Hi! Hello! HOW ART THOU?

Hi, whoever you are from Utah! And--And New York. And from New Mexico! And from District of Columbia! And--India!

xD...I sound like that Christmas poem with the reindeer. You know, on dasher, on donnet and
blitzen and yada yada yada...Haha! xD

Hello, people of the world who read my blog! Welcome! Just remember. I can see you, and I know exactly how long you are here. And just WHAT post you look at...Think about THAT!


I'm here to post about my weaknesses. Things that I'm addicted to, and always have been. I will do almost anything (that isn't wrong) for them. If you asked me to jump around like a frog that just drank soda, I'd do it.
If you asked me to climb onto my roof and jump into the freezing cold pool...Yes. I'd do it! Well. No. I'd trick you into giving it to me BEFORE I jump in, and then RUN. FOR. MY. LIFE. That's how I play. :D
Sorry. Off Subject. AHEMZ!
These things I am talking about are:

TERERE and BUTTERSCOTCH CANDIES. And blueberry toaster strudels or pop tarts, but I won't jump into a freezing cold pool for them either. :D
They are my favorite. I will drink TERERE for as long as I want. I recently found out that it's proven to be addicting, so TOO LATE! LOL!
And butterscotch candies...Oh, I love them. They're perfect and sweet and the perfect mixture of hardness and inside, SWEET, GOOEYNESS! I have eaten 15 just today. I'm not kidding or exaggerating. I have. And each time I reach for the yellow bag, which is right beside me as I type this, along with my cold terere, I tell myself:

"Ok. That's enough. Just one more and you're done." How many times does that ACTUALLY WORK, PEOPLE?


Believe me. I have tried. I have tried extremely hard to actually stop eating them! I can't. And, I don't see anything in the Bible that says anything like:

Thou shalt not eat butterscotch candies


And thou shalt not want butterscotch candies.
If you find one, LET. ME. KNOW!

As for the...uh...terere, which is gone now, and I'm gonna go get some more.

*leaves and gets more. Comes back*

It is wonderful. I thought, the first time I saw it, I was like, EW, THAT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY PUTRID! WHAT VILENESS!

What a crazy girl I was. If I went back and saw myself saying that I'd slap myself.
Now I love terere. And the hot version, Mate. For those of you who don't know how to say mate:
(Ma-tay) I don't know the exact actual dictionary meaning, but I know it should say:

MATE (ma-tay): a wonderful, minty sweet herb that is too good to describe in this enormous book.

That's what I'd put. It's just a nice little drink. I got a guampa and a bombilla for my birthday yesterday!
I just need to find a termo so I don't look like I'm carrying around a MAGIC GUAMPA that never gets empty.
GRINGOS/AMERICANS: a guampa is a little cup, and a bombilla is a nice little straw/spoon thing that helps you to drink it without sucking up the herb flour..mix...stuff.
I SHALL FIND OUT WHAT IT IS CALLED SOMETIME SOON! EVENTUALLY! (: Didn't expect THAT little smiley didja? It's backwards! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!:), and a TERMO is a thermos for hot or cold water.
I am drinking terere right now. I love the stuff! It's minty so it cools you down every time you drink it. Mate is boiling-lava hot water with the same herb.
The people here carry their termos and guampas everywhere they go. Like a second purse. They can't live without it. It is considered normal to take your termo and guampa to church on Sunday. It's fine.
It's like me taking the coffee machine everywhere. (Oh, I hate coffee.) Coffee to the doctor! Coffee to the grocery store! Coffee to school! Coffee to church! Coffee to work!
Now replace the 'Coffees' with 'mate' and 'terere' And you'll get the point.
I prefer mate in the morning ANYTIME over coffee.

Well, I think I've kept you long enough. Thanks for reading!


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My Picture!

I made it this afternoon. It's (from left to right) a polar bear with an iPod, a shark with a blutooth, a penguin with a cell phone and a seal with a Nintendo DS.

I made it! It's called Modern Antarctica. XD

Here it is, have a lookie!


Thanks for checkin'!



To all the blogger who are assisting in making my birthday a GREAT one! Here's a little something for you!






Aunt Pam♥



God...Hmm...Does God have a blog? Would it be something like holierthanthou.blogspot.com? Sounds like an idea for a blog for me to make....xD Well, I'll just put him there because He is AWESOME! GOD OF THE NATIONS!
Check out all of their blogs! They are great! Except for God's because He doesn't have one... ... ... ... ... ... ... ....Yet....):D

All of you may think you haven't done much, but just being a part of my life is just fine. Thanks everyone.

Nonohoicha, I wanted to apologize about last night. What with you waking up all disoriented and all...Maybe next time it will work better.

Thanks Netsirk and Bluey, for getting on at three right times and Nonohoicha for waking up so early to try. I'm sorry it didn't work out.

