Holy Guacamole.

I haven't blogged in...
What seems like forever now.

My goodness.

My last post was like... August-ish? Maybe? I dunno.
So, I'm back here to just rant my head off, and perhaps yours as well. So shush and listen.
Rather, read.

I'm uh... 15 now... Life's goin'... yeah... Uh... I just got back from a camp as a mini-counselor. I was in a cabin of 6th graders where one half of them hated showers and I had to force them to wash themselves, and the other half, I wasn't able to get them out if I'd been paid a million bucks.
And their beds? DISASTROUS.
I was also approached by a little kid who called me the 'girl who uses too big words.'
Maybe that's because I yelled, 'That is unnecessarily preposterous!', when our team lost a water-balloon relay... :/
I was asked to repeat in, 'earth speak.'
I also said, 'magnanimous' instead of 'awesome' and 'antidisestablishmentarianism' just because that word rocks.

Anyways... Yeah...
And now, 'tis nearing Christmas and Face-Stuffing-with-Pumpkin-Pie season. And I haven't blogged in that long.

Do me a favor, so you can understand this just a little better, and make the face you'd make if you walked into your bedroom right now and saw a circle of walruses playing checkers.

That, dear friend, is my face right now.

So, hello to you people. Believe it or not, I HAVE missed you all. Even those of you who don't even COMMENT.

* cough, nudge nudge *

I have a life. :D I've had some privileges taken away for a few months, but they're back now... Well, most of them.
Another I will get back this Saturday.

* does a weird dance *

* sees you watching *

* blushes and screams *

* disappears like an Indian in those old movies *

I say that all the time. CHA. It's just a cool way to say 'yeah.'

And don't, try to be extra-cool and be like,
"Yo, Ron. Are you coming to eat dinner with us or not?"
"Oh, cha-cha!"

Yeah, um.... NO.
Uhh.. No.

Please.. don't.

Anyways... People have been bugging me and bugging me to blog, so... There it is.

Hope you enjoyed it. Maybe giggled a bit. :)




King of England. Richard was famed for his reckless courage and extreme cruelty‒he massacred 3,000 brave Moslems who had surrendered Acre to the Crusaders under his safe conduct‒as well as for gallantry to many, including Saladin. Favorite of his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, who set him against his royal father Henry 11 of England-himself falsely accused of having loved Thomas Becket, with whom he did share a bed on occasion while carousing and wenching together before Becket became Archbishop of Canterbury- Richard has been seen by some as a mama's boy.

The Norman and Angevin (Plantagenet] kings of England were, along with their courtiers, regularly accused by monkish chroniclers of sodomy. It was not true of Henry 11, who .made his son's fiancee Alice of France his mistress to the outrage of Eleanor and Richard. The accusation rings true, however, for William II Rufus (ca. 1056-1100), as for his nephew Prince William (son of his brother Henry I), who was coasting down the Channel with his frivolous, effcrninate companions, when the White Ship capsized‒"God's vengeance on the sodomites," as the chroniclers declared.

REPORT: TERRACOTTA! That is fun to say...

So today I'm supposed to do a report on somethin' I read about in History.

* goes and finds out what the report was supposed to be again *

Aha! Yes.

I'm supposed to write about Terracotta. It is a type of clay. It's name is Italian for 'baked earth'. It's a natural brownish red color, and has been used for centuries. Whether to make a sculpture, or a pot, or whatever... It's a very old material used for arts and crafts.
It makes me think of... that appetizer horse whatever, called bruschetta. Terracotta bruschetta.
Doesn't that sound yummy? Mmmm...

* cough, cough * NOT.

Terracotta is still used today. It's clay. Yay.
It's flexible enough to be used to make ANYTHING.
Go out and buy some... It's a lotta fun!

* slowly sticks head over wall *


* blinks, bites lip *
* screams as tomatoes come flying her way *
* loses balance *
* lands in a pile of tomatoes *

Hi... everybody...

I haven't blogged in.. forever.. I know.
* shields face with hands *

I come here with grave news...
My other, wonderful, faithful computer has gone to Heaven. He has passed. He was a frie-!-
* ducks, as a pineapple comes her way *

ALRIGHT! I admit.. I have been leaving... And not coming back for quite some time.
It's just that nothing has been going on. Worthy enough to be mentioned in my blog, I mean.
Well, my birthday is coming up. The treinta! :D
My pop-tarts are gone.
And my Cheez Nips.
* puts head in hands and bawls *
* wipes eyes with hankie *
I'll survive, though.
Today is Friendship Day, here in cold, frigid Paraguay. I have recieved messages that say the exact same thing, from all kinds of different people.
Even my phone service sent me a friendship message...
Tomorrow, I'll be going to the mall. And being a girl with a bunch of my girlfriends. :) We'll be taking pictures, and trying things on, walkin' around ..(the Christmas tree GAH! * stops self *), just being total nincompoops.
That is a very fun word.
Try saying it fast.
I double dog donut dare you!
* stares at you until you say it *

It comes out soundin' somethin' like 'nincumpup'... say it 8 times really fast.

Comes out like 'ninkapoo'... Let's hope we never meet a Ninka who has to 'go'... Cause.. That's what'd come out... of it's... yeah.. xD

So, my last post was about a red button game. Addicting, I must say.
Well, my friend... * needs to make up a name for her *... EEYORE! :) She loves Eeyore...
Okay, Eeyore will be coming to my house tomorrow and spending the night. :)

* slaps the giggly person with a Twizzler *
LAUGHTER!... Is a sin.

* stares at cat who is and has been stuck in the closet *
It's her fault. She climbed up there; she can get down. :)

She's PREGNANT! She's a fatty! She's got a huge tummy. Regrettably, I think she may end up having the kittens in my room, since she spends so much time there.
Let's hope not.
* shudders *

Anna, I love you, baby, but if you give birth in my quarters I'll beat the tar out of you.
Okay.. No, I probably won't. I'll scream bloody murder, then go get Dad, explain what's going on, and then in the morning, I will pet the precious little beauties. :) And you, of course, Anna.
For those of you who may be completely clueless, 'ANNA' is my lovely Siamese cat. :)

She's really adorable... And soft. BOY, is she soft! She feels as though she were made of cotton.

I bought a coat today. Okay, I guess I'd better elaborate on that... DAD bought me a coat today. It's red! And ... sparkly-ish... You know, that.. really sheen material? And I look like a Michelin man who just fell in a vat of Ketchup. :) But it's cute. And cozy. And that's the whole point of a coat.
One can't live on hoodies and sweaters alone! :)
Unless you bundle up in a ton of them. But we all know that'd be UGLY as... a frog's nostril.
And those are ugly.

* gags *

And then a few days ago, we went out and bought a ton of pretty skirts and a few shirts and a snazzy jean jacket.
Okay, there's something I don't get. 'Snazzy'.. But you pronounce it, 'schnazzy'. Kinda like, 'schnauzer'.
* Schnazzy would be a nice nickname for a schnauzer *
* makes mental note, for if she ever gets a schnauzer *
Schnauzer dogs look like little Irish men. I always wanna put a pair of glasses on one... It just sounds cute.

