Look What I Made!

I was bored..And yeah..:)
Finally, I can use GIMP! WOOO! THANKS PIENI!!!!
Today is going alright...I'm taking my camera to WADE tonight..To take some candid pictures..I love WADE.
Anyways--that's my first work of GIMPART!
Bye bye!

I'm Back!

Today is a hot day...
The sun is burning all human life as we know it.
Today is Tuesday...:

1. My handwriting is cursive.

2. I have visited Angel Falls.

3. Baby toys CRACK ME UP!
Have fun...Back to my ranting...

It is hot...The pool is looking nice...I think I'll go jump in it when I finish this post...The water is nice and cool.
We had the nieces over while Dad, McCja and McCbr went to Philadelphia for a day...xD... They brought back chocolate chips! That, is wonderfulness in itself!
My room has managed to get a bit messier... So, tonight, I will go through it completely and pick it up so it can go back to the way it was last week. With....* theme music *
A place for everything! And everything in it's PLACE! xD! * musical notes run away *
I babysat for me nieces on Sunday, twas fun. :) I'm thinking of making another blog. Verja's Babysitting Adventures!
Ya think I should?
I have the strange feeling that school is gonna come back tomorrow...*GULP*
I am doing much, much better with GIMP.
Bluey, you copied me. Well, sorta.
:P no you're dead wrong!' random musings blog...-_- sure sounds like what I said GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT! Um..No..Weird guess..etc...(Go check me post before this one, and see!!)
I'm fine, Blueh.. heehehe
Now, I gotsa go!

I Be Tagged!

1. List 10 things you are thankful for

  1. Jesus
  2. Friends
  3. Family
  4. Food
  5. My room
  6. The pool
  7. My house.
  8. My cell phone.
  9. Old comfy teeshirts
  10. Me Bible and all my books...:)
2. Arrange these 9 colours into favouritest to least favouritest.

  1. Pink
  2. Turquoise
  3. Purple
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow
  6. Red
  7. Orange
  8. Green
  9. Black
3. Name 8 things that bug you:
  1. Democrats
  2. Barney
  3. Spam
  4. My cellphone alarm clock
  5. Hot mornings
  6. S-C-H-O-O-L
  7. Vegetarians "meat is murder". If animals weren't supposed to be eaten, God wouldn't have made them out of MEAT! ~*Marina
  8. The fact that my room is slowly getting worse and worse..

4. Pick 7 songs that describe each day of your week (and explain if ya can)
Sunday-Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
5. List 6 people your age or younger that are your best friends

  1. Tacogirl
  2. Randomizer
  3. Bluey
  4. Netsirk
  5. Claudia
  6. Belen
6. List 5 of your favourite foods
  1. Cereal
  2. PBJ Sandwich
  3. Ice Cream
  4. Quesadillas
  5. Mom's Chinese Rice

7. List 4 older people you really like (besides your parents) (oh and by the way they can be dead people if you want em to be)
  1. Me Brother
  2. Ronald Reagan
  3. Me Sister One, who reads this
  4. Me sister two, who doesn't.

8. List 3 people you've never met before that you want to meet
  1. Bluey
  2. Netsirk
  3. Randomizer
9. List 2 places you've never got to that you want to go to
  1. FRANCE!!
  2. Greece...

10. Name the one most important thing in your life
  1. God
  1. Erase my answers and put in your own
  2. List the rules
  3. Link to the person that tagged you
  4. Tag as many other people as you want
  5. Post!
Go forth and blog. :D

Hi Everyone...

Aah...Uhm..Ah--Yeah. I know. I need to blog. :)

Let's see...Hmm...
*thinks so hard brain explodes and head falls off*
*picks head up and screws back on*
Ah. :)
Tonight we are having a cookout! YAY! Complete with steak, GUASACACA, Mamy's awesome famous seven layer salad (I grated the cheese), sausage and we're all gonna swim in the pool cause the pool is nice. Not cold, and the weather is perfect. Plus, I love swimming at night! :)
McCbr and McCja were here, along with McCab and McCel, but, the little girls have bed-times so McCbr and McCja are taking them back, calling a friend of theirs to watch the babies and then coming back and havin' some fun!! WOOOOOO!!
Tis 6:27 now.
Everyone, Lenma, Lenjo, and their dad are all coming over. McCbr and McCja and (our hero) the guy who helped us get the container so fast, Bobma and his wife, Bobri or Bobli.
The fun begins at 8. . .
*stares at the little clock in bottom right corner of screen*
*sees you're doing the same thing*
An eternity from now. . .HOW will I be able to stay patient?? I can't do it, I tell you! I JUST CAN'T!
Patience isn't my forte. I go crazy at the doctor's office when it's full.
No, seriously. GUESS!
NO! I'm not gonna tell you until you guess.
0.o ...Um, weird suggestion, and no. That's not it.

