Happy Father's Day, Dad!

To All Dads!!

Father's Day is your day,
so sit back, relax, and put the work away.

So, no more working for you to do,
We will be doing things for you!

You are a superhero, considering all that you do,
For me, Mom, Jackie, Josh and Jewel, too!

I am glad that you finally get to have your own way,
And I am glad that I finally get to say, "Happy Father's Day!"

You are an inspiration to us all,
You help us back up when we fall.

God has blessed me, to have you as my Dad.
And no one could ever replace you, and for that I am glad.

I hope that someday I can measure up to you,
And I hope you'll always be there, to tell me what to do.


1 murmurs:

Wonderful poems Jayde! I feel your emotional pain in the first one about leaving your dog in a couple of weeks. And I sensed the love and pride you have for your dear ol' dad in the Father's Day poem. Good job my love. Keep writing!

June 17, 2007 1:32 PM  

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