Okay, so I was thinking of maybe making yet ANOTHER blog... With my fashion opinion. :)

Whaddaya think? I could be real creative with it, and state my opinion as hard as I wish, cause.. It's MY blog and I can do whatever I want with it! :P



K, so today I have choir practice. I ♥ choir practice...:)

I'm recovering from my cough, drinkin' nasty, gross medicine to get the yicky cough and cold-ness out.
One is blue pills that taste like the jungle. (Don't ask. But even Mom says they do...)
And nasty cough syrup with a name that is at the very least honest...It sounds nasty, and is. It's called Muxol.

Grr...Hungry. I can't wait til' lunch.

* scans blogger template website she snatched from Skittles *

* icky nasty 'RIP micheal j' one...* gags *

I'd like the world to know... Here is a newsflash:


Now. Would ya chillazzy, please?

Why do people care so much about him? All I know is I was sayin' on my Facebook,
'Micheal J is dead! weirdo...'
And someone said to me:

It's not nice to think so happily when a person dies...

To which I retorted:

Are you even sure he was a person? Have you SEEN him?

And they said:

...Good point.


What else can I jabber about? I love that word...Jabber. It's more cool than chatter, and that's part of my email...I should switch it.
But no. Cause then all my friends would hate me, because they wouldn't be able to find me and I just don't wanna go through all that trouble.

I got a keyboard! Pastor J is awesome... He gave it to us for free! And now it sits in the corner of my room, with Anna wanting to jump on it. I have to say "no, Anna!" because if she jumps on it it'll fall, and break...And I'll get in trouble. For something the cat did....But somehow, it'll be switched around to my fault. Probably for leaving it out...? I dunno. But I don't wanna risk it. :)

* coughs *
COVER YOUR FACE! I've a bad habit of not covering my mouth... So it's up to you not to get sick.


It's highly contagious! I could cough on you and ...well...You'd...cough. But still! I have power! I have power to ...make you cough. But I have POWER!
Sicky evil powers! You'd have to drink MUXOL to recover from it! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And drink nasty QuickSoup like me...!!

>:D hehehehehehe!

The Oxiclean guy died a while ago. The one that screamed at you?


That dude.

That is one of the reasons I was glad we don't have American television.
Not that I like television...In fact, I barely ever watch anything but Bones. That's it. House I dislike muchly. I don't like the dubbed-over-in-Spanish Disney junk, or the reality shows. Or those stupid suspense series...Like Lost. "GAH! What's gonna HAPPEN to them? Is she gonna have her baby on the ISLAND?"

To Be Continued...
And then you want to either call up the directors and sue them or just throw something at the TV.
It's not healthy!

That's another phrase that cracks me up!

'Too much internet time isn't healthy!"

What...Is it gonna make me puke?

* opens Gmail *

* heart-attack *

* gasps for breath *

* throws up *

* regrets Internet *

Nope. Not gonna happen. :)

A lot of people have been finding my blog recently. Icky freaky creeps, and then a few Indian fellas.
Talkin' in SPANISH. I think they may be more messed up than me...And if they think for ONE SECOND that I'm goin' back to their blog Indo whatever-ness... THINK AGAIN!
I think I'm gonna make up an email... for this blog. JUST for this blog. I don't like people I don't know well to email mah personal stuffs. Or leavin' they stuff as a comment. I'd rather recieve it privately and be able to dispose of it.

That's a funny word...'dispose'...Makes me think of an old, English persnickety woman holding her nose to a little kid who brought in a dead rat. "Ugh! My dear, dispose of that wretched, disgusting lifeless creature!"
:) I have a wild imagination...In case ya didn't know.

Back to emails...

Maybe somethin' like,


pinkandblackjunglebunny@blabla is too long. I tried it. :/


I'll put it on mah sidebar when I have one. :)

I've got monkey slippers...Whai? I'll tell ya why. Cause it's COLD!!!

I thought we came to Paraguay to ESCAPE the cold? Humph...

Well, methinks I've kept ya long enough. Thanks for readin'! :)

* waves wildly *

Hi, everyone!

I'm back! :)

I've disappeared!! I know! WOW, right? :O :O :O
Notice the smileys: :O :O :O

This is something that you really don't want to do.


I'm serious! You don't want to do it.

Oh, great...See!!! I was trying to save you!!

Fine, fine.

Do what you want.

Moment of Silence...

My sister, brother in law, other sister and two nieces just left.


Guess what that leaves me with?

A new camera
A new cellphone
A new iPod
A new iPod speaker
My own bathroom
My own full-length mirror
My own creepy picture of Jewel that some guy drew of her...It's seriously creepy. Her forehead it huge in it. But I'm gonna color it and then put it up.
My own hair-dryer
More books
Enough shoes and shirts to last me a lifetime
An extra jewelry box
More jewelry
My own body-by-jake machine! WOO!

(like I'm seriously gonna use it...)

Powders and eyeliners and mascaras
All the towels I could ever want
New computer games
And a tearstreaked face.


24-7 Dishwashing duty
Right-hand helper-ness
Playmate for Anna and Shichu.

K. I'm Proud of Myself.

I'm Gettin' It


I'm gonna do it.
I'm in the process of organizing my room as MONK would. (By that, I mean I'm on my lunch break, but as soon as I finish I'll be getting back to it. K?K.)
He rocks socks.
I've encountered and taken note of the problems that cause me to neglect keeping my room tidy.


And so on and on and on..

I've found solutions that I'm going to try.

1. I'm going to start labelling. As soon as I finish organizing today, I'll tape little ( ..tapes..? ) to shelves, drawers, etc.
Because: When I see those labels, I will not be able to handle shoving the shirts where my skirts go.
See? Anyways...I'm actually excited about it.

And as for being like Monk...He's mostly known for...

"That...that curtain there...It's...Wrinkled."

"That man...he missed a button."

"She spilled her drink... And there's a splatter..."

So basically, just teeny little things. But they make a big difference.
I'll stick tiny little tapes with stuff like,






What do you think? Maybe you could try it with me, even.

Plus, I like how labels look. They just...ARE organized. You know?

Other things I'm gonna work on...

Washing dishes on a whim. As in...I see them dirty, and such, and I 'can't concentrate' until they're cleaned and cleaned well.

I'll also work on being circumspect. :)

I love it.
And I'm really gonna do it.

I may need a few pushes, *MOM*, who will be happy to help.
But I will.
And I'm determined.


I just found something that made me laugh so hard I fell off my chair.
See that freaky dude up there? The world loves him. Apparently, according to them, he's gorgeous, beautiful, dreamy and sweet.
I wouldn't let him within 100 miles of my house...:|
At least I know I'm not a hypocrit.
Well, anyway.
What made me laugh...
Here I go.

He's not only freaky, but he's also stinky.
He forgets to shower.

He said, (after all the complaints thrown out, that got all over the Internet and magazines from his cast-members.)
"Yeah, well...See the thing is, I forget to shower. You know, I don't even realize it. You know. It's kinda funny! I just...I guess I stink, though. Oh, well. You know."

* stares at that *

* eyes bug out *

* bursts out laughing *

He-- forgets to shower? I don't think it's funny. He doesn't realize that he smells like a decomposing cow in a field of brown onions?
And why is he okay with being stinky?
Just another reason I don't want him near my house.
And yet all the girls that read that, their immediate response is:

"Oh, he's so GREEN! Awwwwww!"

I'd be like...

I don't care about whales enough to stop showering.

I'd like to know what on EARTH is up with today's girls?