Marina, instead of you coming here after the HSM rehearsal, why don't you go home and then after the teen meeting tonight we will come and pick you up. Sound Good?

K. Just let me know. And if any of you want anything, I'm here to return the wonderful favor.

Netsirk, how is the sitemeter? Is it working? I hope it is. Let me know if you need any help with it.

Gotta go! BYE!

Midnight Lurkers

Lurkers. Those people who sneak around on my blog. And read my comments. And then leave, without commenting.
The people who sit at their computer, and read everything, and then step out. You know who you are.
You come here and then leave! I don't like it! I want to know what you thought of my posts!
Stop being cowards, to these lurkers:

-Lima, Peru
-Alexandria, Virginia.

...and the many others who come here and leave! I want to know what you think. I LIKE getting your insight. Unless you are mean and are only here to criticize me. Then just go away and never come back, but please comment whoever you are! I won't bite. I thank you and appreciate you just coming to my blog. Please!

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Hello There!

FINALLY, my sitemeter is working. I had made a ton of accounts and left out the most valuable piece in order for it to work. The Button. The sitemeter button. On my blog. I had left it out.

And, I am changing my name to JungleJayde, because...It sounds neat. And, my Mom has Jungle Mom, and I'm her daughter. Therefore...Ya...

I chatted with Bluey and netsirK last night. A nice long one until they ABANDONED ME! Grr...!

TOMORROW! IS! THE! DAY! Mom needs help peeling potatoes for my favorite food because she is the best Mom in the world, and she is going to make me ChEeSy PoTaTo SoUp for my birthday!
It is the best. She says she is going to improvise since they don't have cheese-wiz here. I wonder what she'll use...0.o

ANyways, I am happy that my sitemeter is working. Everything is perfect now.

And, turns out Mom doesn't remember any jewels on the pot...Read the post before this one and you'll understand.

And now I have to go! I may post again today! Keep Checking! I can see you...When you come on my blog...I have sitemeter...I am watching...>And so are the bunnehs...0.o o.0 0.o o.0

Meme From Bluey!


1. When you dance, you look like ________________.
A drunken monkey. And I don't dance, but that is what I'd look like if I did.

2. What is your greatest phobia?
Pathological organizational people.

3. What celebrity irritates you the most?
The selfish kind. The kinds that make fun of God and say they love Him and want Him to lead the way, and then they go out and do things God never approves of.

4. If you owned an enormous yacht, what would you name it?
The SS Verja XD!

5. If you could ask your nation's president/prime minister ONE question, what would it be??
"What do you not like about Obama?" XD...I would.

6. What have you tried in your life that you're simply not good at?
A front flip. It's just-sad.

7. How many minutes does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Change and brush my teeth and hair. About 7 minutes.

8. What hobby have you always wanted to pick up?
To be able to beat those little games you find on Cracker Barrel tables with the little pegs.

9. If you were any animal, what would it be?

10. What event or technological breakthrough do you think will revolutionize the future?
The Second Coming. I agree.

11. What do you need more of right now?
Things to do to pass the time until my birthday!!!!

12. If you were a nationality other than your own, what would you choose, and why?
Latin. I speak it already! :D

13. What beverage do you find nauseating?
Pig's blood. I read that they drink it in Greece or some where. More than water...Isn't that gross? I wanna gag...ew...

14. If you were on a desert island, what two books would you want with you?
My Map. (The Bible) And, my favorite, Peanut Butter Friends in a Chop Suey World.

15. What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone?
Their faces.

16. What is the most common compliment you recieve?
"Your skin is perfect! Do you EVER get pimples?"
And, no, I have only gotten about three in my life so far. Nananananana! Just kidding.

17. What commercial product would you refuse to endorse?
Anything God doesn't agree with.

18. What is your favorite pet name?
Goober, right now. I know, it's weird. But, hey, what can I do?

19. What is the best purchase you ever made?
My Heely shoes! I love them to DEATH.

20. What word best describes your internet knowledge?

21. What is the biggest indication that someone is a nerd?
They snort when they laugh or they win chess competitions. I don't really know.

22. What latest trend simply baffles you?
Sending people texts asking for money to buy another card...Whaaa--?

23. If you were an evil dictator, where would you rule?
I'd steal Venezuela from Chavez, have him forcibly conscripted into jail. And then give it back to the VENEZUELANS, and ship Chavez on a ship to be dropped off the edge of the world. He can rule Mars. Or something.

24. What would you like your nickname to be?
Verja. :D

25. What song do you keep hearing OVER and OVER again??
Just As I Am.

26. What are you most proud of right now?
What my friend did. I can't tell you though, she wants it kept secret. Thankies!

27. What is the worst name you know?
Um...Hmm..I think the ugliest NAME I have ever heard is Matilda. It just--sounds evil, ya know?