Actually, there are TWO things I must tell you:
1. I cut my hair. It's about an inch shorter than my shoulders!
2. I might get new glasses as part of my Christmas present! YAAAY!
Boy, were you way off..xD..

I have 36 more pages, no, 35 (toldja I was bad with numbers) in Math. Then, oh the joy, I get to start ANOTHER book...FuuUuuun...|:P
Anna is clawing at my shoulder...OUCH!
Tacogirl, YE MUST POST ABOUT GREECE! ! ! MUST MUST! Oh, sure..You're probably off looking at all the awesome statues and those pillars in the whatever ya call it..Yay for Tacogirl!
I have been waking up at 6 ever since yesterday. Randomizer wakes up then, and I'm a morning-person so I thought I'd give it a shot and try it.
LOVE IT! Mornings are peaceful and it seems as if the world is just waking up...: ) I have my cellphone alarm set to go BLEEP BLEEP RING RING BLEEEEEEEP! RING RING BLEEP! RING RING BLEEEEEEP! BLEEP BLEEP RING RING BLEEEEEEEEEP! RING! (It's an annoying tune, thus, it works!) I have it high on a shelf so that, in order to turn it off, I HAVE to get out of bed. It works. I woke up, made my bed and tidied my room up. That took about, oh, 20 seconds?
NEWS: I am organized. I have broken my horrid habit of messiness. My room has stayed neat all week, which means, I can go on. It has NEVER ever before, in the history of ME, PEOPLE, ever stayed this neat for so long, usually it stays neat for maybe an hour and then I mess it up again. However...*glances at drawer* I need to clean that drawer out...Or it'll come back to haunt me by encouraging the rest of my room to GET MESSY! And I don't want that. Okay. Let me make this clear. I L♥VE it when my room is neat, clean and perfect. What I HATE is having to take the time off to do that. I hate stopping what I'm doing, like, chatting with buddies, playing around with GIMP, etc. Tehe..I'm lazy! :P I'd rather blog.
(I saw the coolest teeshirt EVER that had the Blogger sign on it, and it said, 'I'd rather be blogging'. WaNt It!! SO BAD!)
GIMP is going well. I took Bluey's advice and went ahead and emailed her friend, the GIMP MARVEL. She was lots of help and gave me some links.
If you ever read this, NacNi (star wars for her email) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can finally fix things up. I tried making Iwo Jima on GIMP. Twas hard, and I gave up cause I lost all my work 7 times. :(
My paint-by-number kit? The paints are all dried out...Just what I was afraid of..Let's take a minute, please.
*takes off hat*
*puts flowers on paint-by-numbers kit*
Sniffle...:'| BUT! GOOD NEWS! :) Mom says she will get a BUNCH of replacement paints, (won't match the numbers mixing and stuff) and I SHALL WING IT! I already know how to do shadows and stuff..Now when we're actually gonna go get that paint? Don't know..0.o We must wait and see..>Something I ain't that great at.
Tomorrow, Dad is making (OH JOY!) waffles. Sure, for you it isn't so awesome. Try living without waffles or whatever your favorite food is (tacogirl-chocolate milk/macandcheese), for 3 years. Just try it. Then you'll be grateful.
Anyways, he's going all the way. And he's invited McCbr, McCja and the girls over, too. STEAK TONIGHT, WAFFLES TOMORROW! THIS. IS. THE. LIFE!


*watches time like a hawk* What should I do while I wait? I've already read (3 books) just today, no wait...*calculates*..4 books. I've chatted, I'm done with the computer for now...I'll be back on in like 4 hours! FRIDAY NIGHT! WHAPOO! (never heard THAT cheer, havya?)

GAH! 6:57..


Oh..Still 2 more hours..Mmmph...>:|



7:00!!!! WHAPOO!!!!!!!!!