First it was skinny twerps in tight pants, who sing like choking squirrels AKA The Jonas Brothers, and now it's sparkly, stinky vampires whose eyes turn black and red.

* shrugs *

His trademark is his stick-up straight hair.

There's a reason it's sticking up like that...
(I'll bet they don't even need to use gel or hair-spray..)

"His hair has enough grease in it to run McDonald's for a week." said the poor girl who stars alongside him..

(Let's hope he at least brushes his teeth...)

Here are some more of the complaints that made me laugh so hard I cried.

"He seriously reeks."

"He never showers, and it drives the crew crazy!" (I can't imagine why..)

And now, I think I'd ranted enough...

I hope I didn't offend anyone, but COME ON!

So...Let's run through this just one more time...

His eyes change colors.

His hair sticks straight up.

He sparkles.

He doesn't take showers.

Does THAT sound like Prince Charming to you?


I made a new blog.
It's a weekly contest...


It's pretty spiffy. Check it out.



Also...Advertise some! :D


Old people rock. xD HAHA!

Christian Persecution

Christians were persecuted. They either got thrown into gladiator pits and had to fight for their lives against a tiger/lion thing, or they were beaten and stoned.
How does that affect us today?
Today, people would be arrested and if anyone threw me into a pit with a jaguar, thankfully, I always carry a comb in my pocket, but as soon as I got out I'd sue them for all they had.
(The comb thing can be further explained here: :O! Click the linky!
Back in those days, when the Romans thought of it as 'entertainment' and 'justice', Christians had it rough.
They were stoned, thrown into pits, beaten to death at times...(Picture Gladiator. That pretty much covers it...)
Today, Christians are still persecuted. ... In many countries, sadly, that still happens to Christians.
But anyway, we are still persecuted in many ways.
We are made fun of. We're kicked out of our homes. We don't get privileges at times. And for what? Because we believe and talk about God. And being His children.
(There are some big meanies who don't, but...)
So, the world has calmed down a ittle bit. At least we aren't being beaten to death in football stadiums and calling it 'entertainment'.
But we are still persecuted. Missionary friends have been literally pushed and shoved out of their homes for preaching the gospel.
In other countries, they are not even allowed to SAY they are Christians. It's a 'public offense'.
Not homos or streakers? That's MY idea of a public offense...Not Christianity.
In many schools today, Christians can't even PRAY at the lunch table, as it's offensive. A few schools I have heard about, do not even allow BIBLES.
You know...Maybe they wouldn't need metal detectors and cameras if they'd just let a few Christians speak. And maybe accepting Christ would stop a few of the attempted suicides for those who have lives that are so unhappy...?
No. Reading your Bible is the unpardonable sin, and worshiping in public can get you kicked into jail.
But running around like a freak, naked through the streets, piercings, tattoos, homosexuality, all that nastiness...It's considered, 'being themselves'. It's 'sharing their individuality'. It's 'freedom'.
Thanks...But they can keep it. I don't want anything to do with it.
You can run through the streets naked today, and get away with it, but if you read your Bible and pray you can be sued for 'force of religion/voice/example/oppinion.'
Wouldn't and SHOULDN'T that fit into the category of 'being yourself' and 'freedom'? I'd rather 'be myself' with God by my side, thanks. But there is none.
Not unless you want to tattoo and pierce every bone in your body. Just so long as you do not wear cross necklaces or get caught singing hymns and Christian songs. That, my friends, is a bad boo-boo.
So you see? We are still persecuted.
Guess who's fine with all that? Obama.
Guess who's not? God.
Guess who's gonna get it, sooner or later? Obama.
Guess who's gonna give it? God.

Thanks for listening.

Until my next post..

GAME: Guess The Reason


This is what I could have watched:

This is what I watched:

Have at it, GO!

Stinko de Mayo

What is the point of today?

* flings confetti *

* blows squeaky, little, annoying thing *

* pops balloon *

* slaps donkey *

* stuffs face with cake and cookies *


Facebook: FARM TOWN beta.

I love it.
Mom loves it.
All my friends who have it, love it.
It's great.

I just started. It's, like, this little world where you make a little farm, personalize your farmer and spend as long as you like raking, planting, harvesting and such.
Recently, my wonderful cousin gave me a pig. I loved him, I named him Petey. And he was mine.
But then he did the weirdest thing ever. He must have been trying to make me laugh so hard that I had to run to the bathroom because when I came back, he was standing up on his hind legs and dancing some kind of Southern jig!
I. cracked. up.
But he ran away...:(
So now, I'm running around to everyone's farms and tending them, weeding, watering and harvesting everyone's farm to earn myself some coins.
No one will ever replace my little Petey, but I might recieve a few animals as gifts soon. YIPEE!


Your Body is 12 Years Old

Your body is younger than it should be. Congratulations!

You're taking good care of yourself, and it's definitely paying off.

Whether it's by accident or by choice, you're living a very healthy lifestyle.

Keep it up, and you're likely to live a long, vibrant life.

You Are a Mohawk

You are a true rebel. You enjoy flaunting your nonconformity.

Your idea of style is not fitting in with the crowd. You like to look unique.

At your best, you are creative and ready to challenge the status quo.

At your worst, you are surly and stubborn. You sometimes scar people.

I Just Wrote This...

I just heard from a friend and her brother just went to be with Jesus. (He was shot. )
Please pray for her.

"Just Fight." by Jayde Vernoy

The soldier on the battle field
The one that would never yield
The one that fought till his last breath
And till' the job was done he would not rest

Now here he lay on the ground
Helpless, defenseless, listening to the sound
He knew he didn't have very long
So he wrote this song

Finish every single battle
Never stop 'till the very end
Learn every single lesson
Make just one more friend
Don't make more trouble than what's needed
For you to understand
Just fight.

Tears flowed from his eyes
As he counted what was left of time
He knew someone had spotted him
But he tried not to give in
And he prayed

Lord, I don't know what's gonna happen
If You want to see me now, just know I'm willin'
Do what you have to do
For people to live long enough to know you

Slowly he closed his eyes
Then he imagined the skies
Seeing God in all His splendor
Knowing just what he did was right
And He says to fight

Finish every single battle
Never stop till the very end
Learn every single lesson
Make just one more friend
Don't make more trouble than what's needed
For you to understand
Just fight.

Hello Friends and Lurkers!

