TTF Tuesday


Simple Scholar
"You're near sighted."

For next week;

1. I dot my 'i's with little hearts.

2. I have petted a guinea-pig.

3. I just started nature-journaling.

Ooh! Have Fun!


I made a new day. Happy Meme Monday!

1. Feet or eyes? Feet

2. Pop-tarts or strudels? Same thing, but pop-tarts.

3. Kittens or cats? Kittens!

4. Goldfish or Cheez-its? Cheezits.

5. Socks or gloves? Socks.

6. Grease or oil? Grease.

7. Bungee-jumping off Angel Falls or sky-diving? BUNGEE-JUMP!!!! DEFINITELY!!!

8. Hikes or bike-rides? Hikes.

9. Green or turquoise? Turquoise.

10. PBJ or Tuna Fish? PBJ!!


1. What color are your eyes? Depends on what color I wear.

2. What is your room like right now? Meh--Well, it's full of cribs, but the bed is made and the desk is um--somewhat--tidy.

3. Do you like seafood? NO!

4. Have you ever eaten a purple fish? I could. If I had food coloring. But no.

5. Pretend an Atheist sneezes, and explains his religion to you. What do you say?
I'd steal the comedian's line:
God Bless you.
I'm an Atheist.
Oh..uh..NOBODY bless you.
I'm an Atheist because I believe that God doesn't exist. There is no way.
Ok. What are ya gonna do when ya die?
I believe that I am going to become a GLORIOUS tree and come back to the world.
Oh. Well, I hope that when you die you come back to the world as a glorious tree that a fat, sweaty guy comes and chops you down with an axe, and takes you back to the city and prints the BIBLE on you!

Butterflies or moths?
Definitely moths. Because:
Moths have a longer life-span, and they are faster. Butterflies are just pretty. And they die the next day.

7. Have you ever pushed a door that said PULL? Yeah.

8. Do you like to jog? No.

9. Can you lift a house? YES I CAN! I can lift a DOLL-HOUSE!

10. Your Choice: Running around painted like Barney or playing The Bumble Bee ABC game for the rest of your life? ABC game. No der.


How Far Would You Go For 5 Million Dollars?

Would you shave your head? Yes.

Sleep in a cemetery on Halloween alone? God's with me, so yes.

Mix fish scales, raw eggs, sour milk, stale Froot Loops, banana peels, watermelon seeds and dead spiders together in a blender and DRINK it? Ew. But, yes.

Dress like a clown for a year? YEAH!! You'd better believe it!!

Throw tomatoes at a home-less man? I'd do that for free!

Baby-sit for Hitler? Ugh...But, yes. I'd lock him in a case, and tie that case to a metal pole. VOILA! DICTATOR DISCIPLINE!

Stand still in a foot-ball field for a month? No. I would die.

Bite a bum's foot? Hahaha! Yes.

Drink a whole bottle of olive oil? Gross. No.

Let a tarantula crawl around you for 5 whole minutes? OH YES!

Punch a guard outside the Queen of England's castle? The kind that doesn't laugh or anything? YEAH!! I mean, I'd run for my life afterwards but...YES.

Tell jokes in a pessimist club? YES!!!!!

Eat only moldy bread and drink old liquor for three years? No. God doesn't agree with getting drunk.

Work in a mail-room for the rest of your life? Eh--No.

Fling rubber-bands at Obama at a rally? YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your turn. Do them in your comments!


A Fun Story

At camp's singing competition. A girl was being super mean. And yes, I am a Christian, and I agree completely that we should treat others as we would treat ourselves. But, she was sitting there, in the bench, looking up at me, more like, trying to bore holes in me with her eyes. NOT exaggerating! And, I was doing fine until she looked like she would pin me down and shoot me. I heard from her cabin-mates that she didn't act very Christian. But, you never know. Maybe she just didn't like me or something. Prejudice and wrong, but...I'm 5 foot nothing, and I couldn't beat her up even if I wanted to!
And, when she finally got up to sing, this is what she said:
"Hey everyone! Um, I'm very blessed to sing up here, and to be observed by WONDERFUL judges, and to be able to perform here really is an honor. I believe that God wants me to serve Him by singing. Maybe there is someone here who isn't saved tonight, and I hope and pray that they will accept Jesus, and that I can be God's witness. I hope that what you hear tonight reflects my love of Christ. And I hope that every other contestant, who did too wonderful for words, enjoyed it. And thank you for participating. I really enjoyed every song tonight. I am so blessed to be able to come up here. Let's pray: Thank you, Dear Lord. For this wonderful opportunity to serve you with my gift that you have given me. Please help me to win, if you want me to. And humble me if I don't. In thy name we pray. As I was saying, thank you, wonderful judges. For the honor of singing in your presence. I really hope you take into consideration that I am 15, and haven't been trained. And, my name is _____________. And I'll be singing Via Dolorosa."

She sang alright. After being a total major-league suck-up to the judges, and giving a whole testimony, when all she was supposed to do was say hi my name is stephanie billings and ill be singing via dolorosa and im 15. And she was singing a song, that to Spanish-speakers makes no sense. Observe:
This is the English translation:

Down the via of the roses,
jesus christ ran happily.
And the soldiers hugged Him like He was their friend.
And the crowd pressed in to see,
The man who ran away from Calvary....

Jesus Christ made history!
As they tickled,
The savior, on the crooooooooss!

And so on. Does that make ANY sense? No. It's inaccurate. Did the soldiers tickle Jesus? At all? I don't think so. More like poke him to no end. Spear Him. Kick. Spit. All of that. Tickling was not involved.
And it's called the Painful Road. Not the Road of Roses. GEESH!

I was about to explode of laughter. Me and a girl next to me named LopMa had to leave the building. Cause we both were the only ones who actually spoke and understood Spanish.
Once outside, we laughed our hearts out.
Then, we went back inside. And she was going over the chorus, so we had to run BACK outside. We peeped through the window. LoPMa was dying of laughter.
________________ was up there, crying, and showing extreme emotion and a powerful voice and --
WINKING and WAVING at the judges. LOL!