K. I really DO need to find something else to do. I will try to blog sometime soon....
No, seriously. I'll try.

CYA! :)


Someone. Anyone.

I want to figure out GIMP!!!

That be all.



Hi everyone!



Today is Time Change...*cuts ribbon and cheers*...Which means I woke up at 6, normal time, Randomizer...:D

I was made fun of last night. As many of you know, I am a blonde. Inside and out. xD
So, I asked my brother in law, MccBr, how many hours ahead it would skip.
He said 6.
I believed him.
Ladies and Gentlemen, that was my first mistake.
Then Verje went along with it.
I believed her too..Steerike TWO!
And, then they were like, "You should shower now, which should take you a little and then get to sleep once we get home, cause you only have like 2 hours til you have to get up for church!"
I believed them again...

*smacks forehead* WHEN WILL YOU LEARN, VERJA??!?!?!

With being blonde comes privileges, and consequences.

Isn't It KEWT!!?!?!?!

My new background. Thanks, Tacogirl, for the idea! :D You inspired me...Hehe...

Hope she's havin' loads of fun in Greece. I wish I was in Greece...:(

As you've all noticed by now, I have NO idea WHO hasn't been feeding my animals, but someone hasn't. And thus, Blogger has removed them...YOU KILLED MY PETS WHOEVER YOU ARE!!

I relied on you...Everyone who visits...Even Anonymous people...And you've failed me...I guess I'll just have to go private...Hmmph! No, I won't.
I like having people from:

Costa Rica
United Kingdom
....and many more. And, I have someone from NJ...Who are you? Confess!! And NH...And N. AND NY! CONFEEESS!
Please, people! I know you're there!! I can see you every single time you visit!

Interesting Facts:

My blog is most found through google searches:
-Madeleine McCann Poem
-Obedience Poem
-Unanswered Questions
-Funny State Laws
-Pink and Black Energizer Bunny
-Amateur Poems
-Mk Blog

The top two, are mostly searched by people in the U.K. 'Ello!
(And I'm not making fun of you. I love your accents and I love the U.K. I wanna go someday!)

So, you see? I know where you are!! I can go right to the URL you just came from! I CAN FIND YOU!

*thriller music* LOL! :)

As of the day. I had a great morning! I was all ready to go to Choir Practice at church, at 9. As it is every Saturday.
The leader is going to France today. He left someone in charge who can't rehearse with us until 3 this afternoon...I love practice! And I was sooo upset when I found out I'd have to make 6 hours pass FAST!!
So, we came back. Then Dad made pancakes. They were yum! I watched a movie, washed dishes, and then swept up my room.
I have a list in my room...


72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Ok..? I didn't know about the dating site. NOBODY needs to go there. Just click past all the hippie-love and peace stuff, and DON'T join if invited to. Just take the quiz and post your result! Thankies!



I am a messy person. I always have been. ENOUGH! I am gonna keep all my stuff organized.
I already cleaned a LOT!

I have:

-tossed out trash
-sorted my desk, school stuff: notebook, pencil-jar, sharpener and tape on one side and jewelry on the other side. A picture frame in the middle.
-cleared out under my bed.
-organized my desk-shelves.

I have to: (by tonight)

-fold clothes and put clean ones away.
-organize closets.

So, 4 down, 3 to go! WOO!

And, if I fail hopelessly in this attempt, I am gonna scream at myself like that guy on the MAILCALL show, and hop right back to it.

Reward if done:

I can make quesadillas...YUM...

My Day at A Glance: (Complete with how long it will take me!)

Wake up. (1 min)
Make bed. (1 min)
Clear floor. (about 20 sec-2 mins, depending on WHAT is on the floor!)
Take care of clothes. (5 mins)
Tidy up bookshelf. (3 mins)
Tidy up desk. (5 mins)
School. (2 1/2 hrs)
Organize just a little throughout the day. ( 3-6 mins each)
Get lost/missplaced/ out of place items and out them where they belong. (5 mins)
Sleep. (10 hrs).

Sound good to you? Maybe YOU could follow my example...HEHEHE!


Here I go...

I have to stop this procrastinating...It's disorganized, and that's my whole goal here!

Still here...GET UP, VERJA!





Pray for me!

*reluctantly gets out of chair, carrying Anna in arms who is asleep)


Don't click my text, BTW...Something weird...I think it's the quiz or something...