I've been away.
Wanna know why?
Go here, as I am too lazy to type it out myself and my mother can do a much better job of describing such things as a wicked crazy awesome volcano thingy! :D :D
Anyway...My computer (sorta like this one), is in the shop. It went to visit the computer doctor earlier this morning.
Get this.
I have
I don't know how much more of this I can take! I am going to DIE! :O :|

Moving on, we have found Anna. And I smell watermelon..o.O
Anyways...Anna was gone all day, we couldn't find her. We, of course, thought up the worst scenarios:
She was taken and vaporized by aliens
She was cat-napped (Which in a way...She was...She was napping when she was found.)
She was...I don't wanna keep writing. The important thing is I found her and the house is filled with happiness again.
She is sleeping with me tonight and that is final. We were worried sick! Well, me and Mom. We walked around calling her name and meowing. (Do not ask me why...)
I found her under the pool-boards that surround the pool out in the backyard. I heard her before that, and I freaked out and called Dad to go get the ladder because I heard her. At first I thought she was over in the empty lot behind our house. Then I thought she was stuck in a tree next door. Everyone was questioning me.
"Did you really hear her?"~Mom
"Are you sure?"~Dad
"Yes and yes..." I said, climbing the ladder. I looked over both walls. But I found her when I came back down. She has taken to hiding under the boards and it can drive us nuts.
As it did today.
But we found her and she has been fed Tuna and her life is back to peaches and cream. We adore our kitty.
Look at this:
How can you NOT adore her? =) She is our little sweetie here. =)
And other news...Hmm...
I have taken up drawing.
And I spent most of today cleaning my room.
And my good friend, William at William's Blog, has Photoshop 6 and maybe he will copy it and send it to me? :D :D :D PLEASE? WITH CREAM, CHOCOLATE SYRUP, STRAWBERRIES, GUMMY BEARS, PEANUTS, SPRINKLES, M&Ms and...OTHER YUMMY STUFF on top? PLEASE? <=-D
I am off now, to go and read Skittle's blog now. =)
...I'm sorry...But I can't think of anything else to blog.
Forgive me.

Anyways...I'm back.
That should be reward enough...tehehe...=D

xD Just kiddin'!

PACE YAW! xD No, not that either.



After reading that-good-friend-of-mine-who-is-always-changing-her-name-and-now-I-cant-remember-what-it-is-at-this-minute-when-I-need-it-most's blog, I decided I'd chat about what superhero I'd make myself to be.

I've got some awesome news and some awful news. Which do you wanna hear first?
"Neither. If I hear the good news first I won't be able to enjoy it cause I'll be worried about the bad news coming next, and if I hear the bad news first..-"
~Adrian Monk.

...I hope I didn't miss a letter...8|
* checks it *
* double checks cause she doesn't trust her better judgment *
* has a nightmare about missing a letter *
* wakes up *
* gets out of bed *
* goes to the computer and checks again *

Here are some of my entries for LOLz at PunditKitchen and the ICanHazCheezburger contests every week.

Later on today I will dedicate an entire post to my captioned photos. Deal? :)

For now, I must start school.

The Olympics, Miss Persia

The Olympics is one of today's greatest athletic events. The Olympics games began thousands of years ago in Greece as part of Greek worship services. The Greeks believe the gods and godesses liked to see healthy bodies and athletic skills.
So, every four years the best athletes competed in racing, boxing, wrestling, discus and javelin. At the start of the games, they honored Zeus, the king of their gods.
An Olympic winner recieved no money.
The winner of each sports event was given a crown of laurel leaves. Winning the Olympics was considered the highest honor a man could earn. When Greece fell, the Olympic games were discontinued.
Then in 1896 they were renewed. This time, however, the worship of Greek gods was no longer a part of the competition.
Athletes competed for the honor of their country.
Today, of course, the Olympic games are telecast all over the world for people of every nation to see.
~*~ (wipes sweat from forehead)

During the rule of King Xerxes in ancient Persia, there was a beauty pageant much like today's Miss Universe and Miss America contests.
After divorcing his wife for disobeying him, Xerxes wanted to select a new queen. He held a Miss Persia contest in which all the most beautiful girls in the Persian Empire entered. The winner, the lovely Hebrew girl, Esther, married Xerxes and became queen of Persia.
Then, as told by the Veggie tales,
She saved herself and all the other Hebrews from being sent to the dreaded Isle of Perpetual Tickling for eternity.
This is recorded in the book of Esther. I'm sure it wasn't really the Isle of Perpetual Tickling...Probably something much worse.
In the VT movie, a grim reaper dude comes through the palace doors carrying and waving a feather while tickling the Peoni brothers and leading them to the Isle of Tickling.
Its a great movie. Makes me laugh like something crazy. :D

Alexander the Awesome

A towering figure of ancient Greek history, Alexander the Great is said to have come close to conquering the civilized world. The son of King Phillip II of Macedon, Alexander was educated by the philosopher Aristotle and first led troops at age 18. After his father's death he whipped the superpower Persians and conquered much of the civilized world. He died suddenly at age 33 after a bout of heavy drinking; some suggest he was poisoned, though no cause of death has ever been proved.

Alexander's favorite horse Bucephalus one of history's famous steeds.


Xerxes' only had two wives that I could think of or google...:D Esther and Vashti. They can be found in the Bible..:)

(WARNING: Toxic. Read at your own risk. Do not read and memorize anything. Your brain will explode.)


While the Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians took turns dominating the Mesopotamian area, a new civilization was developing in the area now known as Greece. This culture has little influence on nearby civilizations, however, until a Macedonian military general named Alexander (OO-RAH! xD) united the Greeks.


The land of Greece, divided by rugged mountain ranges, was slow to develop a single, unified government.
Life was competitive between Athens, Sparta and Corinth.
As a result, when threatened by invaders, the Greeks found it difficult to face the common enemy.

Ta da...Hope you enjoyed it...I sure didn't.

Buddha's Rules

1. A person's life is full of misery and suffering.

2. Sufferings are caused by a person's own selfish desires.

3. Sufferings end when a person completely overcomes his desires and gets rid of all jealousy, greed and selfishness.

4. Nirvana can be achieved by right living.

What a boring way to live! Imagine.

"I'm sorry.. It was my pri--"
"Yes. That."


The Amazon Women

The Amazons are a nation of all-female warriors in Classical and Greek mythology, who were quite possibly historical.

Stories of beautiful and bloodthirsty female warrior women thundering across arid battlefields have been told, re-told and speculated over for thousands of years and by many cultures. Greek myths are filled with tales of the Amazons and their exploits, love affairs and battles with

Olympian gods like Zeus, Ares and Hera. Amazon warriors fought and died in the Trojan war. Homer and Hippocrates speculated over or wrote of these fierce fighting women, as did Greek historian Herodotus. The West African kingdom of Dahomey employed a legion of so-called Amazons who conquered cities for King Agaja during the 1600’s. Spanish adventurer, Francisco de Orellana, is said to have named South America’s greatest river, the Amazon, after a fierce tribe of warrior women he encountered along its banks.

Greek mythology describes the Amazons as descendants of the god of war, Ares, and the sea nymph, Harmonia. They worshipped Artemis, goddess of the hunt and exactly where the Amazons territory was has always been disputed. Herodotus believed they may have occupied the sweeping steppes of Southern Russia. Other stories claim they lived in Thrace or along the lower Caucasus Mountains in northern Albania. The Thermodon River, in Asia Minor, known today as the coast of Turkey, seems to be the most frequently mentioned territory of the Amazons.

Amazon society was stringently matriarchal. Males were of no use other than for mating purposes and as slaves, doing work that was traditionally performed by women. Mens’ outer extremities were often mutilated to prevent them taking up arms against their captors or escaping. Male babies were either given away at birth to neighbouring tribes or killed.

From an early age Amazons were trained in the arts of war. Some myths and stories say that during adolescence a young Amazon’s right breast would be cauterised or entirely removed by her mother so that once the girl reached adulthood she could wield bows and throw javelins more accurately. Experts disagree, claiming that the Amazons would not have had the medical know how to prevent massive haemorrhage or infection if such drastic mutilations actually occurred.

The Amazons were said to be the first humans to tame and ride horses. They were fearless and expert warriors, on horseback or as foot soldiers, and the Greeks fiercest enemies. They dedicated themselves to endless hours of training in the art of combat, their favored weapons, bows, spears and doubled-sided battle axes.