28. What do you think is the most repulsive form of music?
Rap. Hard Rock. They both give me a headache and I can't understand a word, so I steer-clear of them.

A Story

This is a story about something that we own. Something that was found in the Amazon River where we lived.
One day, about eight months before we had to leave, an Indian found something when he was fishing.
It was buried really deep (as in, it must have taken hundreds of years for it to be buried so deep) in the mud on the river bank. He had to dig for about five hours before he could even get to it. He said he had never seen anything like it.
It was a pot. A clay pot. A clay pot that was old and delicate. It was precolumbus. Very old.
And we wanted to keep it. So the Indian gave it to us.
Dad took it the next day to the oldest man in the village. The witch doctor. Normally, we try to steer-clear of witch doctors but the witch doctor said he wanted to see it.
He said it was from many, many years ago. That it was old. Dad thanked him and then we got out of there.
All the other Indians saw it and were amazed. It has beautiful carvings and paintings that are pretty much worn, but are still very pretty and ancient, there are little jewels pressed into the clay. The handles are made of something like brass, and the brass is still so shiny, we think it might be GOLD on the handles. What else would have lasted so long?
Dad said that National Geographic would pay through the nose, -ugh, that doesn't sound pleasant- to find something like it, so we put it on the container so nobody else would see it and try to get their hands on it. Because Dad said it was worth A LOT.
I am going to ask Mom if I can keep it in my room. I think it is just so cool.
I just thought that maybe you'd think it was interesting. I do.
And now, I am thinking that it may have belonged to someone of GREAT importance. Like a king or a chief. Or...Something.

What do YOU think?


My birthday. Is. Two. Days. Away.

I cannot wait. Mom has decided that she will make me Chinese rice, because I love it. And, Marina is coming to spend the night. On my birthday, and we will abandon her at church on Sunday.

0.o Read this.

I had so much fun! Last night netsirK and Bluey were online, so we all had a three way game of Q&A. It was soooo much fun!
Speaking of Bluey and netsirK, I need to go and check their blogs.

Thank you, people of my Mom's blog for coming here. Be sure to read all my posts on the homepage, because I am posting many times a day now. Whenever the mood strikes.

And, I am happy, because Nonohoicha invited me, Bluey and netsirK to join and start a blog.

I am thinking of a name for it.
I like these suggestions: (.blogspot.com after these names)









Think about it. Let me know which ones ya'll like.


Reporting LIVE From...My...House.

Mom is here! And Aunt Brenda, and Jackie, too! And Muna! Mom has thrown a blogger party for all the bloggers here in ________. It's noisy, but there is coffee, so I'll live. :D
I was able to sneak away. I am here, blogging, while everyone else drinks coffee and eats muffins and coffee cake and talks about what they want to blog about.
I baby-sat for five kids. Two were my nieces, and three others live across the street. I held them all together in the room with the projector. We made shadow puppets. =)
The reason I was baby-sitting was because Jackie was having a Ladies Study. And the ladies brought their kids. And I was the sitter for them.
One lady didn't leave her kid with me. I don't think she trusted me. MEANY! I wouldn't throw them around or anything. It insulted me a little at first, but I'm fine now.
The two boys, who were about six and four, were rowdy, and kept leaving the ROOM. That room was the place where I was supposed to keep them.
They were still in their soccer uniforms. So Brian came, and took them outside with a ball. I then had to the two baby girls.
E and A. They are my nieces and they are cute as a button! They watched me do a show with Mr. Sock, a sock puppet I made just in case they got bored of everything else! (See!!! I'm responsible and prepared. Not unattentive and unexperienced! She could have left her kid. I'm sure he would have loved it!)
And then a show with Larry Lion and Mack the Moose. A lesson about ... Well, nothing in particular. But, they loved it anyway! I pretty much just made the Fischer Price animals talk and the girls laughed.
I could hear the two older boys outside with the ping-pong table and the little baby boy with his Mom, CRYING CAUSE HE WAS BORED. LEAVE HIM WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I wanted to shout!
A little after that, E wanted her Mom, and I said she couldn't go. And E wanted to know why, so I said,
"Well, E. Mommy went to the moon today. She'll be back soon."
"OH! Is she making marshy friends? (martian friends)."
"Sure! Maybe she'll bring some back with her!"
"Can I go to the moon?"
"Sure. Maybe sometime."
"Will you take me to the moon, Tia?"
So I made the bedroom look like the moon and we had to jump over the pillows cause they were craters, and our space ship was the bed. And every couple minutes we had to get back into the space ship. We even pretended to make a cake out of the moon. And it was a cheese-cake! E insisted.
"MARSHIES!" She would shout, whenever she saw A coming around the corner. Then I'd grab A and put her on the space ship. And she'd giggle. And then I'd turn on the projector and make little noises so it sounded like we were watching shooting stars. They both LOVED it. Then when the meeting was over, we came here. And I started drinking cafe con leche and apple coffee pie.