That is all I can say. I wish I could say more, but...I just can't.
Something horrible has happened. Go here for the full story: CLICK.
Things happen in life so fast. Nobody knew of it. She has 4 kids, her husband is dead from a Motorcyle Accident.. Life is going to be terribly rough on their entire family.
I can just imagine if it was MY father. It's horrible.
God has reason. We just don't know what it is yet. And, he was saved. Now he is with God, who wanted him to come home. And whatever God wants, God gets.
It's normal for sadness to come, but, he's with God. He's happy. And no more pain will come to him. Please pray that God will give them all the strength, guidance and comfort they need so much.
I can't believe it..
PLEASE pray.

God Bless them.
They are suffering so much.
Tomorrow, let's all express love to everyone. As you can see, things happen so fast. No one can stop them.
So, just show everyone just how much you care.



I need to blog. So, here we go.
The reasons I haven't blogged for a while is because:
1. I have so many story ideas!
2. I have a packed week.
3. I have a lot of things to do every day.
4. I have 4 devotionals I do.
5. I read everyone else's blog.
6. I have school.
7. Blogger has blocked 2 of my blogs, don't know why!
8. I have been emailing like crazy.
9. The pool is finally warm enough to swim in cause the days are HOT.
10. I get blogger's block.

So. Yeah.
As a peace-offering, here are some pictures I took of Anna on the day we got her:

Am I forgiven?

My Photography Passion

All of us Ver girls, LOVE to take pictures. Me and McCja like to pose the girls McCab and McCel to take candid photos. I need to figure out how to edit with GIMP to make good pictures great. Like eyes pop and making the focus a certain object and yeah.
I have my own camera. I love it. I got it from a church, and I am always getting on people's nerves by either leaning around them, asking them to move, please, or shouting SMILE! I prefer candid shots. Poses to me, just look fake. I'm finally figuring out how to use all the little settings on my camera. Like, Macro is for taking focus-pictures, where you can take pictures of things like flowers and it makes the background blurry and the focus is sharp. I love using that for flowers and I have yet to get one of the babies still so I can take a Macro of their eyes. I can't wait! My photos ain't all that spectacular, because they aren't edited with Photoshop, cause, I can't get photoshop. GIMP, I would be VERY excited to learn how to use it better, AHEM! TACOGIRL! HELP! NOW!

New Bloggie!

Go looky!
It will soon be chock-full of pictures I have taken myself. I have one thing to ask: Tacogirl? Please show me how to edit with GIMP better. Because I am clueless. And my pictures are okay, but, they can only be great if I figure out how to edit them!

Verse: Acts 1:8
from church today. very good verse.


I'm Addicted...


They are annoying. The people at the legal papers place. They are always saying this every time we go, thinking it will be ready:
"Oh, wait. We need to do a few more things. Come back Tuesday."
So we come back on Tuesday.
"Sorry, it isn't ready yet. Saturday."
We come back Saturday.
"Could you maybe come back around 8 on Wednesday?"
We come back Wednesday.
"Yeah--um--You're the one with the--OH YEAH! Well, we don't have them ready yet. Come back on Thursday."
We come back Thursday.
"We aren't ready. We still have to talk to.. Come back at 9:30 on Friday. We'll have them ready!"
We are going today...Let's see what happens...0.o...Will they still have ONE MORE thing to do? Or will they play this mind-game forever??

So, I woke up at 6 AM today. Don't ask me why. I just woke up, thinking I was late. So, I got out of bed. And, for once, I was really angry. I was like NO! I DON'T WANNA WAKE UP! but I did.
And then I made my bed and chatted with Tacogirl for a bit. It was fun! I am sending her photos and videos right now...They are taking forever....
Last night Verje reminded me that I have tons of pictures, all scattered about. So, I spent like an hour organizing them and putting them all into ONE dainty little file. Now, when you open My Pictures, you don't see all these crazy mixed up messed up pictures. You see maybe 5 folders to choose from. I'm gonna organize the files in Verja's Pictures. YAY! =)
My room is awesome. I am gonna get a beanbag chair! And paint my wall! WOO! (=
I am writing new stories. YAY!
Prayer Requests:
-This month is Missions Conference Month.
-I have no way to get to choir practice.