One of the most enduring Greek Amazon myths tells of King Eurytheseus dispatching Hercules to steal Queen Hippolyte’s golden girdle, a gift from Ares. Rather than attacking the army standing outside their city, the Amazons showed curiosity and welcomed them. Hippolyte and Hercules fell in love. Jealous goddess Juno spread lies about the Greeks ulterior motive to kidnap the Amazon queen and hold her for ransom. A bloody battle ensued and there were great losses on both sides, Hercules eventually victorious and returning to Greece with Hippolyte’s girdle.

Yet despite such tales and myths very little concrete archaeological evidence has ever been unearthed to prove that a race of Amazons actually existed. Most stories about them have been dismissed as pure conjecture or wishful thinking, including Herodotus’s writings of Amazons in Russia and their possible connection with the ancient Scythian race. Recent excavations by Russian archaeologists, however, have produced new evidence that suggests Herodotus may have been right.

The Scythians were a race of mounted nomadic warriors whose early origins are still a mystery and who lived in Central Asia around the 7-8th centuries BC. Their generals were said to be more cunning military tacticians than Genghis Khan, who, centuries later conquered half the world. Yet the Scythians were illiterate, they left no language and history, other than their large round burial mounds, or kurgans, plundered ruins that are found all over the Russian steppes. Russian archaeologists have found some kurgans that are still intact, a few of them containing the remains of what they believe were Scythian royalty or aristocrats. These tombs also contained a breathtaking array of golden artefacts: jewellery, chalices, weapons, breastplates and other finely crafted masterpieces depicting Scythian life.

Herodotus wrote of the Scythians as being an extremely barbaric and bloodthirsty race,skinning and beheading slain adversaries and shaping their skulls into drinking cups. Funerals were highly ceremonial and even more blood-drenched. A fallen warrior’s wife and entire household were often killed and placed inside the kurgan to serve in the afterlife. Dozens of the finest horses were sacrificed and staked upright around the outside of the burial mound.

New burial mounds recently opened outside the town of Pokrovka contained the remains of women, some thought to be of great station. They were buried in full battle dress and with a assortment of weapons and other items of war lying beside them. One young woman’s leg bones were signifi

cantly bowed suggesting she spent most of her life on horseback. Another skeleton had an arrowhead lodged in the upper chest, indicating she might have died in battle.

This startling evidence seems to confirm Herodotus’s early theories that certain cultures held women in higher esteem, some even riding alongside men into battle. Other mysterious burial sites have also been recently unearthed in China dating back 2000 years or more, the remains and artefacts suggesting that within other extinct cultures women may have held powerful social and perhaps even military positions as well. Whether any of these long-dead women found in the Pokrovka kurgans or in other recent digs could actually be the mythical Amazons of Greek legend has yet to be confirmed - or may never be proven. For the foreseeable future, research and speculation continues.

What I Have Learned

I hope that you will all take my word for it and not try this and have to learn it yourself.
Feel free to laugh, as I already have.

Things I Have Been Told To Never Do...AFTER I've Done Them... (And the date I learned them. I went to my diary and checked the dates. I knew I could trust it, because I always write when I'm scared, upset, feel awful. Some are too old, though. :)

1. Don't flush a toothbrush down a toilet. It clogs it up. 6/14/08

2. Don't stab a refrigerator to death with a knife. 3/11/09

3. Carry a $200 DVD player in the hallway and not watch where you're going. Destiny says you will trip on the thin rug. 3/11/09

4. Let people see you cry. 1/5/08

5. Tighten your earrings so much because you're afraid they'll fall out. So tight that they will go inside your ear and have to be removed with Dad's leather-man. (Ski Trip of...97?)

PLEASE learn from me.
Any more, you can be sure that I will update this post.

Hurry up and Wait!

This daylight savings stuff is driving me nuts. We almost left for Bible Study an hour early.
NO WONDER my friend was like, going crazy! :)

I haven't blogged blogged in forever. Lately it has just been school stuff...I know.
* dodges tomatoes *
About the Seven Wonders and the Indian beliefs...I sorry. :)

Nothing very new here. It rained today, so we didn't get to play soccer like I wanted. Grr.
I was sooo mad! But, we left. And then we got to baby sit a special needs boy, Elena, Abby and a sweet 11-year-old girl.
The special needs boy is such a sweetheart. :) And he laughs at my jokes. YAY! No, really. I can't see how people can tease and be afraid of special need kids... They're weak in some points, but wicked crazy awesome strong in others! :) For example, he's the most patient kid I've ever seen! I must learn from him.
* stares at Abel and takes notes *

I have nothing really, to write about.
OH! I can say 'how are you?', 'I am very cold', 'What is your name?', 'Dad', 'Mom', 'My friend', 'Good' and 'No way' in Guarani! :) The girl taught me. :) And everyone says I have a nice tone. :) But, honestly, Guarani isn't that hard for me or my dad, because Ye'kwana is very very similar to Guarani. And we already know Ye'kwana.

Mom made Taco Soup today. And we have been having it all day...It is SO good! She got it from the crock-pot lady. :)

I have more school tomorrow, so I have to skeedaddle. :(

I know I know...

Oh, not the puppy faces!

I'll miss you all, too.


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

I just love Fridays. For three reasons:

1. I get to do all my writing assignments and projects, tests and such, and those are very quick.
2. IHeartFaces has Fix It Friday that gives me something to work on while I'm bored after school.
3. Tonight I am working on my solo with the choir! Nervous, but ...EXCITED!

Anywhoozins. Here is my report on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. I will do all in my goofy and funny power to make this as enjoyable as possible.


This pyramid is the oldest of the Ancient wonders, and the only one that has lasted until today. It was built with nearly 2 million bricks, each weighing approximately two tons...Imagine hefting those about!
The person who yelled at people to make it was the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu, who wanted it as a tomb when he died, around 2560. B.C.
Methinks Khufu was a little kookoo. What about you-you?
I mean, honestly, I wouldn't wanna be put to rest in a huge, freaky temple. A coffin is fine for me, thanks.
When it was built, the Great Pyramid was 481 feet high, over the years, it lost 30 feet off the top.
It was ranked as the tallest structure for 43 centuries.
Popular structure.


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built by Nebuchadnezzar II, around 600 B.C. It is said that he had them constructed to please his wife...
Maan! Imagine.
"I am upset."
"Why are you upset, my wife?"
"I have nothing beautiful to look at."
* calls second hand man *"Make my wife a hanging garden."
"Do it."
"O-o-okay...Um...How big, sire?"
His wife, Amytis of Media, was from Persia, and Persia was beautiful. Who knows? Maybe he made it to look like Persia, her homeland.


Well, this little dude..Well...He's not very little. Some 39 feet tall.
A recent critic said,
"It seems that if this Zeus were to stand up, he would unroof the temple made to house him."
The statue was created by Phidias. Kudos, Phidias.
In the sculpture, he was wreathed with shoots of olive and seated on a magnificent throne of cedarwood, inlaid with ivory, gold and precious stones. INCLUDING: Jade stones. ( xD YEAH! )
In Zeus' right hand, a small statue of crowned Nike, goddess of victory, (so THAT'S where the shoes get the name!), also chryselephantine, and in his left hand a scepter inlaid with metals on which an eagle perched on the top.


