Happy Birthday to Janelle Vernoy(3 days early)

Happy Birthday!
Let the whole world shout Hurray!!
Let all the nations celebrate,
Let each and every one of them say,


To You,
the Special Birthday Girl,
I have a chore for you, go on, give it a whirl!
I want you to congratulate yourself,
And find the special note I hid for you on the bottom shelf.

It's a little birthday note for you,
Go find it and know that I miss you, too.

I will miss you,
And I know you'll miss me back,
But God will take care of me,
And He'll take care of you, too.

Have A Happy Birthday!!!


Hey Everyone.
I am at my cousins' house, as we are staying at their house until we leave for the States. We are all getting presents and despedida (going away) parties and all the while I feel like crying and just running!! I just want to LEAVE and get away from all the emotional hoo-ha. It is REALLY starting to bug me.
I will miss everyone here So Much. But, I know I will be VERY emotionally strong in mind and heart.
Anyway, the reason I haven't blogged is because an awful lot of stuff has been going on. We are leaving to the states in 2 days. I am singing tonight, as this will be my last opportunity to do so. I am not singing solo, but I am doing a duet with the teen from our church. It is a beautiful song, and I am glad that I get the opportunity to sing it before I leave. I have so many goodbye notes and gifts to last me 6 months. And my best friend, Belen Sinai Suarez La Cruz, made me a beautiful gift. It is a diary. It is pink and red, and it has a little latch to close it, and inside is a notebook. It is a notebook, with a diary-like cover. With Hello Kitty on the cover and my name above the latch. She is so sweet and I am going to miss her so much. But, I am going to try not to look back, but to never forget. Venezuela is still with me and it always will be.
As Lucy Arce said as a testimony, after the church did a surprise slide show for us, she said,
"You are leaving a big heart here in Venezuela, but God is going to give you more hearts every time you lose one." Those words really touched my heart.
But I need to keep these words in my mind and my heart during every hard time.
" The Lord is my strength and my shield. My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped."
Prov. 28:7a.
God Bless,
And keep praying for Maddie McCaan.


We are painting the outside of the house so that we can give it back to the owner in the nice (but old) states that we found it.WE are going to get paid as well.
We are all a mess! Paint in our hair, paint on our arms and legs, ETC!! And we can't even take a shower!! There is no water today. Except for some buckets.
Normally, I would go up and just use the buckets but my state is calling for some EXTREME measures!!
However, our cousin came over and he offered that me and my sister go to his house because WE were invited to a party tonight. And we'll scare everyone off looking like Larry the Painter Guy!!
Thank Heaven for cousins. Dad is going to pay us though, so it is worth it.
Actually, I enjoy climbing the big ladder with my paint-holder and brush. It's kinda fun.
Also, I can't go to my music rehearsal this afternoon as The Wicked Witch of The Paint!! They'll throw me out!!
I am NOT a city-sissy, but I refuse to try and wash myself from a bucket in time for church. Any other days it'd be fine, but not today.
Well, the house looks very nice, and I kind of wish we weren't leaving and we could just STAY IN ONE PLACE for more than 6 weeks, but as my Mom said in HER blog...Oh, well!!!
Well, God Bless Everyone!! Including little Maddie!!

Just A Quick Update

I feel like a bomb exploded in my throat. I am sick with Tonsillitis again. I have already had it so many times that I can't remember how many times I have had it!! IS THAT SCARY OR WHAT??
Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for the prayers on my 'goodbye, doggies' situation.
Thank you. They are really helping.
Our house is also very empty, as many of you know, we are moving to the states. Packing is NOT very fun, but it HAS to be done. ( As my Mom, AKA Jungle Mom always says.)
My room is no longer a room. All of my posters have been taken down, and pretty soon, my bed will be gone as well, since it has already been sold.
We are going to be having a yard sale in a few days as well. Boy, are things hectic.
And (as if that's not enough) I have a rehearsal with a friend of mine, this Wednesday as well as a good-bye party that same night.
Let's hope I get better before then. Oh well, at least I get to eat ice cream! (if Dad will ever go out and get that along with my antibiotics.)
The Lord has blessed my whole family, in all the time he gave us to have here.
No one ever say that he doesn't care.
Also, my turtles will be going to their new homes sometime this week. They, too, will have happy homes.
Well, I need to get some rest for another long day tomorrow.
God Bless, and keep praying for little Madeleine McCaan.
Oh, and keep checking Peter's blog. Don't leave him all alone.
He writes poetry like a professional! I feel each of his posts deeply.
BTW, Shane won the Caption Contest.
Soon I will do another caption contest. And I want Tom Blogical to enter, too. He is a humorous genius.
Well, Bye Now!!

I Wrote this just today...

A poem to my dearest doggies. Please read it. It made me cry.


It was not easy to write this, believe me.
But I gathered up the courage, and wrote it,
Tears inside and out.

God Bless my Doggies.
Keep praying for Madeleine!

And if it doesn't seem silly to you,
Please pray for my doggies, too.
I am, and it doesn't seem strange to me.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

To All Dads!!

Father's Day is your day,
so sit back, relax, and put the work away.

So, no more working for you to do,
We will be doing things for you!

You are a superhero, considering all that you do,
For me, Mom, Jackie, Josh and Jewel, too!

I am glad that you finally get to have your own way,
And I am glad that I finally get to say, "Happy Father's Day!"

You are an inspiration to us all,
You help us back up when we fall.

God has blessed me, to have you as my Dad.
And no one could ever replace you, and for that I am glad.

I hope that someday I can measure up to you,
And I hope you'll always be there, to tell me what to do.


Just Some Rantings..

Hey everyone.
I am sick with a fever and cold and throat irritation. Please pray for me.
And the winner of the photo poll is Number One. Yeah *Throws Confetti for Number One*
The latest happenings for me are that I will be rehearsing for a song this Wednesday with a teenager at church.
I also have a link for you to click:

Read Your Heart Out

It is a story that was requested that I am writing. I am not going to describe it or anything. You will just have to see it for yourself.

And here is a picture that I would like 'captioned' .

This picture makes me laugh. I WANT CAPTIONS TO MAKE ME LAUGH HARDER AT IT!!!






I Cut My Hair So Here Are The Photos.

This is my favorite picture of me.

This is one of my whole face.

Anyone for a side view??

Enjoy. Please be prepared, as I may not post for a while, since our computer has been having problems.
Let me know if you like it. I want your opinions!
Keep praying for Maddie.
God Bless!
I hope you all like it!
*Pink And Black Jungle Bunny Jayde*


I showed Mom the miracle of Youtube videos on Blogspot.
This can only mean that any political video she finds will be posted then and there.
WHY do I do these things?? WHY do I get myself into situations like this??

She called me, I went, she said she wanted to post something she and Josh had found about Hitler.
I got comfortable, and copied EMBED, and asked her where her New Post entry was that she wanted it in. Pasted it there, and she got all excited! And started talking about how easy it was, and how all that time, she had been afraid to try it.


Now she knows how to put any Chavez videos, Iran videos, Strike videos, political videos that explain Chavez, and on and on and on...

Oh, no..
Resistance is futile. And what's worse??
Above in the story about Mom and Youtube, I taught YOU to copy and paste them, too.

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