Simple Saturday

Well, today I got to sleep in. We are going to Michigan from Tampa's airport soon, but we got everything done ahead of time so that we can stop and eat at my favorite place: CRACKER BARREL! I love that store. Anyways, here is what I did from the moment I opened my eyes:
8:45-Yawn, and roll over, cuddled my teddy-bear/snowman that Thriver got for me, and looked at my new purity-promise ring)
9:00-Tumbled out of my bunk-bed, hustled to the kitchen and had some chocolate cereal. And then I drank the chocolate-milk leftovers)
9:15-Waddled around in my p.j.s, got on the computer and watched THIS.
9:17-Pack this and that, put my music-player to charge while humming "He Arose", and packing my carry-on. Stuffing it with books, my home-school stuff...(because, regrettably, there will be NO Internet where we will be staying.)
9:20-Get bored. Talk with God. Plan my outfit.
9:30- Hurry to grab my books from the library, remember that it is Saturday, and it is closed all day, run back thinking,'oh well. so they'll be marked overdue. big whoop. i'll bring them back first thing when we get back from Michigan'. Toss the books on my desk.
9:45- Keep packing, get bored...Walk around pretending to be packing, but really singing 'Silent Night'. (Yes, I sing Christmas carols all year long...And what? They are pretty songs, and Silent Night is fun to sing...So is O, Holy Night. But Christmas songs are celebrating Jesus' birth...We shouldn't keep our worship cooped up inside us until December..HE'S THE REASON TO BE JOLLY! FALALALALALALALALA!)
10:00- Zipped up my suitcase and my carry-on, and took them to the living-room.
10:18-Sang "The Mom Song in The Overture of William Tell" while I walked around, bored.
10:30-Changed into my green horse/star top, pink,green,red and blue flowered skirt, put on my pink watch, slipped on some sandals and my silver star earrings.
10:45- Gave dad the change from the money he gave me that I used to buy my ring, which was $6. and something.
11:00- Sang a few more songs.
11:30- Made my bed.
11:45-Leaving for Cracker Barrel. BYEEE!

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Aw. I hope you have a safe trip to Michigan. I've never been there. Just don't stay too long, or go somewhere where you can get on the internet. I'll be emailing you some of my ideas.
Yah I love christmas songs! I just put a christmas CD on iTunes and I love listening to it. I ain't gettin nuttin for christmas...

May 11, 2008 5:18 AM  

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