Terere, It's Addictive!

I was introduced to the cultural drink of Paraguay, just yesterday. Terere. And I absolutely LOVE it! I was going to buy my own terere set, but I decided to wait until next year when I am actually here to use it. In the U.S, they don't have the herbs to make terere, so I would just be carrying a big leather jug around with either plain water, or lemonade or something, and that is just WRONG! Termos are made for terere, and terere only! Or, mate, the HOT drink here. But other than that, NOTHING!

I have been sipping on terere since yesterday. If I am going to another room, I grab the jug, and head over there. I refuse to leave the termo in the room, when I could be sipping the cold, spicy drink! I REFUSE!!!

I love it, and I know that when I come back, I will be drinking it just as much (Maybe even MORE) than all of the other Parguayans here. I see why they take it around. IT'S DELICIOUS!

It is official! I will LOVE my new home. I WILL! As long as there is a leather jug of cold terere in my hand, with the guampa and the bolbilla, I know I will be just fine. Happy as a Cricket!

In fact, I am drinking terere right now! The termo is right beside me. The spicy drink is at my fingertips, which is how I prefer it!

My favorite thing about it, is how just one sip of the cold drink is so refreshing! One sip, and the cold liquid goes all the way through you, it seems! And the flavor, of course! The strong, spicy flavor! Oh, I LOVE IT!!

And now, I must bid you all farewell. And I am sorry that not all of you can taste this wonderful drink! Sorry, but it's mine! ALL MINE!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Bye and Keep Checking Up on Me!

Love and Blessings!


My Other Blog. IN CASTELLANO!!

Language, Culture and More Tidbits of Paraguay

Well, Paraguay is a very nice, cozy little place. So they aren't millionaires, but I prefer that they aren't. Venezuela was great, but the pressure just wasn't worth it. Here, you can look outside your front patio door, and there are no Chavez propagandas that were spray-painted overnight. I LOVE IT!!!
The language, however, will be a little trickier, but since I already know Castellano, and will have to learn Spanish, and I am trying to teach myself a fifth language(Ye'kwana), French, I should be pretty good at picking up other languages later on in life. I'll be very well equipped!
There are differences in culture as well. Which doesn't surprise me, because in each country there are always SOME differences.
Here, the people drink terere and matte ( I haven't learned how to spell words here yet, so it may be wrong), and they have clean patios.
Here are some of the differences in words:
So, if someone asks me, "Vos quiereis mas pan?" I have to translate the vos to tu and turn it into French, and finally say, "Si, gracias." It may sounds wierd, but it it is a lot easier for me, considering the different languages I speak. That is just how I do it.
Also, there are some words that are strange to Venezuelans but make so much sense to Paraguayans.

Yep. It'll take some getting used to, but, there are no strikes going on outside my front door, so it is just fine here.



I am sometimes not a joyful person. Mostly, I am. But when I am angry or upset, I can be pretty quiet.
For example, I HATE washing dishes! I hate it! It is just the worst thing to do, for me. Taking out the trash or cleaning my room is better than doing the dishes! I HATE IT!!
But, unfortunately I have a problem. I am usually kinda grumpy when I have to do dishes. I do it slowly and quietly, and try not to talk too much. I will do the dishes, if I am told to, or simply out of politeness, but it is still not my favorite thing to do. But, as my family knows, I can be extremely cheerful, and even TOO cheerful if you set me going, at other times. I am the chatterbox of my family, which isn't always a good thing. I also laugh easily. And that can get very annoying.
But, the problem is, that when I am doing something I don't want to do, I lose all of my cheerfulness. I try not to laugh at jokes, and am just well, a bit of a party-pooper. But, come on. Everyone has times when they aren't at their best. I am not the only one. For instance, Elena is not the most cheerful person when she is tired. Abigail is mostly sweet and quiet and content, but when she is hungry or tired, she kicks the crying up a notch. But don't we all??
We are all great people, but we lose all our happiness when we are doing something we don't like to do. What I need to learn, is to keep that joy with me ALL the time. Instead of being quiet and slow, I should break out in a big musical number while I scrub the plate, or recite my favorite verses when I rinse that fork. I need to stay cheerful.
So, what about you? What puts you in a good mood, and what are your most terrible pet peeves when you're at your worst?Let me know in your comment!
I am cheerful when there is a lot of things going on. All of that joy goes away when I have to wash dishes.
Proverbs 15:15 has a great message on being cheerful.

Questions MKs HATE to Answer

1.Which do you like better, your mission field or the USA?
(They feel very uncomfortable. It may seem like an easy question, but once you live double lives, and meet dear friends everywhere, you tell me it's easy.)
2. How do you say my name in Spanish? Whichever second language you speak, this is just my example.
(This isn't emotional like the first one. Simply because they have to answer that EXACT SAME question, in almost every single church they visit. It is that simple. Again, try living the MK average life, and then see for yourself.)
3.Can you speak Spanish?
(Because MKs think of it as obvious that they speak Spanish, when they are standing in front of the mission display that says, CLEARLY, "The Vernoys. Missionaries to Paraguay." So, when you ask them that, it's like asking someone, "are you a human?"
4.Which language do you speak more?
(Who knows? That is like asking someone how many times they blink every year.)
5.Do you like living in your mission field?
(To an MK, it is obvious that they like living in the only place they can really feel at home. If they didn't, they wouldn't be there. It is like asking someone, "do you like living in your house?")
6. Do you have any friends in Paraguay?
(Do you think we have friends? Or do you think we are some alien species that no one wants to be around or talk to, just because we're different?)