Whaddaya think of THAT?

Okay. So afterwards, even though I didn't really like her, I decided to get past it, pretend she HADN'T glared at me, and congratulate her on her performance.
Me: I just wanted to say that you did really good. Your voice is really powerful. That's my favorite song. So, basically, just--Good Job! *smile through clenched teeth from me to her*
Her: Listen, honey. You're good, too. You have a pretty tone to your voice. BUT--
Me: Thanks. I was like, really nervous.
Her:Don't interrupt me.
Me: Sor-
Her: You're like, totally interrupting me again, hon. Now as I was saying. You aren't good enough. Okay? I'm gonna win. The judges liked me better, you twerp. Okay? I had to be dramatic, because unless I was, you were gonna win. You're enchanting. And I didn't like you. And if you tell ANYONE about this..weell--
Me: Got it.
Her: And, if you took lessons for like --forty years--maybe JUST maybe you'll get as good as me.
Me: Oh? Really? That's too bad...Who would pay that long just to reach your level? *muttered*
Her: Scuse me, hon?
Me: Nothing, gotta go.

She won. I wanted to shout, 'She said that the soldiers tickled Jesus!' but didn't.
I admit, I was kinda sad. But, God will do what He wants.

It's Worth The Wait, Trust Me

Yes, I know. I haven't posted in TWO DAYS. So sue me! But, this will be worth waiting two days. And, I feel horrible about not being able to blog already. So. Here we go!


Prepare yourself! CUTENESS INCOMING!


Put down anything you are drinking, and swallow your food NOW.


In all her shining glory, please welcome, Anna, the Siamese kitten that we adopted just this morning!



Hot Afternoon!

The sun is boiling-lava hot.
The pool sounds like a good possibility, but first, I want you to see this:

I get one! A Mona Lisa! But, first, I'm gonna work on some of the easier pictures...The flamingos would match my room.

I just hope the paints survived the container...Oh please oh please!!
I am fixed on doing perfect! In other words, I am competing with myself. And I love to paint!! Cannot wait to start! Anywho. Here are my options:

-The Mona Lisa

-Van Gogh's Flowers

-Puppies in a Basket on Christmas

-A Winter Cabin

-A Desert Scene

-Japanese Geisha

-Still-Life With Fruit

-A Ship

-Parrots in Paradise

-A Walk in the Park with Coco

Which one should I begin with?

Things you should know before stating your choice:

-The paintings I do will go in my room.

-My room is themed, INDIA. With bright oranges, purples, turquoises, and some pinks.

-I am not THAT skilled of a painter...hehe...Yet! =)

So, choose wisely!! For me!! Because I can't decide! =)

And, I promise, YOU HAVE MY WORD! I will post the picture of the painting when I finish it.
BUT, each of these paintings take up hours of my time. They will each take as long as two weeks to finish...PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!

And, I also, most likely won't begin until I am sure that I will not be interrupted with a few more boxes to unpack...In other words: I probably won't start til about next week or so.

I have a project that is due tonight. I am making a sketch for my friend and she gets it tonight. I know she'll like it.
The left side is what is bugging me. One side! THAT'S IT!!
ONE SIDE! And yet it is a thorn in my flesh!! The rest is fine-ish, but...ONE SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now I have to go. Dad is making hot-dogs and sausage, and I might make some brownies tonight. Because I love brownies! Doesn't everybody?

So, toodles! And don't forget to participate in Tuesday's post!! AND I WON Thesaurus Thursday! WOOT FOR ME!! THANKS, MIGHTYMOM!!

Yet More...

Okay. The boxes are like rats. There are always more. No matter how great you feel after you've unpacked everything, and everything looks good, and everything is clean and nice and cozy, you remember you have a WHOLE CLOSET full of boxes that are just waiting to be unpacked! MORE!
I got the news today. I had all my room done (or so I thought), and Dad comes in with a gigantinormous box of stuff I don't even remember having!
It's like Christmas! So much, in fact, that I found my Santa hat that Kopatopie gave me at Christmas, and I wore it all day.
I don't know why, but I've always wanted a Santa hat to wear all Christmas day long! Thank you for making my wish come true, Kopatopie! =)
And I found my awesome pink, fluffy slippers! With the weather, I have been needing warmth for my footsies!
Here are some of the things that I have found, and am overjoyed because I found them:
-My Real Art! Paint Set. It's a paint-by-number kit that recreates beautiful, famous paintings! I get to paint the Mona Lisa! And van Gogh's flower picture! And it's just really really cool!
-My Holly-Heart books. The best books! I ♥ them!!
-My Babysitters Survival Guidebook
-My Nature Journal book
-My notebooks and pads!! I'm an avid writer, and I like to always have something that I can write on.
-My PURPLE bedsheets! The beige in the pictures clash, but this purple is SUPER pretty, and they are like a SILK material! Now I can make my bed where you pull the sheet out under the pillows and stuffed animals like I think every bed should be done! And it won't look--um--special?
-My jewelry chest! My gorgeous wood one! With the pretty little doors and glass carving! And I already set to work and all my jewelry is in it, all nice and organized!
-My Devotional Notebook where I put the date and it has a place for prayer requests and favorite verse notes and I just love it. And, it really has helped me. And, I was a dumb blonde (xD) and packed it on the container cause it looks like a BOOK that I read once and never want to read again. But, I packed it away. And then I missed it. =(
-My iPod. My pretty pink one. It's a shuffle, and it's so cute! Her name is Pinkie. Yeah, I know. I'm really creative...But, hey, it's pink!! Pink=Pinkie!
-My iDog! She is so pretty, and she plays pretty little light patterns on her head when I play the songs. My favorite is when she plays Irish Hymns. I love that CD!
-Notes and cards. I keep all of them. I shouldn't, but I do. I'm an emotional pack-rat.
-Stationary!!! I can write pretty letters...When I need to...But, it looks nice on my desk. =)

And now, I have to get back to my work...And, I know that I'll have more tomorrow! BYE!
And, please pray for me...I have more to pack!! I hope I can handle it...
Pray for these things too:
1. That we can get a baby dwarf turtle.
2. That I can get a pretty beanbag chair soon!
3. That I can pay a LITTLE more attention in my school...I'm just so excited that stuff is here!!

