Heely's Shoes....Good OR Bad?


I kid you not, these shoes are DIFFICULT. I got them just today, and STILL cannot do it! I wanted them because someone was finally smart enough to make them for adults, and now they have, I got them, and they are mean, stubborn shoes! I love them, but I hate having to practice in order to skim the halls and stuff like all those kids I see every where else. They really are awesome shoes, but, well....I don't want to work to be able to use them.

THIS IS ME: (Not me personally, but someone in the same situation as me.)



So, I will keep trying. I want to have that wonderful feeling of accomplishment..Sounds nice...
Leave a comment please!


Tricky Tuesday!

Here is a riddle:

What has holes on the side, on the bottom, the top, and front and back, but can still hold water?

Tongue Twister:

Penelope placed a piece of purple pizza on a purple plate painted with yellow pickles.

Enjoy, Have Fun, and See Ya!

Memorial Monday

Let's take a minute and think about what these men have done for us. Died. That's what. I will be celebrating by cleaning house...Knowing that they WISH they could be at their house with their family right now. (?)

If tears could build a stairway,
And crying brought you here,
And the sorrow made an airway,
If we all could have no fear.

Let's all remember that freedom is NOT free. We have to fight for it. It's the price that has to be paid in order to get that wonderful feeling of victory.

Let's pray for those who are about to die, their families, and the families of they who have already died.

Happy (if that's even possible) Memorial Day.

Spiritual Sunday

I was reading my Bible this morning and came across a GREAT, WELL-KNOWN verse, perfect for every-day guidance. I decided to share my favorite verses today. With you.
Proverbs 25:11. That a word fitly spoken can have a GREAT impact on someone who needs it.

Joshua 24:15. That no matter what happens, no matter who everyone else serves, we will serve the Lord.

Proverbs 27:17. We need to sharpen our friends, and have them sharpen us, because they are our friends, they can help make us a better person.

Philippians 4:4. We need to be glad that we can praise God. We need to have joy for God. We need to rejoice in His name!

Thessalonians 2:20. The Indians were our glory and joy. Our family and friends that meant so much to us, and we know we will see them again, because they accepted us and let us preach and live there.

Yes, the infamous, John 3:16 is also a favorite of mine. We need to be glad that Jesus paid for our sins, and return the favor by giving our all to Him.

And some other reference, I'll have to find it later, says Jesus Wept. Two words, but they have a very very powerful meaning. He wept. Just like us, only for many more reasons. We need to pray for souls, not just people we know, but people we DON'T know. They deserve to hear it, too. He died for everyone. Not just me and you, but the entire world.

Enjoy. And Happy Spiritual Sunday! :)

COMICS! For Your Enjoyment...:)

Spiritual Sunday

By the way, congratulations to me, because this is my 200th post! (See, I DO TOO post!)

A good verse:

Philippians 4:4- "Rejoice in the name of the Lord, and again I say, rejoice!"
Isn't the Lord's day one of the best days to rejoice in His name? I'd say so.

Songs buzzing through my head in honor of Sunday:

-Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know
-How Great Thou Art
-Amazing Grace

Assignment song for YOU to sing now:

-Amazing Grace, because it puts you in worship-mode.

Verse of the Day:

Proverbs 10:3o- Ha! In order to know it, you'll have to OPEN YOUR BIBLE, and read it.


O.k. Well, I am off to church! God Bless, and Happy Sunday!

Simple Saturday

It's Saturday, so it's time for my schedule to be revealed.

10:15- Look around the room I'm staying in, decorated with flowers and fairies and princesses, and storybooks all over the floor. Yawn.
10:30- Lay in bed, determined not to get up, because it is National Sleep-In Day! (Well, to me.)
11:12- Get out of bed, leave it unmade and messy, stumble down the stairs in my p.j.s.
11:24- Eat three bowls of cereal, drop the dishes in the sink, and slump onto a chair and check my email.
11:30- Do as mom asks: Put away the dishes, and clean the room.
11:45- Lay in bed and read two little golden books. About teddy-bears and riddles, because I am stuck in my room.
12:00- Finish cleaning the room, make the bed and organize everything so it looks good as new.
12:15- Get news from Dad, and come down and start posting.


Thriver Thursday!

For Thriver...Here are some of the things she likes and hates:









See. I know you, sista! I miss you, too! HAPPY THRIVER THURSDAY!

Wacky Wednesday!

Wacky Photo:


Complete Sentence That Has Words Beginning ONLY With 'W':

Willy Wonka went wild while walking with William Walker.

Hope ya had a wacky time! HAPPY WACKY WEDNESDAY!

Tricky Tuesday

I am faithful to my promise!

Tongue Twister:

Betty Botter made some batter with old, bitter butter.
But, said she, if I buy some better butter then my butter won't be bitter!
So she went and bought some butter that was better for her batter.
Ah, she said when she tasted it, that is better butter.
And now my batter is better with good butter.


Three men paid millions of dollars to be the FIRST to climb a mountain. But, when they got to the top, they found three dead bodies in a cabin. HOW? (I'll answer this after everyone has commented.)

Well. If you can figure out how to say them, what the answer is, I'll---Um....Add your blog in my ...links? I dunno. Thing is y'all are already on my links. Sorry, I don't have rewards. So, just have fun challenging yourself!
Gotta Go!