Questions MKs LOVE to answer:

1.What is your favorite food down in Paraguay?
(Most MKs like talking about their field. So, this is a great question, that they can answer freely.)
2.I hear it's pretty in Paraguay, what's your favorite part about living there?
(Again, they love to talk about their field.)
3.What kinds of animals and pets do they have in Paraguay?
(MKs usually have exotic pets. It's like a big advantage of being an MK. So they can tell about their pets, and feel comfortable talking about something different. For once.)
4. I bet you make lots of friends. What are they like?
(Again, they can talk and talk about their friends. Names, ages.)
5.So do they have really cool food?
(NEVER refer to foreign food as wierd. For a lot of full-time MKs, your favorite food is wierd. This question, referring to their food as cool, is like heaven to them.)

Other things not to do when around MKs:

1.Don't talk about them being wierd behind their back. They can usually feel it.

2.Don't ask them boring or personal questions, because they feel like they are being studied, or are your social studies project. Believe me, it isn't a nice feeling. If you do need their perspective on your Social Studies or Geography project, ask them, and they'll really help you. Using them trying to be sneaky, doesn't, I repeat, DOES NOT work.

Things to do when around MKs:

1. Instead of trying to avoid them because they are wierd or you don't know them, invite hem to join you, ask them to teach you their favorite Paraguayan game, and try to include them.

2. If you are going to invite them over to eat, find out what their favorite Paraguayan food is, and try to make as close as possibel to that when they eat with you. THEY LOVE IT!!

3.Try to get to know them. Try to relate to them, and let them know that you don't care what they do or that they are different, is really the best thing you can do to be nice to them.

I hope you learned something.Ha!





Today we had a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving feast! Turkey cooked by Brian, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and bacon, and some nice pies made by Jackie. The food was GREAT!! And the meaning of this special day dates WAY back. Good ol' Squanto!
Here is a little list of not even half of what I'm thankful for:
-Being with my nieces
-Getting here to Paraguay safely
-The scrumptious food, that many people in the world can only dream about
-My family
-My friends
-My salvation

Here are things I always try to remember on Thanksgiving Day:
-Soldiers who wish they could be with their family now, but put themselves in the dangerous field, faithful to their country
-Babies and adults around the world dying of hunger
-People who don't know the real meaning of this day, thinking only of the food
-People who have tried and failed many times to help, but can never get all the way
-People who need the LORD, so they can celebrate Thanksgiving the RIGHT way

Think about your own things you are thankful for, and let me know so I can read them!! :)
Bye 4 Now,


Oh, and :
H*A*P*P*Y T*H*A*N*K*S*G*I*V*I*N*G* E*V*E*R*Y*O*N*E*

Pass-Along Meme Created by Myself

I put in my answers, but when you play you can change them to YOUR answers.
You CANNOT copy anyone else's answers.
Good Luck!

Most Popular Car-Making Companies:

Best-Selling Toy/Game Companies:
-Fischer Price
-Something Brothers
Kids Favorite Toys:
-Anything that is Spiderman or Batman

Most Colorful Birds:

Most Popular Internet Mail/Chat Services:

Great! Thanks!

Emails, Face-to-Face, or Letters?

It is so great to be back! Where I can write a post whenever I want to, where I can send someone a nice little email, or even type out the name of a funny video and have myself a laugh! Internet is such a blessing!
Have you ever thought about which is more personal? Email, Face-To-Face or Letters?
Personally, I think if it is something extremely personal, like an urgent message or an super important secret, then I think it should be done face-to-face. That is just me.
And if you want something personal and sweet, a letter. Like a birthday card! I like Birthday eCards, but I prefer letters (And not just because they usually come with a birthday gift of money, which is EXTREMELY welcome, BTW!),simply because I think reading a birthday card is GREAT! And when I finish reading it I have something to keep in my card collection!
Emails are great for a cute, little message. Like a 'how are you? you're welcome to the Thanksgiving party at my house. I hope you can come!' Just little quick things. Even friend to friend messages, with elaborate dancing images or sparkly poems. Those are great! (I especially love the ones that play pretty music while you scroll down!) Emails, Letters or face to face?
All are great!
Emails are Excellent, Letters are Lovely, and Face-to-Face is FANTASTIC!

Well, I am tired, and need to go to bed, so



Our house has almost no internet so we can't blog, including me. That is my explanation until we get back to Florida where we do have internet.
Please don't abandon me, and I really wish I could blog, but unfortunately I can't.

God Bless, and please forgive me.


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