Jayde is a Hebrew daughter..

Tonight I have to dress up as a Hebrew. Yesterday Jewel was working on her play. The play is that Bible story,where the Death Angel comes,and if you wanted to stay alive,you had to paint blood above your door. Anyway,I went with Dad,to watch Jewel rehearse. Then the Director of the play,Richard,said me and my friend Ana could be the two Hebrew daughters. I am supposed to be Jewel's daughter,since..(yeah.Since I am white). I am not supposed to say anything,except act like I am scared and maybe cry, and Jewel is just supposed to act like she is protecting me,since she plays my mom. It is taking place tonight. I might post pictures. I might not. My outfit is a baige dress of Mom's(yes,mom's),a white shirt and a green shawl. We got the idea from a Bible DVD that we have.LOL! But in the end,it looks just right for such a short notice.
Well,I hope it goes well,with no jokes or anything. Since that's what the last rehearsal was like. Everybody was joking around and laughing. The Director had to tell everyone to calm down,since we could not joke around and laugh on stage.
Well,good bye and have a nice day.


"I Like Smoked Worms" By Jayde Vernoy
I like smoked worms,
I think they are delicious,
I once met a girl,
who said worms would make her nocious.

I said "You're crazy!"
She told me "You're wierd!"
We looked at each other,
long enough to grow a beard.

Then she asked me this question,
"Have you ever been speared?"
I told her no,her face lost it's worry,
I smiled at her,glad we had lost each other's furry.

"Under my thatch roof" By Jayde Vernoy
I lay in silence,
Unable to sleep,
We'd move to the city,
so soon each day I'd weep.

President Chavez had said,
Right on tv,
That he didnt want to see in the jungle,
One missionary.

I felt like crying,
when he said those words.
I felt like I was being stabbed,
by a thousand swords.

I loved our home,
I loved it there,
how could Chavez say that?
It just wasnt fair.

So we packed a bunch of things,
some were old,some were new,
but when we boxed it all up,
we could only take a few.

"Plane Day" came,
and we all climbed inside the plane.
I did not like it.
I thought it was insane.

One last look,
At the Indian's lined up,to say goodbye,
It hurt me so much,
I thought I would die.

But here I am now,
One year later,
getting used to a new life
And no longer eating gator.

My Cousin Janelle

This is Janelle. I Love her to bits and she is great! I put her thing up too,because I didnt want anyone to think of favoritism. I love my cousins.Both of them THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!

My cousin Jeanah. and this time it isnt going to be wacky...

This is Jeanah. I hope nobody thinks it is wierd that I mentioned her again,but I could talk about her a MILLION times now,and not be ashamed because she is the Coolest of the Cool. I love her and thank God she is one of my cousins.

The REAL Thanksgiving...

I had no idea which day was Thanksgiving,because we have had three! To Jackie: Thanks for the recipe for Oreo Truffles,they were a GREAT hit.One of the baseball players even took one back for a friend. At first,I thought Tuesday was Thanksgiving...Then Wednesday...And now it had sure better be Thanksgiving,because I am so confused!!! Well, we are going to Uncle Ed and Aunt Debbie's to have -yet ANOTHER Thanksgiving-. So I had better go,and...

A new blog...

Well,yes my last post was a little wierd because of the double picture, but at least my blog is finally working. I did not choose tupalup my dad did. He wanted to just get through it quick,since we thought it would not work again. But my dad is a miracle-worker. Okay,that may be a little exageration but still. I am so happy. Above is a picture of how happy I am that we have some great visitors today and also that my blog is working.

My Cousin Jeanah

This is Jeanah. She is a great person to know. She is fun and she is a great friend. I am So Blessed to have her as a cousin.

Thank you Lord.

Tomorrow is thanksgiving!!

Boy am I excited!!! Yum! Just think of all that food! Ham,my Oreo Truffles,Pumpkin,Apple,Coconut and Blueberry pie. Plus the Parises are bringing drinks and some food. YUMMO!!!! I am very happy that this finally is working. All right,Dad. For You. You were right. AAAAAA MMMMMMAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!! And Thanks everyone for their prayers. The Tonsilitis is gone, and anyone who posts please post a prayer request so that I can add you and your request and family to my Prayer List.
God Bless All,
And Happy Thanksgiving!

YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday we had my cousins over. Here is a picture of us goofballs smooshed into the the screen for a photo. Most of you have tried the Celebrity lookalike thingamajigger, well,my cousin that unfortunately you can just barely see came out as Condeleezza Rice! Haha! I have come out Drew Barrymore and Cristina Ricci and Dakota Fanning. In the Sesame Street quiz, I came out as lovable Big Bird.

Starting from Left to right: Jeanah is 12 like me. Janelle is 10. And then there is me. We had a LOT of fun.

Well, God Bless All

Here I am Again

I am going to make this short because we are trying out another one. Hopefully this will work.


I Really hope this works

My Dad finally helped me get this going. He is the greatest. Just like in the movie..... Big Fat Greek Wedding....... AAAAAA MMMMAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!

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