Wacky Wednesday


TEACHER: I hope I didn't see you peeping at someone else's paper during the test, Billy.
BILLY: I hope so, too.

MRS. SMITH: Would you join me in a cup of tea?
MRS. BROWN: I don't think we'll both fit.

PIANO TUNER: I've come to tune your piano!
LADY: But we didn't send for you.
PIANO TUNER: No, but your neighbors did.

YOUNG MAN: I've come to ask for your daughter's hand.
FATHER: You'll have to take all of her or it's no deal.

GRANDMA: I like to go to bed and get up with the chickens, don't you?
BETTY: No, I like to sleep in my own bed.

Two little boys were looking at an abstract painting in an art gallery.
"Let's run," said one, "Before they say we did it."

HENRY: This poor street-bum came to the door last night telling me he hadn't had a bite in two weeks.
BOB: Poor fellow. What did you do?
HENRY: Bit him, of course.

GIRL (standing in the middle of a busy road) : Officer, can you tell me the fastest way to get to the hospital?
POLICEMAN: Just stay right where you are, ma'am.

DWAYNE: Mommy, why do you have so many gray hairs?
MOTHER: I suppose it's because you cause me so much worry.
DWAYNE: Wow. You must have been horrible to Grandma, then!

JESSICA: Is it correct to say that you water your horse, Ma?
MOTHER: Yes, honey.
JESSICA: Then I'm going to milk my cat.

AUNTIE: Come on, Billy, dear, eat your cabbage! It's good for growing children!
BILLY: I don't want to grow any children.

NOAH (To his son who is fishing) : Go easy on the bait! Remember, I've only got two worms!

In the snake house at the zoo, one snake glanced nervously at it's brother and said,
"Are we supposed to be poisonous?"
"Dunno. Why?"
"Cause I just bit my lip."

Two Indians were watching distant smoke signals. When they were finished, White Horse looked at Soaring Eagle and said, "We've got to do something about Little Big Horse. His spelling is something awful."

TEACHER (on phone): You say Tommy can't come to school because he has a cold? To whom am I speaking?
VOICE: This is my father.

A little boy was given a finger-print scanner for his birthday.
"Son," said his father, "Did you know that NO two finger-prints are the same? Every one is different?"
After playing around with his scanner for two days, the little boy went up to his father and said,
"I have just proved Science wrong! I found three finger-prints, separate, that are all exactly the same."
"Three people. One is YOU, another is Santa Claus, and the other is that rascal who steals cookies from Mom's Cookie Jar."

1st CANNIBAL: I always feel sick after eating a missionary. Why's that?
2nd CANNIBAL: Because you can't keep a good man down.

Good Almost-Lunch-Time!

The morning started with Mom coming into my bedroom wanting her computer, and saying,
"Oh forget it! No one could ever find anything in this mess!"
I opened my eyes, and rolled over and pointed to the other side of my bed where Garzo (what I call Mom's computer)was sleeping.
She picked it up. I rolled over, and slipped back under my covers. It was so warm! I didn't want to wake up! NO! I argued with myself for about 5 minutes. It went somewhat like this:
I have to get up and start the day.
No you don't. Go back to sleep.
Yes! I need to greet the day! And the dishes need to be washed! And I'm hungry!
It's so warm...You want to stay here and you know it...Don't fight it, Verja!
No. I don't.
Yeah...Ya do. Just roll over and imagine a waterfall...Ah...You don't have to wake up yet!
No. Go back to sleep. The work can wait til this afternoon. You know you're tired.
No...I'm not.
You are. And you know it deep down. Go back to sleep.
Well, maybe...*snuggles down under blankets* NO! I'M GETTING UP! AND YOU CANNOT STOP ME!!

The positive morning person me won. I slopped out of bed, dragging the blankets with me. My mind was fixed on one word, and one word only: BREAKFAST.
I was craving cereal, but there WAS no cereal. So, I peeped into the fridge. There were two eggs. A song popped into my mind, inspiring me to make a Spanish omelette.

There are three eggs in a Spanish omelette!

Three eggs, three eggs in a Spanish omelette!
In a Spanish omelette there are three eggs!
So, I shall make a Spanish omelette!

And so, I made one omelette, singing that song all the while. As I flipped it, as I sprinkled the cheese, everything. And then, I was even more hungry than I thought, so I made another. I made them both where they had just a bit of toastiness to them...They were delicious!
Then I got started on my laundry. I separated all the piles. And then when I went to find the softener, and there was none. I thought perhaps I couldn't find it because I had just woken up and set to work, which can be dangerous, so I asked Dad where it was.
He couldn't find any either. So I just bleached my white clothes. And hung Mom's bedsheets and pillow cases.
Then, while the whites were --bleaching...I went back into my room and concentrated on my earrings. And jewelry. I unpacked my lovely wooden jewelry chest, and set to work pairing earrings and bracelets. Mom came in, and couldn't believe I had just got to work with my jewelry and left my bed a mess, and boxes on the floor.
So, I made my bed and cleared off my floor. She said that just making your bed and clearing off your floor makes it look 99% better! Like you did a LOT!
And now her clothes are waiting on her bed. All dry.



Nobody went and participated. The answer is 1. I HATE Solitaire. THAT was the fib.

And for next week's TTF:

1. I have an idog named DJ.

2. I am far-sighted.

3. My favorite verse is Joshua 24:15.


PARTICIPATE THIS TIME, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I was like really sad... Nobody won...


I would like to post a bit more than this, but...I can't. I have dishes to wash. I know how I will make it not as boring.
I'm going to take my iDog and let her play Irish Hymns and I'll sing along while I scrub. YAY!

I have made a commitment to try harder to be more cheerfu l even when doing boring ol' things like dishes. (Phil 4:4 has inspired me) I WILL be happy! =)

I got quite a bit done today. I folded all my clothes, and organized my shelves and hung clothes on HANGERS! YEAH! I KNOW! YAY!