Charles, thank you for visiting my blog. I have seen yours but my computer is so slow so I don't really comment. But, I LOVE your blog. It makes me smile. So, thank you.
Hi Tacogirl.
Hi Jmom
Hi Bluey.
Hi Netsirk.
Hi Randomizer.
Hi Pat.
Hi Charles.
Hi Marina
Hi Chan...
Hi Aunt Pam

If I forgot anybody, lemme know, and I'll fixit!
We are going to a BBQ for lunch today. It's some voting party. And, I MADE THE SIGN. It's pink, says Palin Power on it. I painted glasses and lipstick on it and highlighted the white letters with red on the side. I shall take a picture when I see it. And I shall blog it.
* closes book * Good. It's in the books. I shall blog it.
And, Aunt Pam, I shall post the pictures of Thomas Edison's/Ford Winter Estate...Sometime...Eh...Soon...Yeah....She has been pestering me about them FOREVER! Hehehehe xD...So, I shall put an end to her misery and MINE.

I'm ProMcPalin!

How about you?


Funny Translated Advertisements!

Living in a multilingual world, I have come across some very ODD advertisements. See, here in _______ , everything is made in China, first, and then translated into English in China, and then shipped here. Here are some of the funny ones I have seen:

COME HERE NOW! Play this new toy take your fun out of day!
(I have little remarks under them...teehee.)

Funny Pooh-Pooh Bear truck! Play here NOW! Fun!
Yeah..Um...I think I'll pass on playing with a pooh-pooh truck...

Lovely truck!

Animal looks just like toy!
Oh, really?

Beautiful Transformer
Well--Now I know who Bumblebee is gonna fall in love with---hence, ever seen Transformers? The old cartoons?

You have fun here, new toy, happy childs!
Happy childs, huh? More like freaked out 'childs'...What an ugly baby toy! That would freak any little kid out!

You come have funny!
LOL! I already AM funny...

Toy make you happy!

You star!

Come play or you be sorry!
Sorry? What can a stupid little motionless animal card game do to me to make me sorry?

Dolly is alive! Love you!

And thus, I get a laugh almost every day.


Winners from last week...*crickets*...I-I-I-I guess that means nobody! Heh-heh.

ANSWER TO LAST WEEK: I have never in my life actually touched a guinea-pig.

Here are the ones for this week::..::

1. I will sit at the computer all day until all my friends come on.

2. I hate it when people chat like this : r u thr? whts wrng? dd i sy smthin? hw r u? i 8 a bug 2day

3. I have counted, and just in my room alone on my bookshelf, there are 348 books.

Hehehehe...Have Fun!


*YAWN* Hello, People! MEME MONDAY!

I am bored. I'm also tired. I felt bad all morning. And then I felt worse when I had to do school. Math.
I started Social Studies, English and Science today. A few more and I get to start this year's. Oh, the joy.
Today was fun, because we had a pastor over for pancakes. I woke up and was like:
"It's morning."
"That dude is coming over for breakfast."
"I look like a wreck."
"I need to shower."
*rolls over*
"What time is it?"
*checks clock on bedside table*
*scrambles around like a wacko*

You get the point. I was okay when he got here. Then I cleaned my room and made it look all pretty. And then we had pancakes! My dad makes the best pancakes. Ever. I mean, -best pancakes ever- is an understatement. He makes them light and fluffy. He also had to make maple syrup, because, SURPRISE! They don't have maple syrup here. Or chocolate chips.
But we don't get called bad names because we are white, and there are no strikes outside our front door every night so we'll survive. =)
My kitty Anna is looking so lovely. She has such pretty fur and her eyes are getting bigger. I hope they stay blue...They had better stay blue. As I write this she is falling asleep right next to me. Sitting. And she thinks she can nap while sitting...Crazy, but insanely cute cat. I love her...She's so soft. And she's so happy to see me every morning.
* anna climbs into lap *

I will post again tomorrow!
Right now it's my bed time!



Age: no way
Name: do i look stupid?
Location: um--nah
Pets? Yes. One. Anna. She's a doorbell! adorable
Do you look like a pancake? Not particularly why...?
Do you like this quiz? Sure...
Do you like the person who sent this and made it? yeah. becca, you are one of the coolest 12 year olds around!


One of my favorites!

There is this book about a little badger, and she has such adorable little stories. Her name is Frances. Here we go. You'll love it!

