I just entered the iheartfaces contest. Every week, they have a fun contest and a special guest judge photographer!

I've never won, but, of course, I hope to. I entered a pic of the lovely Anna: has my entry.

I hope that even if I DON'T win, I wanna be in the collage. They have the college so that almost every entry is shown! I love that! :)

Well...I gotta go now!
BTW: I've created my own writing code called Syfus. :) It's awesome!

5 murmurs:

Your pic should definitely win a prize! It´s awesome!

February 03, 2009 1:22 PM  

lol i hope u win. =}

February 03, 2009 5:17 PM  

Yay, contests!
Can you write a blog post in Syfus and I'll try to decipher it?

February 04, 2009 1:51 AM  

I hope you win! You should win. That was a really good pic!

February 04, 2009 11:27 PM  

Hey Mz Bunny, haven't seen you in awhile!!

I wanted to see if you were interested in making a few friends??

This is a family of homeschoolers, the girls are starting their own blog and would like some networking up for it?

February 05, 2009 11:26 PM  

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