And I even hung all my earrings in pairs. Mccel helped me. She would find one and be determined to find it's pair. She would. And I would hang it on my earring caddy shaped like a cherry. =)
She's going to be wonderful when she's all grown up. Even NOW she hates messes, and goes crazy if she finishes a snack and can't find a trash can. She will cry!

She's so neat and tidy. I should learn from her. As, I am not so neat and tidy. I mean, I'm organized in things like notes, and how my earrings are arranged. And my hair things and jewelry. If they aren't RIGHT next to each-other, and perfectly erect, I will go nuts.

I am also a bit lazy. Like now. I am avoiding the dishes!

Gotta go!

Arguing With Barney.

So Today--
Hiya, Verja!!
Um..Hi. As I was saying--
How's about we go FLY A KITE, UP TO THE HIGHEST HEIGHT! Haha!
Yeah...No thanks. AHEM Today I plan to organize my room a bit mo--
Ugh. What?
You didn't include ME in your plans!
Hmm...*scratches* Why on EARTH would I do that?
Because I'm your friend! I love you and you love me--
Who said I ever loved you?
I just did. Love goes all around! We need to spread love and be nice to everyone!
Okay, listen up Mr. Big purple hippie.
Now, now, don't call people names... It isn't ni--
NICE? I'm not exactly nice to some fat, purple dinosaur. Picture this:
Pretend I'm one of the kids on your show and we're all gonna have a race. At the end we all come up to you, wondering who won. What would you tell us?
That you are all winners, of course! Haha!
So we all lost?
No. You are all winners because you tried and you had fun.
What about that fat kid still way back at the starting line eating cake? Don't I get something over him?
Now now...You aren't being very nice. Everyone should be nice. It's called caring. Caring rhymes with SHARING. So, when you race, remember to share the winning. In fact, I know a SONG about sharing and caring! Would you like to hear it?
Yeah--um...Think I'll pass on that, thanks anyways. Can I please get back to blogging now, Barney? Please go away?
Oh...I feel sad, Verja.
You are NOT a nice little lady!
Never have been. Go away.
Ooh! I'm angry at you!!!!!!
Bring it, fatso! I'll knock the lights out of the French guy inside you!!
OoOh! No, I don't fight! And there you go with the name-calling again, Verja. I said it isn't nice.
Well, I can't figure out any way to get rid of you so I can blog!! So, that's my only hope.
Please is a good word.
Yeah? PLEASE...Hmm...I said that, like right before I made you sad.
Yeah. So go away.
I don't want to. No one should be forced to do something that they don't want to. It's wrong!!
Goodbye, Barney. And good riddance.
*lands in island full of dinosaur study people* Ooh! Look, BoB!!

So, as I was saying. I plan to do some work today. I plan to think up some good names for Netsirk's kitten.
I like the name Crystal or Tinker. How about you, Netsirk? lemme know.



There is a lazy horse on the couch. It's name is Hidalgo. And the little rolled up thing on the big awesome pink rug is a blanket that I keep on hand when I watch movies. And I roll it right back into a ball when I finish with it. And then I toss it on the floor.
The couch isn't mine...As soon as the owner comes and gets it I'll have lots of space to...FILL! BUAHA!
So I can't steal it. And I don't like it anyway. It's ugly. Ew.
So...Satisfied, people?


Spiritual Sunday

I ♥ Sundays...Something about them screams GOD LOVES YOU. Don't they?

I found this verse a while back, and I decided to post it. It is my favorite verse.

Phil. 4:4: "Rejoice in the name of the Lord alway; again I say rejoice!"
-Let's try to be extra cheery today! Everyone! Let's show everyone we meet some generousity and kindness. It's God's day, and that is what He wants.

310th Post, People!!

Hi everyone.
Today is a great Saturday to blog. It is calm and peaceful, and the rain is dropping lightly on the roof.
I can hear the computer humming and I feel that it's gonna be a GREAT day!!
Last night I went to see Marina in her play, and it was wonderful! She was the best one there! She played a teacher who hated cellphones, and just seeing her made me want to turn MINE off...And she's my friend!!
So we got back here later and every one of us went to sleep!
The house is all nice. Well, except for some action packers and boxes here and there. But, again I say, my room is all put together! It's gorgeous! I have to post pictures sometime! But not now, because the camera won't let me put them on THIS computer. So...
Today we were SUPPOSED to have a great breakfast of pancakes, bacon and coffee, but DAD forgot that Mom and Jewel had to go to the doctor and they would miss it.
I'd like to slap that doctor. She is Ba'Hai. It's like a modern kind of Hippie.
"Oh, peace will come!"
"Everyone must love those who need to be loved!"
"Come, let's spread the peace!"
"God is peaceful, so we need to be peaceful to! Spread the love!"
THAT. Is what I mean. She is one of the best doctors, but BOY does she need God. Not...Peascod. (I WON THESAURUS THURSDAY WITH PEASCOD!) Well, I was one of the Silly Goose winners! I need to take that picture and place it on the bottom of my blog...I'm quite proud of it. =)
And today I plan to enter all the caption blogs. Check this out by the way. I made it!
And check this and this and this and that out too!
And by the way,
I have to go now. I will post pictures as soon as I can.



My room--is---DONE!!
*clapping and shouts*

Yes. The day started out at 6:00 AM here. I woke up with a joy in me. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning!
I found old toys that I didn't even remember. It was SORT of like Christmas.
Back to to the beginning. I was going crazy. Dad was awake, and surprised to find ME awake. =) I was in my p.j.s still.
I wanted to open everything. And I wanted to do it NOW. It was drivin' me NUTS!
"Can I open just ONE box? Please?"
"No. It will make a mess."
"Dad, I'm goin' nuts! I really want to open something!"
So I set to work freeing the moode, which is this awesome wooden seat. From the jungle. He knew I would be careful, so there I was. Knife in hand, cutting all the newspaper and tape off of the moode. Not to mention wearing a big pink robe that made me look like a bald penguin. With hair.
So I looked like someone had broken into the house and I was ready to defend myself.
I was told specifically not to leave a mess with all the paper and tape. I didn't.
God also set MY box in my bedroom. And so, I was told not to open anything else. I did..SO SUE ME!!!
I begged again, and Dad let me open the pool tubes. So now they are floating joyously. As soon as it is warm enough, we will have soooo much fun with them.
But I'd like to remain this color, thank you. Not purple, red or possibly white. AHEM.
We finally have it all. Well....Sort of. As soon as I can upload the pictures, which SHOULD be tomorrow, I will have pictures of my entire room. I know you all will like it.
And now, I must go.
Tonight my friend has a show I am to attend.
I have to speak PIRATE, ARGH!
How be all ye's day? Mine was perfect, argh.
I've stopped for a bit on all ya'lls blogs argh!
I be goin' now.....

