little gift bag.

First three drawers contain clothes I wear frequently, and the bottom has hair stuff and belts.

Floor has a MILLION shoes stacked on top of each other neatly. Including my adorable froggy slippers that I got yesterday. And my clothes are all hung neatly.

Is made neatly, and has stuffed animals facing forward, with their backs against the wall, with two books I am reading stacked in a front corner for a homey-cozy affect. With my pink iPod.
And my comfy yellow SQUSH pillow against my over pillow.

Has my purple suede jewelry box, with a heart shaped container holding my beanie monkey,
and a cute pink tulip-shaped mirror, and the stand of it is green. It looks like a tulip. And my turtle collection. Including the ones given to me by my cousin, Shane, the Battle King, when he went to Mexico, he brought them back for me, and a few from Naomy Coronado.

Is a bit messy, but you can see the color of it. All it needs is to be stacked. My glasses case, my 'desk organizer' that holds all pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, etc. My red Bible, my Spanish bible, my Artemis Fowl book, (GREAT books!) and my sermon notebook. ALONG with my white clock, and a plastic case for my iPod, my notebook laying open, a can of sparkle-spray perfume, and a leather purse.

Nothing but my blue sweatshirt!

I already collected things to donate, and they are all ready to go! Thank you, thank you very much!

What do you think? I think it is the neatest I have ever cleaned! Give me your oppinion!

Well, goodbye, Blogosphere, but I have to get on with the day!

Victory for Venezuela

Well, I had a feeling that Chavez was going to cheat as he did in last few elections and any voting that includes him. He has a bad habit of cheating. But, God made a miracle happen. He gave Venezuela their own voice. He gave the country strength to to say what they wanted to, they could vote for what they wanted. I went to bed last night feeling that he was going to win again (surprise, surprise!), but woke up today with a new light. This just proves that God certainly CAN do anything. Chavez accepted the defeat, and congratulated the opposition. Maybe he didn't do it whole-heartedly, but nevertheless, he said it. It gives me great joy to know that Venezuela is realizing Chavez's plan to, well, rule the world. Just like every dictator. Hitler, Castro... RULE THE WORLD is their greatest desire. Chavez is no different.

I find it stupid that a lady said, "It is hard to accept the fact of the opposition winning, but Chavez is still here for us. He won't abandon us."

Think over the fact that Chavez left the computers alone. That he played the game fair. (For once.)

All last night we were looking at Daniel's blog. He kept it updated nicely. Every time something happened, he would jot it down on his blog. So that we could see what was happening.

Baduel came out and announced that they were going to make an announcement that the government would not like.

And I can tell you right now, it just killed Chavez. He is realizing that Venezuelans have their own mind, and he can't do anything about what they think. Nada. Zilch.

They turned against him now, they can turn against him again. IF, Chavez will play fair, and let 'his people' decide.

Praise God for the strength he gave the Venezuelan citizens. They could lose their jobs, but, they are going to vote against him, or die trying!
I'm proud of them!



Meme from Me!

2.COFFEE OR TEA? Does terere count as tea? If so, TEA.
4.PANCAKES OR WAFFLES? Um, I guess waffles.

6.WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU PAINT A PUMPKIN? Maybe purple with green polka-dots?
8.YOU ARE AWOKEN AT NIGHT BY A BURGLAR! WHAT DO YOU DO? Wrestle him to the ground, tie him up in the pantry, and call the police to come and get him.
9.YOU FIND A MOUSE EATING YOUR CHEESECAKE! WHAT DO YOU DO? Try to capure him in a HUMANE way that involves cheese, a paper plate and a cup.
10.YOU GO TO THE PARK AND SOMEONE SCREAMS AT YOU! WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Scream right back at him, and shout, "Oh yeah!? Well, I can scream that loud too, you know!"
11.YOU ARE GIVEN A TRACT TO A CHURCH IN ALASKA. WHAT DO YOU DO? Keep it, probably. Maybe it'll have nice pictures for me to put in my picture box!
13.YOU ARE OUT JOGGING, AND SOMEONE BUMPS INTO YOU, AND DOESN'T APOLOGIZE! I'd say, "Sorry for not apologizing for telling you that you should apologize!" And keep running.
14.IT'S TWO A.M. A CIRCUS CLOWN BREAKS INTO YOUR HOUSE AND BEGS TO USE YOUR RESTROOM. WHAT DO YOU DO? Let him, ask him to do a few jokes, and let him leave. Haha!
15. YOU ARE DRIVING TO A HOTEL FOR A SWIM, AND GO THE WRONG WAY BY ACCIDENT. YOU RUN INTO A WEDDING CEREMONY IN YOUR SWIMSUIT. WHAT DO YOU DO? I would try to slink out quietly and be unnoticed until I'm back in the car.
16.YOU GO TO A GROCERY STORE, AND THE CLERK RUDELY SAYS HE WON'T REGISTER YOUR ITEMS. WHAT DO YOU DO? Say, "What kind of clerk are you? I guess you won't let me pay you then, either? Fine with me. Sorry for the mistake." And take the groceries anyway. He said he didn't want my money, and refused to register my things. Not paying is okay with me.
17.YOU MISS A FLIGHT, AND FIND AN ALREADY PAID TICKET TO HAWAII. WHAT DO YOU DO? Go to the desk and claim that I am indeed Helga von Zizzlewagenstorf! And I am going to Hawaii!
18.THERE IS A PIG IN YOUR CLOSET. HE ESCAPED FROM THE ZOO. WHAT DO YOU DO? Run and ask Mom if I can keep it, even though I know she'll say no. It can't hurt to ask. Besides, the pig is clean and cute!
19.YOU GRAB SOMETHING OFF OF A SHELF IN A SUPERMARKET, AND SOMEONE RUNS BY YOU, RIPS IT FROM YOUR HAND, AND RUNS! WHAT DO YOU DO? Chase the maniac, catch him, and then give him the package anyway. I'll get a different box. MAN!
20. YOU ARE LATE FOR AN IMPORTANT APPOINTMENT. SOMEONE IN THE ELEVATOR ASKS TO PRESS YOUR FLOOR BUTTON FOR YOU, AND PURPOSELY PRESSES ALL OF THE BUTTONS! WHAT DO YOU DO? Go all the way through. I already missed my appointment! And when the wierd guy gets off, I stay on, and do the same! Sounds fun!

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