How are you? It's very hot today, and I'm super duper excited, because tonight I am spending the night with my awesome friend, and they have an 8-week-old retriever puppy...YAY! I cannot wait, because as most of you know, I am an extreme animal-lover!
Nothing much else going on...Disney World was wonderful, left all sorts of tracts all over the place there...So much fun!
Can you believe that The Simple Scholar got rid of his adorable cute kitten named Charlie? I loved that little cat...! But, it's probably best that he is given away, because the Simple Scholar was always away, and couldn't take care of the poor little guy...:) I just hope he has a better home now.
And now I gotta go get ready, because I am not fully packed, and my friend's mom is coming to pick me up at about 6:30ish and it is 5:30 now...See Ya!
God Bless!
Thanks for reading!

Jewel Is Packing, I Am Blogging, And...Yes, That's It!

Jewel is packing! All of her stuff in our room is going to be cleared out! No more neatness! HHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I can be messy...O.k, maybe I won't...I'll try to stay neat even when she is gone! The room will be empty pretty much...And it will be all dark and spooky at night, and, I'll admit, I will miss the times when she grabs my feet after I turn off the light and am climbing onto my top bunk... Then she rolls over and falls asleep..>She is awesome. Hehe!
I'm not super uber happy that she is leaving, but I'll see her soon so I am fine.
I need to get used to being alone and having my own room anyways, because in Paraguay that is what it will be like. So, yes.
I have a piggy-bank, well, more like a potty-bank, because my bank is a redneck outhouse..Hehe! I bought it in Georgia, and I love it! It's just like the one we had in the jungle!
Anyways, what I am working on is getting rid of all this change that is filling the plastic toilet inside it. And replacing it with dollars instead of pennies, nickels, quarters and dimes and blegh!...I'm sick of it! And, I am told that you can do that in grocery-stores and at the bank, and I am determined! Maybe I can even pass out MORE tracts...hehehehehehehe!

My Tract Addiction

I am a Christian, and I love it, and I am learning new things every day. My grandma gave me about 80 little tracts during my last visit. I have used plenty of them. They have a smiley-face on the front, and it says 'SMILE! Jesus Loves You', which is absolutely true, because God wants the good and the bad no matter how good or bad they are, He can use them in plenty of ways...My grandma told me that there was a lady who put a tract in a pair of jeans in a store once, and a man bought the jeans because he was going to kill himself that night, and didn't want to be found in dirty clothing when the police and everyone else found him, and when he tried on the jeans, it fell out, and he got saved by reading the tiny tract, and now he is a pastor! So, even leaving a few tracts here and there can help save a life before it's too late, and, what with all this stuff about littering going on, the tracts are legal, because they are made out of paper, so, to those eco-freaks, HA!
I have another type of tract that looks like a hand-written check for money, so EVERYONE who sees it, will pick it up and read it...It says things like PAID IN FULL by Jesus Christ, DATE now, whosoever believeth, and accepts Him, etc. I love them! I have all kinds...I collect them..I'm just gonna say it: I AM A TRACT JUNKIE!
Glad to get that out of my system. Anyways, I have been sticking the little smiley-face ones in magazines, newspapers, on the floor, in restrooms and anywhere else you can think of, you'll probably find a little smiley-face tract, put there by me, if it's in the area here. I love them...And they have no address on them, so no one can sue anyone because they won't know who to sue! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! Anyways, they need Christ and who doesn't take a free gift>>?
Well, I have to go now. Goodbye, and thanks for reading!

What I've Been Up To

I have been keeping a prayer-journal, about all the things that I need to pray about. Everyone needs prayer, regardless of what is happening in their life, who they are, or that they claim to be fine, and don't need it. I need prayer, my family, my friends, God is glad when we put others first. I've been writing in it just before I go to bed, when I am calm and silent. It is so peaceful.

I have been thinking, I want to be a photographer. I love beautiful pictures, I like to take pictures, and I have creativity so I can use my imagination with the pictures that I take. Something like a special moment photographer, or nature or something like that. My Aunt Pam still wants her photos that I took of when we all went to Thomas Edison/Ford's Winter Estate together, and then to the Shell Factory. She even made me take a picture of the cup from where we ate, which was, Long John Silvers..But wait a minute...Why is it named after old time pajamas? On the bright side, though, the food is VERY good. On Tuesday we'll be going to Orlando for my sister-in-law's birthday. I know we will have fun. Today, I will be going with my mother to the mall to spend my gift-cards before I go down to Paraguay and I can't use them there...I want to go to Old Navy and Dillard's and I want to find some more shirts, cause I am in love with them! I love to shop...:)
Anyways, I had better put my shoes on.

Avid Shoe-Wearer,
Fan of Ceiling Fans,
and Lover of Baby Toys.


What I'm Working On....

I recently read a book titled: "How To Be Appreciated".
It said things like this:

1. Always do more than what's expected of you.

2. When you start to feel sorry for yourself, do something nice for someone.

3. Every once in a while, surprise someone with a little gift/nice note.

4. Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.

5. The first word of every day should make your/ and someone else's day. SMILE.

So, I got motivated. And I washed the dishes, wiped down the counter, washed and cleared off the table and put away the dishes. When all I was supposed to do was put away the dishes.
Mom appreciated it. She likes to wake up to a clean house, instead of a trashed house.
It only took me about twenty minutes. So, I need to do that more often.

Anyways, I am now going to try to do at least three nice things for everyone. That way, I will be appreciated.
I also have to work hard at cleanliness and thinking before I do everything, and above all PROCRASTINATION!!!!!!!

Try to work on it with me...So far...It's really great.


All Done! WARNING: A Bit Rambling...

I woke up this morning, hoping to wake up to Abbie and Elena, but they were gone, so I got something else: Vacuum and dish-washing assignments. Great. But, as many of you know, Mom is not feeling well, and she told me that today she needed my help, not any attitude. And, believe me, after shouting that at me (without knowing it, because she is nearly deaf now, not on purpose) I wasn't about to give any. She said that if she got up and walked around, she would throw up. I'd rather wash dishes and vacuum then clean that up. Vomit? Lovely. Hmm..>Dishes or vomit?
So, I put away the dishes and washed the dirty ones as best I could with my fake nails...Which are getting on my nerves quite a bit, because they get in the way of everything. But, they sure look nice. Matching the dress I wore in the wedding. Pretty, yet hard to clean and climb and all that awesome stuff. I love climbing...I mean, come on, I grew up in a jungle..What else would you expect?
Anyways, now I am done. No more chores for the day. Unless mother asks me. And, I will do it. Anything is better than you-know-what on carpet...Ugh/Bleehhhh.....
So, now I am going to enjoy my day relaxing for a bit, and then shopping with Jackie.
Oh, and by the way, what Jackie is going to post about my room: It's fake. Someone framed my room...I know, it's weird! So, just telling you the truth ahead of time...Be warned. My room is NOT like that at all. And can you believe it? They even found a picture of me and glued it in so it looks like I was cleaning it! freaky....
Well, I'm going to go now...Good bye!

Update....WARNING: A Bit Rambling

It is so great to have Abby and Jackie here, at our house, for a month. News: Pray for S.M.B. I cannot tell you any more than that, but please pray deeply for her..Thanks.
I am singing at my brother's wedding, as soon as I can find a song that the bride approves of. I have given her like seven options, but she doesn't like them,....So I'll keep looking.
My bridesmaid dress is DONE...I love it! So Cute.

And now, regretably, I have to go. Bye bye!

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