Sing It With Me...

God is so good!
God is so good!
God is soo good, He's so good to me..!
He answers prayer!
He answers prayer!
He answers prayer, he's so good to me!

*raises hand*

Praise God. Wow. He is so wonderful!!

The container, everyone. THAT is what is causing all this song hubub!
The container that I have been ranting about for weeks and praying about for months.
It, is being loaded onto the truck to be brought to OUR house. Right now.
If it doesn't get here TONIGHT, it will be here in the morning. Everyone in our house is amazed.

So, everyone...Please thank God for this. THANK YOU LORD!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


I can speak some Gulluh! A language that many South Carolinians and Georgians speak even today!

See, the Black slaves who created this cool language sort of mixed English with African, and hoped for the best. For a long time, it was just considered bad grammar and accent. NO. It is considered a very rare language, that NOT EVERYONE can speak.

See if you can understand this:

Cause God lob all de people een de wol sommuch dat e gii we e onliest Son. God sen we um ain gwine dead. Dey gwine lib faebamo.

I know what it means! Dad has been reading aloud to me from De Nyew Testiment, complete with Gulluh accent!

I'm very interested in learning this AND French, *cough, CHAN, cough, cough, ACHOO, cough*

I think it's because I am an MK, and I have grown accostumed to learning new languages, accents and words. I LOVE it.

I want to learn a BUNCH of languages before I go to college. THAT is my goal. I really want to.
I guess maybe it's because I want everyone else to like learning new languages, and accept other cultures and people who aren't what they seem to be.

So, I just wanted to see if ANY of you can figure it out. Leave a comment if ya can! I'll announce the answer some time soon.
TRY your absolute hardest!!

And, if you don't have the accent right, LEARN it. None of this gringo stuff or Spanish or Russian. It's easier for Americans to learn it, though. Specially people who have DADs who speak 'round the house!

I just love the way it sounds! And Dad says that I am getting there with my accent, and that I have the words and pronunciation down.

I have to go now.

Think about what I've said, and don't forget to participate in Tuesday's post!! GO NOW!!

I Feel Like Chicken Little!!

Today is a New Day!

It started out a little bit bumpy, but just like you were driving and hit a bump, you wouldn't go back and drive over it again and again, I won't dwell on the bump I hit this morning.
I got to sleep in a glorious 4 hours extra! Mom, you are the BEST!
I have some tests today. No matter, I will work hard on them and try my hardest.
As soon as I finish all them tests, I will move on to MSN and chat for hours. Like I do every day!!

And now, I have school to do.
I'd best leave now!!

Wacky Wednesday

I have decided to return to my special blog days. Today is Wacky Wednesday and I also have Spiritual Sunday. Both are going to be lots of fun!
Today is Wacky Wednesday! Where I post anything, weird, wacky, funny, random or all!!

Once upon a time, there was a magical pixie horse whose name was Frankie. He liked to sing with frogs. Well, he was the only magical pixie horse who sang with frogs. He was weird, and with being weird comes being teased.
Frankie was sad, now. He had to leave his friends because the King declared that NO pixie horse sing with anything BUT another magical pixie horse.
And then Frankie was going to the Easter Bunny's house, who lives at Area 51, on 666. On his way, his troubles ended because he got run over by Santa's reindeer. And now he lives with Santa and sings with the elves at the North Pole. He is the one who makes all the My Little Pony toys. =)
Hammer Head

Face Plant

xD...HAPPY WACKY WEDNESDAY!! Be sure to participate in TTF! (See yesterday's post, scroll down. =)

True True False Tuesday!

On TTF Tuesday, I will give out three things about myself. Two of them have to be true, and another FALSE. YOUR job is to guess which one is false.

2 Rules:
-Don't give out ANY hints.
-Don't say which ones you think are true, just the one that you think is false.

1. I like to play Solitaire.

2. I hate sea-food.

3. I bite my nails.

Have Fun! Winners will be mentioned next Tuesday!


I woke up to a not-so-smiley face at an indecent hour this morning. Thoughts struck me all at once:
"I'm going to the Legal Papers Place!"
"I have to get dressed!"
"I have to eat my teeth and brush my breakfast!"
I jumped out of bed, and dressed in record speed. Then I grabbed a book and my cell-phone and checked my email.
Then, I tried hacking Dad's safe eyes. Ludicrous, I know what you mean...Boo, safe eyes...BOO!
After that, I was told that we were gonna be out for a WHILE and that I needed to eat something.
"I'm not hungry, really." I said, as I looked up from my book.
"Well. Eat something! Cereal or toast or something!"
I ate Frosted Flakes. Didn't taste them, but they filled my tummy.
Then, about 20 minutes later,
"She doesn't have to go. She's not immigrating."
"Get in the car. Got your book?"
I nodded, and slipped in the car.
We arrived at a little building with a secretary who wore a pink shirt. I sat down on a gross flowery chair. It was all gawdy and bleh.
Finally, Dad grabbed some papers and then we walked around the corner and met this super sweet lady who took our pictures.
Then we walked into...THE PAPERS PLACE. And we stood at this little thing with another nice lady who was amazed that we had all our papers...