A temple dedicated to Artemis, around 550 B.C at Ephesus. Nothing remains of the temple.
So that is all we know of it.
Pretty exciting, huh? Wanna see somethin' awesome? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Artemis_Efes_Museum.JPG


The tomb of maussollus was a tomb built between 353 and 350 B.C. Approximately, 135 feet in height.
It was designed by Greek architects, Satyros and Pythus. It now lays in ruins, but it's pretty sweet...:)


The colossus of Rhodes was a statue of the Greek god, Helios, erected on the Greek island of Rhodes by Charles of Lindos between 292 and 280 B.C.
Before it's destruction, it stood over 107 feet high, making it one of the tallest statues in the ancient world.
Media reports in 1989 initially suggested that large stones found on the seabed off the coast of Rhodes have been the remains of the colossus, but that has been proved to NOT be true. :P :)
The statue was made of bronze, and could not have been built with it's legs apart, because it would collapse from it's own weight.
Heavy dude.
Ancient accounts describe the statue as being built with iron tie bars. Much of the iron and bronze in it was reforged from the various weapons Demetrius' battle left behind.
SO THAT is where all this recycling stuff started.


This lighthouse was a tower built in the 3rd century B.C on the island of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt to serve as the port's landmark, and later, a lighthouse.
Probably why they call it the lighthouse now. That would just be boring. 'THE LANDMARK OF ALEXANDRIA', Ooh! So exciting! Such oral interest...:P I'd love to read THAT school report.
It was about 380 to 490 feet. People are still arguing about it.
It was among the tallest-man-made structures for a while.

And there now...


* jumps through screen and pours water on you *

I'm DONE! You can get on with your life now!

C'mon!!! I tried not to be too boring...

* sigh *

I chose Guarani, Ye'Kwana and Cherokee I wanted to do Indians, because 1. I'm part Cherokee. I wanted to bring back the Ye'Kwana, because I love them. and 3. I am surrounded by Guarani-speakers. My mission is to find whether they support evolution or creationism, and to find similarities. I searched the Google for Guarani and Cherokee, but Dad and Jewel were more than helpful for the Ye'Kwana version.
I am MONK, so I'll do alphabetical order.
Cherokee 'tis.
NOTE: I stole this from a website. :)

Cherokee belief ( This supports Creationism.)

The earth was a great island floating in a sea of water, suspended by a cord at each of the four cardinal points, hanging down from the sky vault, which is solid rock. When the world grows old and worn out, the people will die, the cords will break and the earth will sink back into the ocean and all will be water again. The Indians fear this.

Origin of Animals
Origin of Animals

In the Beginning

When all was water, the animals were above, beyond the arch, in Galunlati. It was very crowded and they wanted more room. They wondered what was below the water and "Beaver's Grandchild", the water beetle, offered to go and learn. It darted in all directions across the water's surface but could not find a firm place to rest. Then it dove to the bottom and returned with some soft mud, which began to grow and spread on every side until it became the island we call earth. Afterward it was fastened to the sky with four cords but no one remembers this.

Native American Waterbird Symbol
Native American Waterbird Symbol

Creation of Mountains and Valleys

At first, the earth was flat, very soft and wet. The animals were anxious to get down so they sent different birds to see if it was dry but they found no place to alight and returned to Galunlati. When it seemed to be time, they sent out the Buzzard, telling him to go and make ready for them. It was known as the Great Buzzard, father of all buzzards we see now. He flew all over the earth, close to the ground but it was still soft. By the time he reached Cherokee country, he was very tired. His wings began to flap and strike the ground. Wherever they struck the earth, there was a valley and where they turned up again there was a mountain. When the animals above saw this, they were afraid that the whole world would be mountains and called him back. The Cherokee country remains full of mountains even today.

Sun symbol
Sun symbol

Creation of Light

When the earth was dry, the animals came down. It was still dark, so they got the sun and set it in a track to go across the island east to west every day. It was too hot this way and the Red Crawfish had his shell scorched to a bright red and it spoiled the meat. The Cherokee do not eat it.

The conjurers raised the sun again and again seven times until it was right and left it there. Every day the sun goes along this arch and returns at night to the starting place.

The Underground World

There is another world under this arch, much like ours in everything...plants, animals and people, except the seasons are different. The streams that come down from the mountains are the trails used to read this underworld. The springs at their heads are the doorways in which it is entered. In order to do this, one must fast, go to the water and have one of the underground people guide them through. We know that the seasons in the underworld are different because the water in the springs is always warmer in the winter and colder in the summer than the outer air.


Seven Nights Watch

When the plants and animals were first made ( we do not know by whom) they were told to watch and keep awake for seven nights. In the same sense, young men now fast and keep awake when they pray to their medicine. They tried to do this and nearly all were awake the first night but the second night several drifted off to sleep. The third night more slept and then more until by the seventh night, of all the animals, only the owl, the panther and one or two more were still awake. These animals that remained awake were given the power to see in the dark and to make prey of the birds and animals which must sleep at night.

Of the trees, only the cedar, pine, holly, spruce and the laurel were awake to the end. For their endurance, they were given the power to be always green and to be the greatest for medicine. To the others it was said, "Because you have not endured to the end you shall lose your hair in the winter".

Adoption of the Human Race
Adoption of the Human Race

The primary figure in most Guaraní creation legends is Tupa, the supreme god of all creation. With the help of the moon goddess Arasy, Tupa descended upon the Earth in a location specified as a hill in the region of Aregúa, Paraguay, and from that location created all that is found upon the face of the earth, including the ocean, forests, and the animals. It is also said that the stars were placed in the sky at this point.

Tupã then created humanity (according to most Guaraní myths, the Guaraní were naturally the first race of people to be made, with every other civilization being born from it) in an elaborate ceremony, forming clay statues of man and woman with a mixture of various elements from nature. After breathing life into the human forms, he left them with the spirits of good and evil and departed.

Pretty sweet, eh?

And Ye'Kwana. This one was very interesting to me. I'm gonna wing it, because it is so long, I might get a few wrong...But...Dad barely remembered it. So...Here goes.

I think... With a funny, modern twist. ;)

Wanaadi, the Ye'Kwana god was lonely, so he made a woman. He fell in love with her, but she kept running away. He chased her and she still got away. He tried making more women, but loved none of them as much and they ran away too. He was sad, and decided to turn into a sloth and look for her. ( Why a sloth, I don't know.) He was shot by a hunter who took him to an old lady's house... She knew who he was.
"You are Wanaadi. I know you. You created me."
"Yes." Said the sloth. "What's crackalackin'?"
"I left you and fell in love with a man but he beats me and is not good to me."
So the sloth took the old lady back to the jungle and tried and tried to turn her back to the beautiful woman that she had once been but he couldn't. So...He...burned her. And hung her up in a tree in a caccoon thingamajiggy.
He left her there for a few days and then called all of the animals of the jungle. They came in a hurry.
"Cut her down!" He demanded.
The monkey went up and couldn't stop laughing, so he was cursed.
Same with a great bunch of all the others...( I dunno... If I saw a rotting corpse I probably wouldn't laugh. I'd be shakin' in my tubesocks.)
The one animal that could, was the lizard. He went up, ( held is giggles in, I guess...0.o) and bit the rope so that she fell.
He was blessed with a tail that shoots. ( Oh, joy of joys!)