It was a quiet evening.
Father was reading his newspaper.
Mother was feeding Gloria, the new baby.
Frances was sitting under the kitchen sink.
She was singing a little song:

Plinketty, plinketty, plinketty, plink.
Here is the dishrag that's under the sink.
Here the buckets and brushes and me,
Plinketty plinketty plinketty plee.

She stopped the song and listened.
Nobody said anything.
Frances went to her room and took some gravel out of the drawer where she had been saving it. She put the gravel into her empty coffee can and put the lid on it.
Frances marched into the living-room and rattled the gravel in the can. As she marched she sang a marching song:

Here we go marching, rattley bang!

"Please don't do that, Frances.", said Father.
Frances stopped.
"All right.", she said.
She went back into the kitchen and sat down under the sink. Mother came in, carrying Gloria.
"Why are you sitting under the sink?" said Mother.
"I like it here." said Frances. "It's cozy."
"Would you like to help me put Gloria to bed?" asked Father.
"How much allowance does Gloria get?" asked Frances.
"She is too little to have an allowance", said Father. "Only big girls like you get allowances."
"May I have a penny along with my nickel now that I am a big sister?" Asked Frances.
"Yes," said Father. "Now your allowance will be six cents a week because you are now a big sister."
"Thank you."
"I know a girl who gets seventeen cents a week. She gets three nickels and two pennies."
"Well," said Father, "it's time for bed now."
Father picked Frances up from under the sink and her a piggy-back ride to bed.
Mother and Father tucked her in and kissed her goodnight.
"I need my tiny special blanket." Frances said.
Mother gave her the tiny special blanket.
"And I need my tricycle and the sled and both teddy bears and my alligator doll." said Frances.
All the necessary bedtime items were fetched, and finally Frances drifted off to sleep.
In the morning Frances got up and washed and began to dress for school.
"Is my new blue dress ready for me to wear?" asked Frances.
"Oh, dear. I was so busy with Gloria that I didn't have time to iron it. You'll have to wear the yellow one again."
Mother buttoned Frances up in the back. Then she brushed her hair and put a new ribbon in it and put her breakfast on the table.
"Why did you put sliced bananas in my oatmeal. Did you forget I like raisins?" Frances asked.
"No, I did not forget. But you finished up the raisins yesterday and I haven't been out shopping yet."
"Well," said Frances, "things are not very good around here anymore. No clothes to wear. No raisins for the oatmeal. I think maybe I'll run away."
"Finish your breakfast, Frances. It is almost time for the school-bus." Mother said.
"What time will dinner be tonight?" asked Frances.
"Half past six." Mother replied.
"Then I will have plenty of time to run away after dinnertime." finished Frances.
She kissed her mother and went to school.
After dinner that evening, Frances packed her knapsack very carefully. She put in her tiny special blanket and her alligator doll. She took all of the nickels and pennies out of her bank, for travel money, and she took her good luck coin for good luck. Then she took a box of prunes from the kitchen and five chocolate sandwich cookies.
"Well," said Frances, "it is time to say goodbye. I am on my way. Goodbye."
"Where are you running away to?" said Father.
"I think that under the table is the best place. It's cozy." Frances replied. "And the kitchen is near if I run out of cookies."
"That is good. But we'll miss you, Frances." Mother said.
Father nodded.
"Well," said Frances, "goodbye,'' and she ran away.
Father sat down with his newspaper.
Mother took up the sweater she was knitting.
Father put down his newspaper. "I miss Frances." He said.
Mother nodded. "I miss her, too."
Frances sat under the table and ate her prunes.
Father picked up his newspaper. Then he put it down again.
"I miss her little made-up songs."
"Yes, I do, too." Said Mother. "I love the tomato one she made."
"What does the tomato say, early in the dawn? Time to be all red again, now that night is gone." Father sang. "And her other one--when the wasps and the bumblebees have a party, nobody comes that can't buzz."
"Well. We're going to have to get used to a quiet house now." Said Mother.
Frances ate three of her sandwich cookies, and set aside the other for later.
She began to sing:

I am poor and hungry here, eating prunes and rice.
Living all alone is not really all that nice.