See, the lady says I have to be enrolled in a school. I wanted to say:
"Yeah? Well. There is this new thing. It's called home-schooling. Because SOME of us don't like to get involved with bad things that go on in schools today."
AND THEN, she said that I needed a Police Report. That they had to make sure that I wasn't a criminal.
JUST A QUESTION: Do I LOOK like a criminal? Do I LOOK like I'd kill anyone or deal disgusting drugs or plant bombs in schools? Or anything like that? I'm tiny. I wouldn't be ABLE to do all that. But, MAYBE I could be a spy and I could have killed someone with my thumb! YOU NEVER KNOW THESE DAYS...O.o
So we had to go back to the place with the gawdy flower chairs and the boss had to type up an email asking the PAPERS PLACE to please consider the fact that I entered the country when I was 13, and that the PAPERS PLACE in Miami said I didn't have to do it.
We got this formal NO-SMILEY letter photocopied and then went to the big PAPERS PLACE again. They told us to go talk to some Dr. Amena. So, we went up.
We made some friends in the waiting rooms. A Brazilian lady talked with Mom. All I heard was this:
"Mleh--Mleh MAO MAO--Miew- Mashia OW OW." And occasionally a mumble. Portuguese sounds like cats meowing. Or metal springs in a boxing match.
We met someone else from Oregon, who was a missionary here and HE had been working on HIS papers since January. He had a problem where he had Police Reports, but the PAPERS PLACE wanted him to go to the FBI.
COME ON! The FBI is hard! You can't just like, walk in there. It's not like people have them on their speed-dial. It's H A R D. So, he had it a little tougher than we did.
Then, we talked to THE man. The head honcho. The big guy. The boss.
And he said that he was fine with letting me stay here and slip by without the Police Report. =) And he also said, to just give them all the papers and say that he said it was fine if I didn't enroll in a school. SOMEONE knows about home-schooling here...
I thanked him again and again and again. I wanted to hug him. But, I didn't.
Then his secretary, a guy in a monkey suit, led us back to the PAPERS PLACE. He talked to them about everything, and explained that he was there when the boss a They acted all fine with it, they took the letter and accepted it. Thank you, MONKEY MAN!
Then, the guy behind the desk wasn't satisfied with the boss's saying that it was O.K for me to slip by without the Police Papers and the School Paper.
He needed a signature. Some little scribble on a paper. I can scribble! I'm like the best scribbler around here!
The scribbler's job seemed easy, and I was considering that as my occupation.
Till I had been there for three hours because the lady had to type up this long, monotone email. Then, I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.
So, anyways. The guy called the office we had just come from, and no one answered. It was lunchtime, and BOY did my stomach know it. Our stomachs were like,
"Why are you still here?!? Go eat something!"
And we had to shush it, and suck it up, and then do something else. That seems to be the way we have been rolling for the past month.
Dad ran upstairs to see if the boss was still there. He wasn't. Dad came running back down.
"We're going back tomorrow. The boss already went to lunch."
So, then we left. And I was happy to be OUT.
Mom looked Dad in the eye. "Lunch."
So we called my sister at home. She had made Spaghetti, which sounded just right. Then, we had to reconsider.
TRAFFIC. LUNCHTIME. They seemed to fit together like Peanut Butter and Jelly..(Mmm...Peanut butter and jelly...)
So, we called my sister up.
"The traffic is horrible. We're so hungry. If we can make it to the house, we'll eat with you, but the traffic is really rough so we might stop and eat somewhere. Depends."
So we stopped at ate at La Paulista. A wonderful steak place where they bring the food up to you.
I La Paulista!
We were there for a while. Satisfying our hunger, and eating yummy things like sugared pineapple and lomo de cerdo. Doesn't that word just TASTE delicious?
Dad happened to have a craving for sausage. Spicy sausage. And he let every waiter guy who came to the table know it!
MAN 1:"Would you like a chicken heart, sir?"
"No. I'm waiting for the spicy sausage."
MAN 2:"Would you care for some pig lung?"
"No, but I'd LOVE some sausage."
MAN 3:"Want some sugared pineapple?"
"Yes, please. And I'm waiting for the spicy sausage."
MAN 4:"Chicken cheese fillet, sir?"
"Yes. Thank you. And you know, I'd LOVE some of your spicy sausage!"
MAN 5:"Tenderloin, sir?"
"Yes. And I want spicy sausage."
MAN 6:"More lomo de cerdo?"
"No. But I would really like some of that spicy sausage!"
MAN 7:"More pineapple, sir?"
"No. Is there any spicy sausage?"
MAN 8:"Would you like some spicy sausage, sir?"
"YES!!!PILE IT ON, BUDDY!! How did you know?"
Hmm...I wonder...How DID they know?
We ate our fill and then discussed a pastry that we can't describe! It's like a donut filled with...something creamy...
And then we bought a birthday-cake for Elena and I brought it home.


Today is the day where everyone lounges around in their pijamas, watches DVDs or BLOGS. You know who you are, people!
Today I babysat for my neices and we played with her Fischer Price animals. And reenacted Noah's Ark. With a huge tupperware to get her to pick up the toys.
Now she's napping.
I made Bluey her second birthday present. Her very own sitemeter! I also made one for Netsirk. I like making things for people.
Today I plan to chat on MSN for a bit, then maybe watch some movies, make some tasty snacks, and tonight is Saturday Teen Meet! I can't wait!! I love teen-meets.'
Thank yew, Humble Wife. EVERYONE! I won third place in penofjen's caption contest!!! YAAAY!

Now I have to set to work and start writing Bluey's chapter for the story blog.
Gotta go!

Here I Am, World. (Sing it to the Tune of Here I Am, Lord)

I the blogger of Paraguay,
I have heard my viewers cry!
Those who dwell, where boredom lives.
My words will save.

I who made this crazy blog,
I will solve your boredom prob!
Ye who reads my blog, each day,
Leave a comment, I pray!

Here I am, World!!
It is I, World!!
I have heard you, calling in the night!
I will blog, World!
If you read me!
I will save you, from your boring time!!

I the girl, who made this up,
I will read the comments you put up!
And as for those, who lurk around,
I'll beat you down!