The creation story is very short.

Wanaadi made a mountain that looked like a tree. And ...somehow...we don't remember...People were...created from that tree. As the times wore on, the people cut down the top of the tree and that cut off communication with Wanaadi.

I hope you enjoyed this. I sure did.
I think it's safe to say that they support Creationism.



I have started school.
Which means I will have more stuff to blog about. WOO!
But also means I won't spend quite as much time on the computer.
* boo *
I know, I know...

The books are huge. I'm annoyed at them. But the Science guy is funny! And none of them are uberly boring.
I now realize why Mom chose A.C.E for furlough...Imagine carrying those bricks around everywhere?
ME:"Mom, where's the A.C.E stuff?"
MOM:"I used those for furlough."
MOM:"Cause the big ones are hard to pack and carry around. We wouldn't have been able to carry them around everywhere we went."
ME:* mutters * "Ah, yes. What a shame, what a tragedy..."
MOM:* giggles * "Get in there and get started!"

No, now I really am overjoyed that I have school. I can't believe I said that... But during break I've been terribly bored. Now it's back and I'm determined.

And now I'd best return to my stuffs. :)


- Available: Uh...What?
- Age: 14.
- Annoyance: People who run up and poke you.
- Animal: Aardvark.

- Beer: Ew.
- Birthday: August 30th.
- Body Part on opposite: .Umm...An--kle?
- Best feeling in the world: Happiness. ( XD )
- Blind or Deaf: Neither.
- Best weather: Hard rain.
- Been in Love: .../:o.
- Been on stage: Yes. Every Sunday. I am in the choir.
- Believe in Magic: Only God's magic. :) The bunnies in the hat are kept in a secret compartment and shoved in there until the dude pulls him out. Or, when they don't move the hat off the table, there's a compartment under the table. The reason they has bunnies is cause bunnies make no noise. I mean...If I was locked in a stuffy little thing I'd sure make some noise! Poor bunnies can't...Save the bunnies! Don't hire magicians!
- Believe in Santa: Daddy has told me that unless I do, I get no presents.

* standing ovation * I BELIEVE!!!!
- Candy: Gummy worms!
- Color: Turquoise! The color of a square on my bedspread and of my new bracelet and of a fish in the pet store and of my friend's teddy bear's eyes!!
- Chocolate/Vanilla: White chocolate...Vanilla-y chocolate.
- Cake or pie: Cheesecake is better than pie. Or cake. But that's not one of the options..Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.
- Country to visit: France.
- Cheese: Cheddar cheese. On toast. Cheese toast. Dipped in grape jelly. Cheddar cheese toast dipped in grape jelly. SMUCKER's grape jelly. Cheddar cheese toast dipped in SMUCKER's grape jelly.

- Day or Night: I'm weird. I'm a night owl and an early bird. :)

- Eyes: They change colors. o.0 O.o 0.O

- First Thoughts Waking Up: What time is it? What day is it? I need to make my bed. Ugh... Look at my desk...I need cereal. Anna, come cuddle! WOW, it's cold!
- Food: Yes, I-I-I like food. It's rather, uh...Nourishing.

- Greatest Fear: ..... I hate those freaky people that walk on sticks and dress up like Abe Lincoln or...The african ones at Busch Gardens are scary, too. They FREAK me OUT.

- Goals: Win the soccer game on Saturday.
- Gum: Chiclet.
- Get along with your parents?: I love my 'rents! :) XD XD

- Hair Color: Blonde.
- Height: 4'11...Since I was 11...

- Holiday: Valentine's Da-a-a-o!
- How do you want to die? =O...Uhm...I haven't thought that far ahead yet...\:o.

- Ice Cream: Love it.
- Instrument: Piany. :)

- Jewelry: Subtle? PNA! HAHA! Too much is never enough!!!!!!
- Job: Professional Procrastinator.

- Kids: I like them. They make me laugh and they are cute.
- Kickboxing or Karate: Neither, but if I had t' pick...Karate.
- Keep a journal?: Uh-uh. Diary. (s)

- Love: The opposite of hate.
- Letter: Z! Awesomest letter in the history of awesome letters!
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes. I'm watching a funny Monk video. XD

- Milk flavor: ??MILK FLAVOR. The flavor of MILK.
- Movies: uh uh uh uh FINDING NEMO!
- Motion sickness?: yeah...HUH-uh! Never!
- McD’s or BK?: Both. :)

- Number: 14.

- One wish: McCja and McCbr, GET HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Perfect Pizza: Pepperoni, sausage, white cheese and lotsa sauce! With mushrooms.
- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi.

- Quail: Pretty birdies!

- Reason to cry: Lots of them.
- Reality T.V.: None.
- Radio Station: I live in P A R A G U A Y. I don't like ANY radio stations here.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: * rolls tongue in a circle *, * bows *
- Ring size: I have NO idea.

- Song: Beauty and the Beast...Best song in the history of great songs.
- Shoe size: hehe. 7 -7 1/2
- Salad dressing: Ranch.
- Sushi: Ew. No. NE-VER.
- Slept outside: Yeah...I lived in the JUN-GLE!
- Smoked?: Never. EVER smoked.
- Sing well?: ...I like to sing...
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Both are good in cheesecake, jellies and jams, pies and muffins, but I can't stand them alone.

- Tattoos?: UCKY!
- Time for bed: 10:30 or 11.
- Thunderstorms: WOO!:) :) :) :)

- Unpredictable: hmm....predictable people are unpredictable...but you can always predict that unpredictable people will do something unpredictable... * copies Kateh's ansa *

- Vacation spot: My bed. With QUIET. And a good book.

- Weakness: Less fortunates.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Katie. Definitely.
- Who makes you laugh the most: ...My friends.
- Wanted to be a model: NO.
- Where do we go when we die?: Have you asked Jesus to be your Saviour? Do that and then we'll talk. If you haven't already...Of course.
- Worst Weather?: HOT HOT HOT slimy weather.

- X-Rays: Never been to the emergency room. :)
- Ex's: ?? Huh??

- Year it is now: 2009...And sunny. XD
- Yellow: snow! XD

- Zoo animal: Uh...That weird zebra thing with a long purple tongue and the head of a giraffe...I forget what it's called.

1. Talked to in person? : Dad.
2. You went to the mall with?: Dad.
3. You went to dinner with?: My famlya.
4. You talked to on the phone?: I THINK Dad.
5. Made you laugh?: Verje.
6. Hugged you?: Dad.
7. Said they loved you?: Phika.
8. Held your hand?: ...Uhm...Turma...At church, when you say goodbye everyone shakes hands.
9. You cried over?: ...
10. Watched a movie with: McCel.
So, friends in Blogoworld, GO FORTH AND DO THIS MEME!

Something I Find Funny...

For the few, the proud, the HOMESCHOOLED.

You know when you look at the back of your big, fat books and see the recommendations? And the sappy stories on how they helped the struggling pupils?

I find them hilarious.

"This book truly opened my daughter's eyes!"--Gail Brood, Ohio.
( Uh-huh...She couldn't open them before?)

"This was a true bonding tool between me and my son. And it really has helped him."--Jill Black, South Carolina.
( Try playing video games with him. :)

"We have tried at least 3 different books, at least 3 different times, and this is the only one that worked!"--Marla Hew, Florida.
( Have you tried 3 different 'looks'?)