I made a blog. Not a lot of people know about it. I posted, and forgot my password...Clicked forgot my password, and that is NO HELP whatsoever!!!!!!!! Here is some advice: When you create an account, be sure to copy the password and username into an email to yourself, archive the email, and then, that way, when you NEED IT, you can find the password and username so you don't have to leave your blog to starve to death, with no comments, no posts...So sad... For some reason I feel like an evil person...My poor blog. And now it's gone. And I can't feed it...*Sniffle*. NOTE: I am not just trying to be funny. I really feel like a murderer! But, I hope someone can hack my account and get into that blog, because I made that blog with a different email and...yeah. So that's why I can't remember the password. Remember my tip, and you won't have the same problem. Sniffle.

Simple Saturday

Well, today I got to sleep in. We are going to Michigan from Tampa's airport soon, but we got everything done ahead of time so that we can stop and eat at my favorite place: CRACKER BARREL! I love that store. Anyways, here is what I did from the moment I opened my eyes:
8:45-Yawn, and roll over, cuddled my teddy-bear/snowman that Thriver got for me, and looked at my new purity-promise ring)
9:00-Tumbled out of my bunk-bed, hustled to the kitchen and had some chocolate cereal. And then I drank the chocolate-milk leftovers)
9:15-Waddled around in my p.j.s, got on the computer and watched THIS.
9:17-Pack this and that, put my music-player to charge while humming "He Arose", and packing my carry-on. Stuffing it with books, my home-school stuff...(because, regrettably, there will be NO Internet where we will be staying.)
9:20-Get bored. Talk with God. Plan my outfit.
9:30- Hurry to grab my books from the library, remember that it is Saturday, and it is closed all day, run back thinking,'oh well. so they'll be marked overdue. big whoop. i'll bring them back first thing when we get back from Michigan'. Toss the books on my desk.
9:45- Keep packing, get bored...Walk around pretending to be packing, but really singing 'Silent Night'. (Yes, I sing Christmas carols all year long...And what? They are pretty songs, and Silent Night is fun to sing...So is O, Holy Night. But Christmas songs are celebrating Jesus' birth...We shouldn't keep our worship cooped up inside us until December..HE'S THE REASON TO BE JOLLY! FALALALALALALALALA!)
10:00- Zipped up my suitcase and my carry-on, and took them to the living-room.
10:18-Sang "The Mom Song in The Overture of William Tell" while I walked around, bored.
10:30-Changed into my green horse/star top, pink,green,red and blue flowered skirt, put on my pink watch, slipped on some sandals and my silver star earrings.
10:45- Gave dad the change from the money he gave me that I used to buy my ring, which was $6. and something.
11:00- Sang a few more songs.
11:30- Made my bed.
11:45-Leaving for Cracker Barrel. BYEEE!

Bored....Cleaning....Other Things...YAY I'm Back!

Boredom has overcome this house. We are very vulnerable...If you asked us to get up, jump around like a kangaroo while balancing a water-balloon filled with red paint on our heads...We'd probably do it, just because we are THAT bored. I am back to posting! Thriver and my Aunt have been helping in convincing me to post more often...They sound a bit like this:

T: 'Aww...Please post more....I'm bored, at least do something to remind us that you are alive! WAAH, lol. :)'
A: At least check out my blog and leave a comment for your poor little aunt...She misses you!'
Need I Say More? They are very convincing when they whine like that...(J/K) :D I love you guys!
I want to try on my dress for the wedding and show people...But, well, I have to find the time. Here is a picture of it, so you get an idea of it:

I, personally, think it looks better on that gorgeous girl then on me. But, well, everyone else begs to differ...The lady at the store said it brought out my coloring...Whatever that means...:P
Well, either way, I cannot wait to wear it...And have my hair up...Ahhhh....YAAAAY! I will try to post more, but, Thriver will have to email me and help with it! LOVE TO YOU ALL! Thanks for not giving up on me! BYE!


I am bored.
Like plywood...Wow...That was really sad. I need to work on those. Well, today is a new installment for my blog...THRIVER THURSDAY! *cuts ribbon and everyone claps*. On THRIVER THURSDAY, I will post something about my wonderful friend, Thriver...Here are previous installments: (Thriver, please help and email me to remind me to post on one of these days:
-Tricky Tuesday...WOOT WOOT! Yaaaay.....*cricket sounds*. On Tuesday (if I remember), I will post something like a tricky riddle, a hard internet game to beat, or a wierd and HARD tongue-twister. Just something like that.
-Wacky Wednesday...A day with a goofy, funny video...A funny picture...A rhyme about something that starts with 'W', or just something wacky.
-Thriver Thursday....YAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I will post about Thriver...Since this person is great!
-Simple Saturday...A day where I will tell you what I am gonna do on Saturday and what I did since I got out of bed. Probably yawn...AnyWHO....Keeping on...
-Spiritual Sunday....A nice Bible verse to meditate on, or a nice song to keep in mind...A funny Christian comic strip, or other.
However, today is Thriver day....I LOVE YOU, FRIEND!

Once I met a person.
Who was goofy in every way.
I went up to the shy person,
Not knowing what to say.

I was with another friend,
And she introduced me.
The person said hello, my name is ____, what is yours?
I said my name is _____, and I hate chores.

We became great friends, and did lots of stuff together.
Now we always chat in the morning,
I know I'll forget her...Never...

I ♥ you, Thriver!

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