Here I am, World!
This is I, World!
I have heard you, crying in the night!
I will leave now,
Cause I've finished!
But, remember, to check my blog each day!

xD...Hope you enjoyed that!

Missionary Kid Story!

I was standing there. Innocently. Some little girl came up to me, and she said,
"Are you a weird person?"
"Not particularly." I replied, a bit embarrassed.
"You act weird. You act different. Do you drink pig brains?"
"No. I'm more civil than that. I eat worms, though."
And then she left, and I never saw her again.

I'M BACK!!!!!!

Carlos saves Herald and they become best friends. And Herald moves next door to Carlos and they attend the same church. =-)
The End.

However, news: Whenever I have nothing else to post about, I will create another story like that of Carlos and Herald.


I have been very busy these past few days. I have to become legal. I have been going to state houses, embassies and etc. The first time, I was crazy enough NOT to take a book. Scold me, why don't you.
All I had was --National Geographic from 2004. BO-RING!

I sat there. Forever. I wished I had Inkheart with me. It's an interesting book. And I wanted my Rani Adventures, too. I am a bookworm. Hehe! xD The second time, I DID have Inkheart with me. And my cellphone.

Today Mom is making tacos. Yum!

LAST NIGHT WE LOST THE GAME! VENEZUELA DIDN'T SCORE ONE GOAL!!! I felt like an idiot wearing my Venezuela jersey. Wah. But, we all knew Paraguay would win. Paraguay beat Brazil and Argentina. HELLO, PEOPLE!!!! So, yeah...We had to wear jackets over our shirts because people can get rowdy if you aren't on their team. We had great seats. But we didn't win.
If Paraguay ever plays ANY other TEAM, BESIDES Venezuela, we will be ecstatic and happy when they score. But,...Yeah...

I finished school very early today. About three minutes ago, actually. I still have 2 more PACES, though. AHEM. IN EVERY SUBJECT. BUT. MATH. Math, I REALLY need to catch up on.

I was so tired today, that like five minutes ago I was trying to take a nap. THIS IS RARE, PEOPLE!!! I am a ball of wild energy. I always have to walk, or move. And when I'm bored--TRUST ME: You don't wanna be in charge of me.
So taking a nap was odd for me. I wanted to collapse.

The container is taking it's sweet time getting here. It was SUPPOSED to be here three days ago, but, WELCOME TO SOUTH AMERICA! WHERE EVERYTHING, YES EVERYTHING, GETS THERE LATE! WE'LL EVEN SHIP IT TO KENYA BY MISTAKE IF YOU LIKE! JUST CALL 1-800-MESSUP.

Carlos: Part Dos

Herald kept running. He ran and ran and ran some more. When he was sure the crab had forgotten about him, he stopped and took a breath and sat himself under a shady palm tree.
"That was close!" He said. And closed his eyes.
"You think!?" Carlos shouted. And scuttled around the corner at Herald. "GET BACK HERE!" HE shouted.
Herald took of running again, and Carlos chased him again. Soon, Carlos cornered him between the big rocks.
"I demand to know what your plan was at scaring the life out of me, you little --thing!"
Herald sighed. "My name is Herald."
"Ok. And why did you pop in and out like some sort of--of--gopher?!?"
"I was only trying to take a bath! But YOU cut in front of me, and I was there first!"
"Well, it was my turn, you impotent creep!"
"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Herald shouted.
"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" They screamed in unison, as they raced for the tide-pool!
When they got there, they found a very frightened snail, with his towel wrapped around him and his eyes wide.
"Goodness!" The snail exclaimed. "Some people are so eager to take a bath!" And he slipped off.
Herald pushed, and Carlos pushed back! They fought and fought! They pushed and slapped.
Finally, Herald knocked Carlos over the head. "GET OUTTA MY WAY! THIS IS MY BATHPLACE!"
"NO IT AIN'T!" Carlos retorted. And skittered over and knocked Herald out of place.
Herald glared at Carlos. "This has to stop." He declared.
Carlos nodded. "I would highly recommend that you let me go my way, and I shall return you the favor of letting you go yours."
Herald nodded. "But I'm bathing first."
Carlos scoffed. "I don't think you understood me. I said let me go MY way, and you go YOURS. As in, GET OUT OF MY FACE!" He slipped into a shout.
Herald humphed. "Well. There is NO way I am going to bathe WITH you, and that is the only other solution to this problem."
Carlos snuffed. "Agreed. Go bathe underneath the humans, GO!"
"What?!?! Why ME?"
"Because you're pathetic. This is the part where you nod your head, and GO." Carlos whispered.
Herald shook his shell. "I'll never. You go! I hear there's hot water! Or, just wait like the patient thing you are."
Carlos shook his head this time. "Never."
Then, something came and grabbed Herald. He slid into his shell, and hid there. A human had picked him up.
"Look, Daddy! It's an ugly snail! Eww!!!!" A little girl giggled. Herald wanted to puke.
The little girl shook Herald to no end.
"Look! Isn't he cool? Can we take him home, Daddy?" She asked.
"No, I don't THINK so!!" Herald shouted.
"Um." The father thought a bit. "I guess so. Maybe we can take him home! Would you like that, honey?"
Herald began to cry. The father took him, and placed him in a plastic jar. While in the jar, Herald screamed. They soon carried him home.
Carlos stared at Herald, pitifully stuck in that jar. He dropped his towel and ran after the man and the little girl. Like a spy. O.o

Once Apon A Time

There was a crab. His name was --uh...Carlos. This little crab was shy, and didn't have any friends. He would often go and hide underneath the rocks by the beach.
All of the popular crabs would go and swim in the ocean with the sharks. Little Carlos was smart, though.
But, he was teased, because he never talked with anyone. He had no friends. Nobody to talk to. He was bored 100% of the time.
One day, he was walking down to the shore, off to take his bath. He was carrying his sea-soap. :D
When something popped out of the ground. It was round, and purplish in color.
Carlos backed up, and stared into the hole.
Then, it popped back up, and then hid again.
The thing scampered out of the hole and ran. It was a hermit crab. And it's name was.--Herald? Yeah...Herald.
Read tomorrow and find out more!