If they let the KIDS recommend the books. :)

I hate history even more now.--Kayla Ridge, Kansas.

I used this to put me to sleep, it was so boring! Forget about soft songs... This worked like a charm.--Matt Peterson, Maine.

This is awful! It takes sooo long!--Katie Henry, Tennessee.

My eyes have been opened, and I have now closed them. I hate it.--Gina Tuck, Oregon.

I hope I put a smile on your face! :)

My rant is through.

I Need To Rant...


I have no idea what on Earth it is. Everyone on Facebook is sending me Flairs and invites to join a club with the display picture of this creepy vampire dude and I'm sick of it! And somewhat scared. People have changed their profile names to like, I ♥ Edward or whatever his name is. I don't pay attention.
Everyone is saying,
"Oh, he's so gorgeous! The movies are fantastic!" Yada...yada, yada... I would rather not join that group, thanks. It's gonna give me nightmares!
Everyone is emailing me and saying I'm judgmental. I don't care. Twilight is creepy. At least to me.
I have been receiving numerous bumper stickers that say that I like it. WHO is this person to say that I like a group that gives me the heebie-jeebies? How does this person KNOW I like it?
One bumper sticker said:

McCain ( square ) Obama ( square ) Edward ( checked square ).
WHY would I pick him? I'm beginning to think he's worse than Obama! In the profile picture, he looks like a freaky zombie!


Then again...Maybe not. But...Obama supports abortion and Edward supports...Uhm...Drinking people's blood.
I'm scared.
What has America come to?


My rant is finished. Thank you for your cooperation.



I just entered the iheartfaces contest. Every week, they have a fun contest and a special guest judge photographer!

I've never won, but, of course, I hope to. I entered a pic of the lovely Anna:

www.frozenmomentsoflife.blogspot.com has my entry.

I hope that even if I DON'T win, I wanna be in the collage. They have the college so that almost every entry is shown! I love that! :)

Well...I gotta go now!
BTW: I've created my own writing code called Syfus. :) It's awesome!

Go Cardinals!

Tonight is the SuperBowl.


Spell it out: R-E-M-O-J-A-D-O-S!

Translating into 'really wet.' I'm about to leave for Choir, with my back pack and all I need for the water games at our church. I have choir from 9-12, and then water games is at 2. I'm psyched. :D :D
Can't wait!
I will splash everyone, and I will win. I WILL. >:)
I will take my gorgeous termo to band practice, if I have the time...But...now...I probably don't. Oh well.
Have I mentioned I LOVE terere? It's minty goodness.
I've an announcement: I had coffee today.

*crowd gasps*
I know...I know...
*crowd boos*
HEY HEY! HEY now...Calm down.
Why did I have coffee? Cause I had a muffin leftover from Mom's blogger tea-party yesterday...I missed meeting Mrs. Wienz...I sad.
Mom showed them my room! :D I cleaned it, which...Is normal for me now.
"Is she always this neat?"
"Lately, she has been."
Anyways. I'm off! Ciao!

* Ping *


I have wonderful surprises for all you little peeps out there! All my readers...

1. Take a look at that pretty little banner thingy in the top right hand corner...Ain't it a beaut?

2. I have a pingbox! Lookythere!!Any creepazoids start talking to me, I will shoot them. With a purple Barney puff-gun. Is that understood? But it's pretty! And it goes PA-TING! every time someone says hewo to me...:D

Who is this sepehr guy? And I'd like him to explain to me in very particular detail just WHAI I'd want to look at pictures about war and such? I couldn't even understand it... And Mom advised me to delete his comment...So...
* deletes *

What should I blog about?

OH! OH OH!! I'm writing a novella! A short novel. :D :D About....
You'll find out when it's published, now, won't you? >:D

I hate spoiling things. Today I had glop for breakfast. It sounds terribly disgusting, I know, but MKs in the Amazon grew up with it and I hadn't made it in forever, so...I made it.

Here is the recipe:

Chocolate powder

Mix it altogether until it's the way you want it. Voila. You are now eating Amazon MK food!

* claps for you *

I found my tripod. YAY!
It was lodged between the wall and the shelf in the kitchen.

* crickets *
* grabs Baygon *
* bangs on table *
* crickets fly away *

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head...

If I step outside, that is.

It's been stormy and rainy and wonderful all day. :)

Due To Popular Demand...

I have returned.
Camp was the bomb. Except for one small thing...But I won't say that over internet. I only tell those I trust, and they already know about it...So I don't need to spray it anywhere else.
I slept 18 hours when I got back. WOOHOO!
I got GREAT pictures at camp while I was away.
I've mastered BibleWorks CD!! WOOOO!!!
Anyways... It's nice and cool now. There is a bit of a storm outside...It's been nice lately.
I'm gonna make myself a little deal. Since I wake up early anyway, thanks to Anna...I wake up at about 5. Used to be 4, but... Yeah.
Did anyone check out Mom's blog yet? Creepy spider...Yucky.
I don't have anything else to blog...What do you want me to blog about?

What I've Been Up To...

1. Had fun with power outages and laser pens with Anna.

2. Sewed Anna a little pillow for her bed.

3. Found a basket for her to sleep in. :)



I'm back. I had to take some time off to think about some things, RE-think about some things, change some things, see all that I SHOULD do and all that I COULD do. But I am back now. I haven't died, and I didn't inherit an island and vacation, leaving you all in sadness.

Meanwhile, here is what has happened:

1. I've made a commitment to have terere every afternoon, in an effort to blend with the culture. :)

2. I have taken up sewing, and have fixed my bedspread! (Anna claws and climbs on it.) So it's all better and pretty now!

3. Dad got me a beanbag!

4. I have become Monk. I keep everything organized and I straighten and tidy things on a whim. YAY!

5. I started reading the Royal Diaries.

The Royal Diaries!! I have 4. 1. Cleopatra VII. 2. Anastasia. 3. Queen Victoria. 4. Queen Elizabeth. The creepiest one was Anastasia's. The last page is the same night the family was kidnapped.
Here is how it goes:

I could not sleep, so I sit here writing this at a very late hour.
My chamber is dark, but I've a small candle to my left which allows me to read and write as I please.
As soon as I've written this, I shall try to get back to sleep.
Wait. I hear someone in the hallway. Perhaps I am not the only one awake.
Oh, dear. It's--*ink splot*, *wrinkled page *

CONCLUSION: She was taken before she could finish, and she dropped the book on the floor on her way out.

You can imagine the chills I got when I read that. I turned the page and that was the end. The very last entry of her diary wasn't even finished.
Her life and what happened to her and her family intrigues me. I started writing a story once, about a girl from today who goes back and rescues the family. :) I have to find that.

Isn't it creepy, though? Gave me the goosebumps.

0.o ...O.0...0.o...

My beanbag is gorgeous. So is my terere kit!! I love it.

There are some things you should know about terere.
Many people avoid it because it looks like dead grass. They judge the book by it's cover. ;)

The first few sips are awful. Bitter and nasty, but as soon as you clear out the loose herb it's a delicious, minty, cold drink.

Paraguayans never drink it with meals. It's made for hot afternoons.


I will take pictures of my terere kit AND my beanbag soon. Just chill.
BACK!! BACK, YOU ANIMALS! * imitates whip cracking *



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