Ft. Myers...Beautiful Place

We, ( me, my aunt, uncle and cousin) have been somewhere wonderful. We visited the Edison-Ford Winter Estate, located in Fort Myers, Florida. The property was beautiful, with palm-trees, bamboos, and beautiful flowers. The houses were left just as they were, with antique furniture and arched ceilings. Though we weren't allowed to go inside Thomas Edison's house, we were able to enter Henry Ford's home. It was so nice. Thomas Edison, in my oppinion, is one of the smartest men to ever have walked to planet. He invented things not only to make life better for him and his family, but also for the United States to be the best it could be, and to continue to progress. He made many of the things we use as second-nature today, such as the toaster oven, the curling iron, motion pictures, and so much more. Even though he was deaf, and was thought to be a dyslexic, he never gave up and he thought of every fail as 'one way NOT to do it.' Surely, not ALL of us are patient, and, I think, if I had tried and failed nearly 300 times to make a lightbulb, I would be a nervous wreck and would be pulling my hair out with impatience and frustration. But, he continued. Now, thanks to him, every time I use my curling-iron I silently thank God for creating that amazingly intelligent man. And to think his teachers thought he was addle-minded and would never amount to anything! Yet, he is world-famous! He only had three months of formal education, because of those teachers. His mother then home-schooled him and taught him the basics. He learned to speed-read, and had a photographic memory. That means that he would be able to quote every page of every single book he had ever read. Pretty extraordinary. Now, I myself am a speed-reader, as I take after my mother, who has photographic memory AND she can speed-read. Hmm...My mom....A genius. :)
Thomas Edison would often sit outside with his fishing pole at the dock, and pretend to fish, so as to be left alone in order to think up new ideas.
While we can't all invent things like he did as a hobby, we would accomplish SO MUCH MORE if we would just let the frustration slip away, and think of every mistake as he did.

While we were at the Estate Gift Shop, I bought a lightbulb pen and a nice frosty mug. I use them quite a bit, and I will always think of that genius when I use them.

After all of the excitement, we went to the Shell Factory. Everything was so pretty, and there were nice shells and shark-teeth and there were plenty of things to look at. I am known as a turtle-lover, well, animal-lover, so I got a cute magnetic bookmark with a turtle on it, and a door sign/ desk accessory that has a turtle on it and reads : "WELCOME! Come on in and rest your shell a spell!" It rhymes, and it is going on my bedroom once we move to Paraguay.

My apologies for not posting as often as I can, but I am a busy person, believe it or not.

Tomorrow we are all going to Busch Gardens...I can't wait...Which means I will probably not sleep tonight.

Well, Good Bye! Thanks for reading..!

Easter Poem

In honor of Easter coming up...

Everything is Chocolate,
There's lots of candies to munch.
Sure, it's a great holiday,
But everyone's missing a bunch!

We only focus on the 'normal' things,
And what people would think if they knew.
That you loved Jesus Christ,
Because chose to die for you.

We think it's about a bunny,
But, really it's not.
We think it's finding colored-eggs.
Think real hard. Maybe you forgot.

That one story.
About the man who died for you?
When you accepted Christ,
It was clear that you knew.

Look deep down inside.
Locked up somewhere,
Is the belief you used to show,
Please make sure it's still there.

Thanks for reading.




Have A Laugh!

Everyone deserves a laugh. I found this adorable video... I watch it every chance I get. If you don't laugh either something is extremely wrong with you, or you are weirder than I am!

Here it is...Enjoy! : )

Hmmm..... Help Me Decide

I have been very very bored lately, so, why not learn a new language? LOL. Yes, I am a missionary kid. Interested in learning languages, and I try to do either that or get on Club Penguin when I am bored. But, I cannot decide on a language to learn...I am at a cross between Hebrew, more French, Greek, Chinese, Guarani, etc....(Hint: That's when you come in. Tell me what language I should teach myself?)

I think learning Hebrew would be a useful choice, because the Bible was written in it....Paul spoke it... It would help me understand more religious things, and, a prophet once said in the Bible, that reading in translation is like kissing your bride through the veil.

French, I already know enough to get by, and I am sent daily Rocket French lessons through email, so I can learn it easily. Also, the French language is similar to Spanish, so, it wouldn't be that hard to learn.

Greek, would be useful to read in, but, nobody speaks Greek anymore, so....

Chinese, I am told, that if you learn it, it will make learning any other language easier, because it is supposed as the hardest language ever to learn... It figures...The words all sound the same to me.... Hai ho chaing cha hao hoa ching cha yao ming....(Plus, what if you learned it, and said something like 'and i eat balloon animals' on a stage, when you mean to say, 'and thank you for listening'?)

Guarani, I am very interested in. Partly because I am going to have to learn it when I live in Paraguay, so why not make it easier and start now? Plus, the accents and vowels are very similar to those of the Ye'kwana language.

Russian, first, because I think it'd be AWESOME! Russian language sounds very swift and, well, cool! Plus, my dear friend, Chocoholic MK, speaks it fluently. So, that one-ups it a bit.

German, sounds as though you are angry when you speak it...Well, to me it does. However, it would be a neat language to learn because if you spoke it, you could communicate with lots of blond people across the globe...Well, maybe....LOL. You know what I mean, and you know it!

So, tell me what language you think I should try in my spare time... Thanks!

Love & Hugs!


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