Now I am drinking coffee, A wants me, E wants to get in our pool after she finishes with whatever she is doing, and I still have a plate of coffee pie. So, I must go!



I just read everyone's blogs. I am sleepy.
I FINALLY cut my hair. But I wanted it a little shorter than it is now. I asked Jewel if it was the length I had asked for, but Jewel said it was fine just so she could get HER hair cut. 0_0

Doesn't matter. It had happened twice, so I'd have done the same thing.

Today is blogger party day! Muna and a few others are coming over! I can't wait! There will be coffee. Mmm...

I jumped in the pool. Yes. I. Did. I changed at about 3 yesterday, put my hair up and then slowly waded in...VERY slowly. It wasn't that bad! After the temperature shock, and you go all the way under, you're fine. So I slipped and dipped around.
Then I got out.
Then Dad got in, so I got back in. Take notice, that, it was 9 when Dad got in.
The pool is very nice. Rectangular! *Oooh!* Shiny! *Aaaah*. o.0

I just woke up. I am still in my pajamas. My eyes are like begging for more sleep. After standing up for hours yesterday (read all my posts before this one and you'll understand), it felt nice to sit down and listen to some nice, praise and worship, just pretty guitar and piano hymns. I love that CD. 0.o. Majesty Strings. Aah..It puts me to sleep. Which is good. 'Cause I am nocturnal. I am a ball of energy. I get bored easily, and I can't stand silence. So I must talk or listen to something or someone. Soft hymns are perfect to put me to sleep.

Today my plan is to...Um...Well, first Mom has asked me to please dust the whole house, then dust the glass tables. 0.o. I'll get started on that as soon as I've had breakfast and I am out of my pajamas.


The other day, there was a spider. I named him Pablo. And there was an annoying mosquito. I was sitting here, typing. I know Pablo. He's my friend. The mosquito, I named him Cheese (because I like cheese), was getting on my nerves. He was buzzing around my head.
I sighed exasperatedly, and said, "Pablo, this is Cheese, Cheese, that's Pablo."
Pablo looked happy to meet a new friend. Cheese, not so much.
Pablo was coming down. He is a shiny dust color. Not poisonous. Don't worry. I know my friends and my venomies. :)
Anyways, as soon as Pablo got on the computer screen, I leaned in and whispered to him.
"Pablo! Do me a favor, and eat him for me, would you please?"
Pablo nodded. And then I watched as he invited Cheese to his house for supper, you know, told him what time to be there and where and everything.
Two minutes later, Cheese was no more. I had a small ceremony for him. I ate cheese & crackers to remember him by.
Then I slapped eight air high-fives with Pablo and then shooed him onto the wall.
And now he is watching as I type this. Not knowing that I am posting about him. Hehe!xD!
So that's Pablo. I really suggest getting house-hold pets when you don't have a dog or cat or anything normal. A horsefly. A lizard. A tree-frog, in my case. Her name is Wiz. She is fast, and she lives by my Mom's orchids. So I have a few animal friends. :D
Until we get a cat, bunny, turtles and a dog. :D
AND, we have a bird nest on our telephone pole! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I took some pictures. Maybe I will blog them sometime soon. It's really cool.
I will name the Mama bird Felicia, and there will be a baby named Naomy and another baby named Nirzie. Unless the babies are boys. Then the two babies will be Joel and Josh.

And now I had better go eat breakfast and change into day clothes. Not...*looks at pajamas*...These.

Be sure to read my entire paaaage! And check out my story blog! GO ON! NOW! SHOOOO!


rTurns out I didn't have to take a shot. The doctor was a grown-up MK so he said we could push past it. He did let me listen to his stethoscope, though. And he said I had very healthy skin and that I was a pretty, healthy kid. =D


Boredom struck. We had to get a bunch of legal stuff done this morning. Good thing Mom and Dad didn't tell me about the visit to the Police, and the documents saying that I was indeed their daughter, and yada yada yada. Because I would have refused to go. We stood for hours in a cheap little photography shop, took a few photos. I hated my photo. I didn't get to sleep until four in the morning, so I look all sleepy and 'im-gonna-kill-you' ish. I was sleepy. We had to stand there in that little shop, and then in an un-air conditioned building while Mom signed legal papers and Dad went around the corner to get some important photo signature thing. He left, and I had to stand there. Bored. I imagined I was here...At my house...Blogging about that...Like I am now! Hehe!xD I was kind of whiny. I was sleepy and hungry. I hadn't had breakfast or dinner the night before. I wished I had been prepared, and forewarned, because then I would have brought entertainment: A book, my phone and something to doodle with. All I had was a pen in my pocket. I did everything you can imagine to do with that pen. I twirled it, and felt it, and dropped it, and picked it up again. I even pretended to draw raccoons sitting on the guards' heads. With my pen! :D
So I, being bored, looked around. The seal on the InterPol building was a rooster. That, apparently, is our state bird. A...Bold(?) Rooster, because Paraguayans speak their minds. And so do roosters. I saw a few other things. Then we went to Hidalgo, a furniture place that was stuffy and everything was wood. We bought Jewel a closet, and the store will be delivering the ginormous thing to us this afternoon. And for lunch, we ate at Burger King, and I got a Double Bacon Cheese-burger. And a coke.

