Merry Christmas, Friends! :) TO ALL MY READERS!



1. Cali G

2. Mom

3. Charles

4. Battle-king

5. Randomizer

6. Jonathan

7. Netsirk

8. Bluey

9. Skittles

10. Aunt Pam

Merry Christmas Everyone!

To My Lurkers...

If I knew who you WERE, I'd make you some GIMPS, too...You brought it apon yourself...:P

But, Merry Christmas to all who read my blog. Wherever you are! God Bless!

I Was Tagged...Two Memes....

16 Things About Me. (BLUEY)

1. Same. I taught myself to read when I was 3. You and me be smart, Bluey. :)

2. Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year.

3. My pencil jar is a Minnie Mouse mug.

4. My camera is really little.

5. I have decorated my entire room for Christmas.

6. I'm reading a Mom's organizing book called, 'Absolutely Organized.' It's by Debbie Lillard...Ehm...Good book.

7. I have three secret blogs that no one can visit but me...>:)

8. I know how to say, 'take my picture' in Turkish: Peek ya nosey...XD

9. I have millions of earrings, but I hardly ever wear them. :|

10. I have the Veggie-Tales CDs. :D :D :D

11. I'm 4'11. Me and Skittles both. :)

12. My favorite verse is Philippians 4:4.

13. I love webcam!!

14. I have no hobbies. I need to get one. All I do is draw and chat. And read. And chat. Dad is gonna work on it! YAY! :D :D

15. I have 7 emails.

16. I can recite the alphabet backwards. :D Z,Y,X,W,V,U,T...Shall I go on?


What do you want for Christmas? :)

What is your favorite part of Christmas? The presents, friends coming over, :)

What is your favorite job around Christmas? Bake! Wrap presents!!

Do have any Christmas toys? I have a little penguin my sister got me while in Chile. He has a little ski-hat on. :) His name is Tux. I shall take a picture of him...He's got Chile written across his tum-tum. :)

Is your room decorated for Christmas? Yes. Paper angels I made when I was 7, a banner with a polar bear, stars hanging from the doorknobs.

Are you sending e-cards this year? No.

Are you making gifts or buying? I'm buying gifts for people I can hand them over to, and I'm making gifts for my friends across the globe. ANY ANONYMOUS READERS want one, let me know...:)

Do you still believe in Santa?...of COURSE!!

What is your Christmas outfit? I wear a Santa hat, and an apron. :)

Do you own a Santa hat? Yes. Thanks to Skittles. :)

Wrapping paper or gift bags? Both. Filled. :D

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Bringing out the calendar where we clip the manger scene together as the days get closer. Baby Jesus is clipped on Christmas day. :)

Do you have Christmas music? Yes. Ecos de Navidad is really pretty.

Pickles? ...O.o...What?

Favorite Christmas food? Cookies and pie. :)


3 days...

And 2 days for me to get my nice pajamas...:D

I made brownies and cookies on Saturday, took them to choir practice. I've wonderful news.
I wrote a song, 'Christmas Without Jesus', when I was in Venezuela. And I was singing it, and now I have to take the lyrics on Saturday because the leader wants to put it to music!
Isn't that fantastic? WOOHOO!

Also...Check this out:
Cool picshas..:D

As for my days...I almost wish I had more math...I get sick of the computer... I didn't think I'd be this bored...What I do all day mainly is chat, play with Anna, chat, take pictures, stay up watching movies, chat, clean, chat, babysit, chat...yeah...
Right now I have a load of laundry going swish swish. A friend is sick...Well, three friends. Skittles, Fourth and Randomizer. I hope I don't catch the bug... I feel sorry for their families...They are in danger...0.o

Bluey's computer is being mean to her. It shuts off. ..Mean.

I have been peeping at all the presents... I know what many of them are. >:)
I may have peeked a little TOO close...:D

Anyways, I'd best be putting an egg in my shoe and beating it now...



The freedom.
The happiness.
The vacation...:)

I woke up at 11 today. Slept in. >:) Happiness. I was up late reading and watching The Honeymooners.
I finished off the pot-roast last night, too.

At this very moment, Mom is wrapping presents and placing them under the tree...No one is allowed in that room.

I must be off now, and go wrap presents...>:)

I already made Skittles and randomizer's present on GIMP. Workin' on Netsirks and Blueys.


Let This Be a Memorable Time of My Life...

Gather, friends and loved ones.
Today was a long and boring Friday. But the end result is FANTASTIC.
I have finished my entire book of Math. All of it. I've mastered it. Quiz me. >:)
Gone are my restrictions! I am free to do as a please!