You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.

You pull punches, but people still love you.

You Are Strawberry Ice Cream

A bit shy and sensitive, you are sweet to the core.

You often find yourself on the outside looking in.

Insightful and pensive, you really understand how the world works.

You are most compatible with chocolate chip ice cream.

You Are a Glazed Donut

Okay, you know that you're plain - and you're cool with that.

You prefer not to let anything distract from your sweetness.

Your appeal is understated yet universal. Everyone dig you.

And in a pinch, you'll probably get eaten.

You Are Fruit Loops

You're very fun loving and easily bored.

You need everything in your life to be over the top.

You are definitely attracted to shiny and colorful objects.

If kids love something, you tend to love it as well.

You a very short attention span and are easily distracted.

You are likely to eat something very random for breakfast... or forget to eat it at all.

You Are a Marble Cake

Eclectic, inventive, and peaceful.

You are never willing to accept what's "normal." You live to push the envelope.

You find it hard to make up your mind. You prefer to have everything you want, right away!

You Are an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

On the surface, you're a little plain - but you have many subtle dimensions to your personality.

Sometimes you're down to earth and crunchy. Other times, you're sweet and a little gooey.


She is awesome! She is so snarky and funny and I love how comfortable she is and I know she can lead America!

R-Really Funny
A-America Needs Her
H-Hockey Mom!!!!

I love her. I really liked her speech, cause she didn't drone on and on like Obama does and Hillary and CHAVEZ and bla bla bla...grr...I get bored at people like that.

YAY FOR PALIN! You know the candidate is what we want when Obama looks like this:

" Well...Now all of America likes her....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!"

So again I say...., YAY FOR SARAH PALIN!






This weather is inhumane.
I, on the other hand, am getting cozy. I am wearing a robe and my p.j.s that look like a candy cane and a sweater. It's raining outside. If it wasn't COLD while it was raining, I'd be like YESSSS! But, its cold, and thus, I am freezing.
I'm also sick. And freezing, DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!!!!!!! My feet are like icicles. And my fingers hurt every time they hit the keys. Cause they are cold.
Well, I'm having a pretty good morning so far. I woke up feeling horrible, and then I did some school in bed. I did extra last night,shh--don't tell mom! I only did today's Science last night, and this morning I did some English and started on some math.


Mom feels horrible. The weather affects her back. Poor Mom...:(
My room is nice and tidy because our wonderful friend, Feli, is the best of the bazookas! She cleaned everything out, and made my bed and alphabetized and folded clothes and then she put my sunglasses on my teddy bear! On Ralphie, you remember him. He looks COOL, man. Duuuuude!

Anyways, our container is supposed to get here in THREE DAYS. When and if it does actually get here by that time, I will set up my bedroom to the way I like it. With my brand new bedspread that looks like India! And I want to paint my walls turquoise and I can paint little purple musical notes over that. I can't wait!!!!!

Today my plan is to stay around the house, hide in my p.j.s, and drink mate and make myself some hot chocolate. I also plan to be online for a while today.

Now I have to go. Thanks for reading!


I'm about to head off to a teen meet, but I wanted to check up.

I wanted to thank everyone for feeding my babies. I appreciate it. And, they are free, so go ahead and make one and I promise to help you feed it. or them. or whatever.


She is awesome! We watched her speech last night, dubbed over in Spanish, and she is really comfortable in front of the camera and everything. And she wants to drill in Alaska. YAY! And lower gas prices.
She is funny and snarky. I was laughing because the teen's husband was being seen all over the world.
xD Poor guy...Not really...Just kidding...Not...

AND, I got an honorable mention on pen of jen's caption contest! YAY! xD


Be sure to go read THIS.

I have to go now.


Scroll down my blog and feed my pets! There is cocoa, vanilla, china, kuzco etc. Feed Them!

I have been responsible for them! I feel like I need to feed them every time I come on! So, when I can't do that, please feed them for me! Or I will feel guilty.
It may sound crazy, but really, I love them. They are so cute! And they're free. I don't have a favorite I love them all.

You really should get one! It's really worth it! I love them!

Make sure to play with them, and pet them and everything.

Palin's on tv and I HAVE to go!


Someone please please please get on gmail. I'm on, it would be great if one of my friends got on, too...


I shall be on til about 9:30ish to 10...



Well, I was GOING to post the cartoon Nonohoicha I made, but...Our connection is being a big meany. }:( I am angry.
I'M FREE!!!!!!!! Schoolwork is D O N E. I finished early, today. Usually I finish at about 1ish. Not today! Today I finished at 11:25. IT'S A RECORD!
I have been looking at my cartoon me...and...I am a picky person, and I don't like it. Something about my face being too long. But, don't worry, I won't delete it.
Randomizer knows how long it took me to get the eyes the way they are, and how long the whole picture took me.
FOREVER. I will continue to post my computer art because I love computer art. And, my hand is pretty steady, so...yeah...

I made a new thing to say whenever you are laughing. Instead of always saying LOL, I made up SML=SMILE, GGL= GIGGLE and SNKR=SNICKER. That way, you aren't lying. Because we only actually LOL about 25% of the time we say lol. So, this way, it is easier to type the truth!


Here is a little thing. I am going to post ten random facts about meself! HERE WE GOOOOOOOOO! xD

1. I love squash. I don't see why most kids hate it. Those kids probably say I'M weird, but maybe it's the other way around...0.o
2. I will randomly burst out in song.
3. I type 68 words per minute.
4. I will write stories, and never finish them. In the beginning they are interesting, but right in the middle...meh...
5. I have someone from Indonesia reading my blog!
6. I sing in very very very high, classical, opera-like soprano notes. Other times, I get back into alto.
7. Kiddie shows make me want to puke.
8. I never cry at movies.
9. I will read in trees sometimes. So relaxing. I love it.
10. I look like Nonohoicha.

And now I have to go. BYE BYE!


A sneak peak of what Bluey's will be like.

GOTTA GO BUT HERE IT IS! =) Look up there! See?

Who wants one? Just send me a pic and I will make one of that pic. BYE!!

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