Dad said maybe we can get my hair cut. Considering, the salon is not even 50 feet from our house.

I want to go swimming. It's melting, scorching hot weather. The pool, all cool and fresh, sounds awesome.
First, though, I must wash the dishes. From yesterday's 'pool party'.

So, again, I would like for you to read this. Thank you and bye for now! I might blog again soon.

Remember to read the whole page because I am posting several times a day now.

Not Much Time To Post...

I know that today we are going to the doctor. I am going to get a shot. I don't want to, but apparently I have to. So, let it be done!
I painted my toe-nails today, peach with a white tip. My version of the French Manicure. I use it alot.
We leave in about twenty minutes...*bites nails*...
Yesterday's swim party? Turned out to be a ' let's just put on our swimsuits and not swim' day. Even though the weather was hot and muggy, the water was rebellious still.

My birthday is coming around! Four More Days! :D I am going to eat cake, and open presents at our youth meeting that night.
I can't wait!

I am going to TRY to make white chocolate chip cookies for W.A.D.E at Marina's school. W.A.D.E stands for Want A Deeper Experience.
Last time the youth leader, Mr. P, made fun of us cause we had forgotten our bibles. He said, "Hmm...WADE. Well, maybe a deeper experience would be more available with a BIBLE!

I have to go! I will get my hair cut today!

*gulps* See you! I don't wanna go to the doctor. But he's nice supposedly. Check out THIS. I will start posting a chapter a day.



I changed today's post. I am sneaky! xD

I scheduled that post last night because I had nothing to blog.
Today I had chocolate cake batter for breakfast. It was good. My mom is making cake for the swim party thingy today.

Mom is great!
She gives me chocolate cake!

Netsirk is really nice. I really loved talking to her. She was shocked with some of the things I said. And I was likewise to some of the things she said.

I was told this morning to make Potato Salad Dressing. So I did, and it is chilling in the fridge. You know, gettin' cool? Man. I'm so cool even ice cubes are jealous! xD

I don't know what to post about. I am getting my hair cut today. Back to the perfect length I like. I don't have to mess around with it, like I do now. It takes me like an hour to blow dry it so there is no FCM taking place on my head. FCM, you ask? Well, it stands for Frizz Community Meeting.
I'm sure Netsirk knows what I am talking about. She said herself last night that she has curly hair and therefore curly hair is frizzy. DO you know what I mean, Netsirk? Do ya? :D

My birthday is five days away! I cannot wait! I know what my presents aaaaaaaaare! Hehehe xD!

Wowee...I'm bored. Like, bored? You know, bored. In the dictionary it means: To make weary by being dull, repetitive or tedious.


*takes a bite of Mom's buttered French Bread*

I am so bored. BY THE WAY, Pen of jen won first place on my other caption contest. My mom second, and pen of jen third. That's just sad. Did ANYONE read my CLICK HERE on the post way back when???

Grr..... Um, anyways, does anybody like my new avatar? I like it. Be sure to read my profile! I just edited it!

Blueh...You are funny funny. And I barely ever say that, so take it as an honor.

Marina! HellooooooO! I can't wait to see you Saturday hehehe!

And now I have to go because...Well...There is nothing to post. I have made a new rule for myself, though. That I don't have to make just one post a day. I can make as many as I want! HAHAHAHA! XD IT'S MY BLOG!
So, check my blog a couple of times a day now. Because I post whenever the urge strikes.


Oh, and can someone please help me with a ticker? I want one but it always says SINCE instead of TILL. So helpy? Thankies.

Someone Was Mean To Home-Schoolers! LET'S GET EM'!!!!

She says home-schoolers are controlled, and that that isn't healthy and yada yada yada. Well, just so happens, I think if you do it right, it's better than public school! Where drugs go on and other unmentionable bad things happen every day. Homeschooling controls us, so that we realize that drugs are bad and all that other stuff should never be brought into our lives. I guess discipline is bad? Ooh, bad...BAD juju...No discipline!! Let them be free and learn their way around on their own! That's just another way of saying let them get themselves into trouble and hang from telephone poles like spider monkeys! Do parents want that for their kids? I don't think so.
I read in Proverbs 23 yesterday, verse 13 was my favorite:

13Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.
(spellcheck doesn't like beatest! it's a word spellcheck! get a dictionary!)
I also liked verse 14:

14Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.