She had no rice, but chocolate sandwich cookies did not sound right for the song.
"I can almost here her now." said Father, humming the tune Frances had just sung. "She has such a lovely voice."
"It isn't like a family anymore. Families are all together. We need Frances back."
"I wish she would call." Said Father. "I'd like to see how she's getting along in her new place."
"Hello?" called Frances from the dining-room. "This is me on the telephone. Hello, hello, this is me. Is that you?"
"Hello, Frances! This is us. How are you?" Mother said.
"I am fine. This is a nice place, but you miss your family when you're away. How are you?"
"We are all well. But we miss you too." Said Father.
"I will be home soon." said Frances. And she hung up.
When Frances returned, she sang a little song:

Big sisters really have to stay
At home, not travel far away.
Because everybody misses them.
And wants to hug-and-kisses them.

"I'm not sure about that last rhyme." Said Frances.
"I love it." said Mother and Father at the same time. And the hugged her.


Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right Eph. 6:1.


I Can't Believe This...

Ok. I have a Sunday music practice at church this morning at nine. ...

I woke up at 3. Okay? I get it from my dad! Whenever something exciting is going on, we can't sleep. At all. Which is WHY I woke up at 3 in the morning.
And yet, we can still be perky and cheerful no matter how much sleep we get, or how much sleep we lose. It's like our little super-power! I like it =). I am never usually grumpy in the morning. I greet the day with a smile. Sometimes it's an exhausted smile, but a smile nonetheless. I lay there in bed for like---an hour before I realized I wasn't gonna get back to sleep...SOOO

I chatted with Ludicrous. For a good two-maybe three hours. Then I realized:
I could do something besides chatting.
I should wash the dishes, and clean my room, and charge my cell-phone, and put my house key in my pocket. I named my cell-phone Donald. And my key is named Tracy. =)
So, anyways. It's 3 in the morning. I am cheerful, but that doesn't my brain can think straight! Give me a simple problem--eh--
x 2
Ewww! GET IT AWAY! UGLY MATH! NUMBERS! AUGH! Now they are floating....In my head...--OoOOooOh!---WHOA!....POP! Sorry...
So, it's 3. And I want to get a ton of things done...NO. It didn't work out. I just came out here and procrastinated. Which is what I am doing now when I COULD be washing dishes, or charging my cell-phone, or picking out what to wear. NO.
I need to do all these things because I know that I should have them ready, cause unless I do, I will forget it and I will be mad at myself. Cause that's how I am. Teehee.

Kitty Anna is doing wonderful! She is still asleep for now, as most of ya'll probably are. . .Yeah. But, she likes me the most. Cause she cuddles with me and she's always there when I read my Bible in the morning--or when I am telling myself I have to get math done...She is there to comfort me. And purr like there is no tomorrow! She is so cute!

I can't wait until nine
*glances at clock*
AUGH! I wish I could take a shower now, but if I take a shower I will need to blow-dry my hair so I don't look like a frizz-head. And if I blow-dry my hair at 6 AM on Saturday morning--let's just say you'll never see me again, K?
This afternoon me and a group of Marina's friends are going to hang out! YAY! WADE kids.
WADE is awesome! It stands for Want A Deeper Experience. It occupies my Friday nights. It's a teen fellowship. We have Bible-study, we play games and it's so much fun! I it!
I am actually a very very busy person! I have:
Thursday: 7:30 Teen-Meet at Brian's house.
Friday: WADE. Last night, I made cookies. It turned out to be a special night, where everyone did a special, so I gave everyone who participated a cookie. I call them chocolate chip crumblies. You want the recipe, let me knoooow!
Saturday: 9:00 Church Music Practice, 7:00 Teen-Meet at the church. Today, at 1:40 is when I go hang out with everyone at the mall! WOOT!
Sunday: I am a part of the church music now! WOOOOO! ALABANZA! YAAAAAY!
So, Yes I can be very busy. Weekdays that I don't have anything going on means: EXTRA SCHOOL WORK. Cause I go around repeating I'M BORED. I'M BORED. and then Mom comes up and says,
"Are you really? How about you do some math?"
And then I am not bored ANY MORE. =D

I really love my girls devotional! It's very good! In fact, I think I'll go ahead and do today's page...