Er...ahm...At least until a good while after New Years. Until then, I plan to be a lazy bum and enjoy my freedom. :)
I will spend my days chatting, blogging, taking pictures, babysitting, gloating and such...Ah...It feels wonderful. But for now, I must set to work and be kind to others with my free time and create my friends GIMP presents...:)

Anyways, thank you everyone, for celebrating my success!
* applause *
thank you, thank you.
* applause *
No, seriously. This really is too much...
* roaring applause, ground shakes *
THANK YOU! REALLY! I'm touched!
* screaming and shouting *

I best be going.
I need to get back to my schedule of doing nothing since I finally have the freedom to do such...:)

Howdy, Peeps

I'm back from Argentina. Anna was not willing to let me go. She climbed in my suitcase and wouldn't get out.
When we got back around 7, I was still super wide awake, even if I only slept on the bus for three hours.
I waddled around my room unpacking while everyone else slept. Or rather, lay dead to the world. I'm hyper. I stayed in my room and wrapped gifts and I did my annual Christmas Clean-out.
I like the idea of a Christmas clean-out, because it gives you more room for your gifts later on...:)
Everyone finally woke up, around 1, so we had a late LATE LATE breakfast and watched Honeymooners.
I fell asleep during that (notice: I'd been awake ten hours straight). I went to bed and woke right back up at 7 PM. Anna slept right beside me, purring. She missed us all. I could tell.
We all watched Kung Fu Panda, which we'd bought at WAL-MART.
After it, I was still super hyper and it was Friday night, soo...
I got on the computer and chatted with Randomizer... Until about 12. Then I got off and read until I fell asleep. Took me about five hours to fall asleep. NOT kidding.
Now, on to Argentina.
I bought lots of gifts and WAL-MART was fantastic. I found lots of stuff.
My Christmas List for those who don't read my blog:

McCja-___________________ and _________
Verje- a dangly keychain and a black fedora hat.®
Mom-_____________________ and _______________
Dad-_____________________ and a ____________
McCel- a princess dress-up set and little ponytail holders with ladybugs on them.
McCab-a Little People® 3-people play set for her dollhouse she'll be getting, and a pink purse because she likes purses.
Romta-a pretty star ring
Turan-address booklet with a cute cartoon on the front. she'll love it.



Good. :D

Argentina was great. Wal-Mart was great. The bus-ride...ehm...not so much, but, WOO!

And it was nice coming home and seeing Anna Banana run up to us, purr and hug us. :)
Maybe on Monday I can go get my new glasses! YEEP!

And, I just need to gloat a little bit...



Hello Friends.

I am back.
I've been gone.
* wonders what to blog about *
I'm going to Argentina tomorrow. YAY!
I'm getting new glasses. YAY!

I've one simple question:


I'm writing a story. A mystery. It's got a really neat plot. I like it. Two psychiatrists. And someone died. Who did it? ):) That's the whole point of a mystery. The sheriff is also a suspect. And the janitor. Only I know how this is gonna turn out. MUAHA!

I am: excited about tomorrow.
I think: outside the box.
I know: how to say Genesis 1:1 in Swahili.
I have: a pet kitty.
I wish: I had my new glasses.
I hate: Obama
I miss: my friends
I fear: for the little BIMI missionary girl who was kidnapped. Everyone pray for her, please.
I feel: like finishing my movie
I hear: typing
I smell: cold AC air.
I crave: ice cream.
I search: for things to take pictures of.
I wonder: what time it is in Nova Scotia.
I regret: the many mistakes ive made.
I love: photography
I am not: an atheist
I believe: in Jesus
I dance: never. BAPTISTS DONT DANCE!!! XD
I sing: about 98% percent of the time.
I cry: at every little thing. i hate it.
I don't always: stay quiet.
I fight: the killer giant jelly beans that haunt me in my sleep
I write: mysteries and comedy/love stories and songs.
I win: flexibility contests. i can jump-rope with my arms.
I lose: interest in stuff very fast.
I never: eat seafood.
I always: finish off the ice cream..unfortunately.
I confuse: little kids. XD
I listen: to what i wanna hear. i have selective hearing. :)
I can usually be found: chatting online.
I am scared: of strangers.
I need: to finish my movie.
I am happy about: tomorrow. I'm going to Argentina! WOO!
I imagine: shopping at argentina's walmart...: )

And now I has to goes. Everyone check out these blogs:



I'm upset.
The tradition has flopped.
We always, ALWAYS, A-L-W-A-Y-S have the tree decorated and set up all in one day. This year, we were stopped.
We have no 2-20 Christmas-tree lights.
Nobody wanted to go out and buy some.
So we couldn't.
Now the tree sits in the living-room, clear of any decorations. Gone. No ornaments. No lights. No Santa boots under the tree.
I'm still wondering myself. I know I sound sort of crabby, but I hate breaking traditions! So sue me!
I don't care...

But I have good news. Dad says we will continue work on the tree tomorrow...I'm just sad...I was so looking forward to laying under the tree, and looking up at all the pretty, shiny ornaments and lights.
Even when I'm an adult I'll still do that.
I guess I'm bummed...
I just can't wait for tomorrow! We will resume the fun!! WOO!
I'm going to decorate my bedroom. I will make little paper cones and decorate them to look like mini-trees.
I have named the geckos in the bathroom! HURRAH! With the help of Netsirk, they are now called Marina and Marlow.
Also. Anyone who has a Santa hat, LISTEN UP!
I have created a tradition. I wear my Santa hat all December long. All day, every day. UNLESS WE GO PLACES.
Please join me. It's lots of fun!
Now, I had best be going. Check this out:

bye bye!

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