TAKE THAT, MRS. MEANY! A book that has been around longer than you have, and is given to us by God Himself.

Now, He says it's fine, so go find somewhere else to complain and stop accusing my mom of being some horrible wicked person who should be blocked from Blogger because she told the truth!!!!!!

God trumps You. He made you, He knows your weaknesses, and He can take you OUT of this world if He wants to.

So I'd behave if I were you.

By home-schooling, we can learn each subject from God's point of view. You can't do that in public school. You can't even PRAY in public school, much less mention His name. Everyone has to say, 'thank the G word!' school's out!' xD

Think about THAT!

Yes, this was a bit mean, but I don't like being called a mindless robot. Come on, homeschoolers!!!

*runs with torches*!

Ahh...Back To My Old Template

This is me. I love purple, pink, turquoise and black. This is the blog I should have stuck with all along. It shows my personality. I love to read, but the other book template was confusing me and now I know exactly where I am and how to do things. :D I'm happy.

I talked with Nonohoicha. And I got the emails of NetsirK and Bluey. I will be emailing you guys shortly. Hope you do not mind. =)

I am lounging in my pajamas. Saturday is my lounge-around day. I love Saturdays. :)

I am in search of a neat avatar. Something creative, and funky, just like me. I am googling left and right. Something creative. Maybe I should get Nonohoicha to make me a nice one with her wondrous powers with GIMP. Since I am very bad with GIMP. You should see her creations. Maybe she could make me a bunny rabbit striped pink and black. Could you, Nonohoicha? :) PWEEEESE?

I spoke with Mom today. About what I want to have for lunch on my birthday. She is looking for the cheez wiz we need for Cheesy Potato Soup, but I told her that if that doesn't work out, then I will accept anything. I also said that if she can't find cheez wiz, I would like her Special Chinese Rice. It is yum!

Something funny. Hmm... *scratches chin*...

OOH! I have a joke!

What is a British man's favorite cereal? .... .... ....CHEERIOS!

I went with Marina to a teen meeting last night. There were SUPPOSED to be cookies there...*taps foot impatiently*...But there were none, so we just played games and read from John how God used scripture when Satan tried to tempt him.

I wore my heelys. They are so much funn! : ) I love them. And now I can do tricks! I can swerve and spread my heels out and back in, and I can switch feet in them! Hehehe! I love it! So Fun!

Marina is coming to spend the night on Saturday or Friday next week for my birthday! Weee! I'm happy. I also know what I am getting for my birthday. But my Mommy (xD) reads this, so that is all I will say. I can't believe I called her Mommy...It just sounded goofy and fit right in, soo... I don't usually call her Mommy but this is the one time I did. Hehe!

I'm bored. I don't know what to do.

I helped Mom with laundry today. I am now washing my own clothes. So I put them on the line last night...(that sounds like i let them talk on the phone..hehe), and they dried up and they are crispy and nice. And I am going to LOVE changing into them...Tomorrow. Like I said, Saturday is my PJ Lounge Day.

My room is messy. I will clean it up right after this post. And I will have.....*thinks* A SANDWICH for lunch. We had biscuits for breakfast today! My Dad makes me the best biscuits.

It doesn't make sense, the word biscuits. BISKITS is how it is pronounced. Yet it's spelled BISKYOOITS. Nobody pronounces it like it's spelled. Weird...0.o

I have a bunny peeking over a fence. :) Isn't he cute? I made him. Just now. Copy and Paste him and help him take over the world.

( *.*)
(__ )______
| | | | | | | | | |

Next Friday night I am going to take White Chocolate Chip Cookies to the teen meet. The girls are supposed to bring food. So I will. Or at least I will try. I might get distracted. Hehehehe!

And now I must go. Goodbye! (that sounded like a rhyme if you say it with rythm...xD)


I can change the name and title. I WANNA REDECORATE. Also, I wanna change my website URL.
from www.pinkandblackjunglebunny.blogspot.com to one of these: (because, my blog is no longer pink and black.)

Literary Rants

Literary Randomness

My Literary Life

.blog spot.com

And this template is sort of copying Simple Scholar's, so I am gonna find a better book one. I REALLY wanna change it.
Bluey's blog looks totally awesome, so does NetsirK's and Nonohoicha's. Mine is blah. I really liked it when I first got it, but...Now...NO MORE!

help me choose what to title my blog!

There's Some Birthdays Comin' Round Yonder Corner!

That sounded cheesy, I know. But, hey I'm bored.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
presents, desserts! fun galore!
sing it with me once moooooooooore! OOH!
Because it's the moooost....wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeear!

*claps* that was fun.