Here is what I'm gonna try to do:
-Wash the dishes--still have the mixing bowl and spoons and cups and stuff out.
-Clean my room--the desk is---bad.
-Take care of Anna, so when she wakes up while I'm gone everything is all ready for her.
-Set out what I am going to wear.
-Charge my cell-phone, put my house key in my pocket and say tonight's teen meet verse to myself.
-Make my breakfast--omelette, maybe? Actually, I don't think I'll make food. It's raining and a bit chilly, so, I'll probably make some hot cocoa...
UNTIL I can take a shower. Because, like I said, if I used the blow-dryer this early in the morning---yeah...

So, I have to go now. Thanks for reading my rant! I was bored...Hehe.
These floors creak, so there's like NO WAY to be quiet...Tip-toeing is OUT of the question. So I usually RUN. And get it over with...Hehe


I haven't really blogged for a bit. You know that. So much has been going on! We start all school next week, and I started math this week...Blaaaaaaaaaaah...I hate it. It's like a very very VERY foreign language to me--- I don't understand it! It's like Martian or something--or--it looks like something that robots will speak in the future! THAT, my friends, is creepy. It gives me a headache! Mom has me doing a whole lesson every day. That's 6 pages. And it made my brain fry this morning, (but, I know I need it. I love you, Mom. Thanks for not sugar-coating it. Seriously, thank you) To the point where I spilled water on the floor, felt like I was going to explode with x, %, =, and +. I had a headache all morning!! I made the mistake of SHOWING it, though.
Jewel is going to make banana-bread this afternoon, and tonight we have a teen-meet at McCbr and McCJa's house. I can't wait!
The pool is nice finally, so I will go swimming soon. People are outside fixing the air-conditioner now, though. So I'll wait.
I have taken up a really cool hobby! Nature Journaling! Where you sit outside with a blank notebook, and draw and write about everything you see! It really relaxes me. I am also doing a 30-day-challenge devotional, and it is amazing. I feel SO much closer to God. I know it'll help me. I mean, we all fail in Bible-reading one time or another. And praying. Today I learned about thirsting for God. And then I realized I haven't read my Bible in like two weeks! I've prayed, sure, and I'm singing at church now, but not reading my Bible in two weeks?
No wonder I'm thirsty. So yeah, it's really helped.
I love my room! I put a poster that my friends made for me in Venezuela, before we left, and it is a HUGE piece of paper, with individual notes from each of them on it. And it says my name at the top in purple. FUNNY, the purple in my name matches my bed-sheets perfectly! So, I put it up above my bed!
I'm gonna paint ONE wall turquoise. I can't wait! It's gonna look so pretty!
My bookshelf is up. Good thing, too. Cause I have a L O T of books. I devour books. My whole family does.
I took a big step today. Maybe it isn't so big for you as it was for me, but...
I left the house. Alone. To go buy some Coke...--And nothing happened! Maybe it doesn't surprise you, and you're thinking I'm such a baby, but, living in Venezuela, I was NEVER allowed to leave the house alone. I'd get shot! Or kidnapped! Or---well, let's just say, you'd never see me again! THAT is why it was so scary for me. But, I know realize that Paraguay is different. It's peaceful and calm. People walked by me, saw my clueless expression and asked me how I was and if I needed help finding anything. So sweet! In Venezuela, I'd be pushed into a car. And blind-folded. And, probably killed. But they were asking how I was! And offering their help!
So, now that I know my way around and that I don't HAVE to be afraid, as everyone here in the neighborhood is very peaceable and kind and trustworthy, I can walk around without guarding myself. I guess it's because in Venezuela we always had to be on guard. It really really really made me feel better knowing that nothing was gonna happen. I'm 14 now, and I can handle it.
Yes, I know, I sound like a baby. If you grew up in a place like Venezuela, you'd understand.
Let's see--what else is happening? Hmm...Ah yeah! I need help! I have a TON of little containers, like one is shaped like a bamboo treasure chest, and another is a silk little box, and each box matches my room PERFECT. But--I don't know what to put in them! As I want to display them cause they are so cute!
And now, my adorable niece has asked me if I wanted to go swimming---HOW can ANYONE say no to that?

Wacky Wednesday!

"For Even Boredom Striketh Those Who Always Have Something To Do" *~Verja



1. You are reading this.

2. No you aren't.

3. Yuh-huh!

4. LIA!

5. Now you're thinking I'm crazy.

6. You think it might be true.

7. Do NOT!

8. Do TOO!

9. No.

10. YAP YA DO!


Finicky Felines fought over frozen frog-feet on Friday in Funkay Forest!


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