I love this time of year. Summer birthdays are by far the best...or...wait a minute....My birthday is in the ---winter? Yeah...I think so.
I'm freezing here for my birthday!
I want to SWIM for my birthday. In HEAT. I'll post about when I am gonna jump in the pool and freeze for your entertainment. Later. Not now, because I am sick.

Here are some nice big letters for the birthdays coming up! (That I know of! If I missed anyone, let me know, and I'll come back and add you!




Click the big letters and go leave them a nice comment, cept for Beaufort Beauty, cause she doesn't have one!! And, hi ~k~ I will now go and leave YOU a comment on YOUR blog.


Today's weather is sleepy. You know those days where it's all muggy and hot? And boring? Yeah? Well today is one of those days. Today wasn't really exciting, but I made a commitment that I will finish my math book in thirteen days. I am doing TEN PAGES A DAY in order to get that taunting book out of my life. At least until the container gets here. Then Mom will assign me a brand new book. And that one will be harder. Oh the joy. **YAAAAWN**
I am just not a math fan. Or an Algebra fan. Or Calculus, or any of those other disgusting names that involve a book, pencil and a person to fall asleep reading things like:

"Sally ate three BILLION divided by X and minus X plus ten divided by three hundred and fifty, percentage of eight thousand tons........of apples. What is the outcome of that?"___ To which I wrote, "she got sick."
Why don't they just say, sally ate a lot of apples. Write what you think is a lot. ??HUH? Why don't they do that?

And I love it when the book says, "Multiply yada yada yada, etc etc etc. The first one is done for you."
I've gotten in trouble writing, " Well, if they can do the first one, then why on Earth can't they do the rest?" :) Hehehehehehehehe...xD
English and Social Studies were next. I whizzed through those. They are paces, and I am a speed reader which equals=finishing fast. THAT, my fellow bloggers, is my kind of math. WORD answers. I wish someone made problems like:
Amy has bla bla bla rubber bands. She also has an older brother. What does she do? ANSWER:
Fling them at her brother.

Alex went to the store with three dollars and came back with no purchases, but only two dollars. What happened?
He got mugged.

Christina was riding her horse. She went under eighty trees, and got hit by ten. What happened? How many trees did she dodge?"
She had to go to the emergency room, and she dodged all of the evil trees because she was short.



It bugs me...Seeing our beautiful, shiny, blue, clean pool...And I want to jump in every time I look at it. I struggle, each day. Because of that clean water there, with no one to swim in it. I want to be that someone. But, I know that with the temperature at 50 every day, I would be quite and entirely stupid to jump in it. I would shiver like a naked mole rat in Antarctica. And I'd be frozen for days. And I don't want that, but...I WANT IT! BADLY! I stick my toe in, and I shiver for three hours. My dad was brave enough to jump in. He did, and then he got right back out. I've never seen such reflexes!!!
I am not brave enough, but I will pop my feet in, if the urge strikes me. Yes, this is crazy and inhuman of me. But I do.
Look at it....So clean and shiny and..uh...wet.

And look at my feet! Practically DYING of hypothermia.


Today...Is PBJ DAY. I am making it PBJ DAY. HAPPY PBJ DAY! To celebrate I made a double decker PBJ sandwich...It was yummy.
And, to celebrate it, all you have to do is eat something with peanut butter/jelly or both. A sandwich, whatever you want. It just HAS to involve PBJ because it's...*cue theme song*...

PBJ! Makes me hungray!
I will always love it!
Yes, PBJ, it makes me hungray! Yeah, and I'll love it forever!

CLAP PLEASE...Thanks...HEY! That was as good as I could come up with off the top of my head...Who knows?? Maybe some Smuckers Uncrustables commercial will use it as their jingle...
Anyways, I just wanted to inform you that whoever thought up PBJ therefore should be honored!


In December 1999, two independent inventors, Len Kretchman and David Geske, were granted a reward for such a delicious sandwich. It became popular as soon as it came out, and both adults and children liked it so much that a company called Smucker's promoted it into one of their lunches, called PBJ Uncrustables. They made millions.

Many people have made creations out of it, and added onto it, by replacing the jelly with bananas, adding a hazelnut chocolate butter, or a different fruit spread and many more.

The sandwich has often been called PB&J, PBJ, and my personal favorite, Jammin' with Uncle Peanut Sam. And I will call it that for eons to come, because it will make me laugh every time that I say it. And I like to laugh.

It is a healthy snack or lunch, and completed with milk, it uses all of the necessary food group items for a healthy lunch.
There is actually a spread now, called Goober, that contains both Peanut Butter AND Jelly. You can buy it at Cracker Barrel.



So today was pretty fun, I would suppose. We did school. Dad bought a car last night. Which is good. But the main thing I wanted to post about, was.... ..... .... .... ....I WANT YOU TO

And leave a caption.

Anyways, I have to go now. Goodbye! Sorry I have nothing creative, funny or random today. I'm just a bit of a boring person. But please leave captions on my caption contest blog. Please!



I believe that no matter what day it is, what you are about to face, or what happened in the past week, that everyone should greet the day with a smile. As opposed to a slap in the face and going back to bed.
I am a morning person. I always have been. Well, once I wake up. It is a bit hard to explain. I HATE going to sleep, but when I am asleep I like to stay asleep, but whatever hour you come and wake me, no matter what, I will greet you with a hug and a smile, and perhaps a hearty "Good Morning!". That is just how I am. And I hope to remain like that. Morning people scare me....Gaah...They are like zombies. Until they have had their coffee.
Being a morning person can be hard. At times I have been told to,*GROOOOAN*, just---stop, and other times I have stopped on my own because I have been threatened that I would be thrown in the cactus pot. And so I have 'just stopped'.
I believe that God gave us this day for a purpose and that no day goes unplanned. Imagine God, ...
"WHAT? It's morning? Whaa--I-I didn't plan this! NO! Everyone HAS to go back to bed--WHAT IN MY CREATION IS GOING ON?!?! When did this happen, Gabriel? Who did this? OH NO!" ....That never happens. So, obviously, God planned it. And I believe that He planned it for good reason. Maybe Jesus was a morning person. I know He rose early in the morn' to pray...Does that count? Well, I can't imagine Jesus threatening to throw JOHN in a cactus pot at 6 AM...Can you?
Think to yourselves, morning grouches, What Would Jesus Do? ...
I believe that EVERYONE should be cheerful. Even if they feel like shrinking the person, and stomping on them because of the hour, (and that's only grouch-human, I agree...) that they should smile at the very least. A smile can make rain clouds go away. A smile can brighten anyone's day. People today don't know the power of a smile. Like, just the other day, I was a bit sad for some reasons, and when we drove by, a GUARD smiled at me. And it was a kind, friendly smile. Not a deceiving smile. The very people that forced us out of our jungle home, the very people that were paid to kill Americans, were smiling, at, me. They were Paraguayan guards (because a Venezuelan guard would have stuck his tongue out :P) guarding the hotel where my good ol' buddy Chavez was staying here in Paraguay to meet President Lugo...Lugo...Hugo...SCA-RY! And just that smile made me forget my troubles, erase the marks on my paper, and I had a great rest of the day. See? A smile. ONE person, ONE smile. And then I was happy. I believe that everyone should smile. That everyone should TRY to be a morning person, or at least nice, in the morning. DON'T fight fire with fire. Wet the fire with the magic hose. It's called a smile. Just try it. And morning people out there, WE CAN DO IT!

New Everything

Paraguay is very calm. I like that. Venezuela wasn't calm. We weren't allowed to leave the HOUSE, 'cause it was so dangerous! We could get shot! NO, I am NOT kidding.
The language is new here. Everyone in the states
was like, oh it will be easy because it is the same as venezuela. Yeah, it's not. Not even close, sorry, buddy.
you say goodbye to people as you pass them on the street
you speak in King James
you kiss people on both cheeks, (this can get tiring and make you dizzy)
you drink terere in hot weather and mate (ma-tay) in cold weather
people call you yankees if you are caucasian

you say bueenas to people as you pass them on the street
you speak in slang
you kiss people on one cheek
you drink cafe con leche in hot weather and cafe con leche in, if there ever was, cold weather
people call you yankees if you are caucasian (not in a nice way, I might add)

Here, everyone, even Americans ride buses everywhere. Things are very different. I like this. Paraguay will do. I can handle it. I like it.


Today I am bored...Who else has noticed that this happens a lot? I read Phika's blog. They have tomatoes, and here, in our little corner of the world, we have strawberries. It is strawberry season in Paraguay. Strawberries..EVERYWHERE! The little red berries? Yeah, those..They are invading. Let me tell you something...I don't like strawberries! Radical, I know...Very weird. Here are some pictures that make me hungry, though. I like all of these. I just don't like strawberries alone. I think they are too sweet. Disagree, if you want. Everyone can have their own opinion. For example, there are people in the world, who Don't Like Peanut Butter. Isn't that odd? I know...Poor them...Anyways, here are the pictures.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Pie

And, I noticed something funny...hehe! Tomatoes are actually berries, and strawberries are actually a rose! I thought...what a coincidence...That Phika would post about tomatoes and me about strawberries on the same day...Isn't that just funny? Hehe..:)
Hopefully they will have a watermelon season here...Because I LOVE watermelons!

TTFN! Tatafornow!


Heyyo! Meet Bill.

*Ahem* Uh, welcome to my blog... I'm bored today. And when I am bored, I'm sarcastic. So I've invented a computer friend. His name is Bill, and I am going to talk to him and be sarcastic and over excited and random and funny and I'll even exaggerate for your enjoyment. Ahem...Now, say hi, Bill.....*crickets*...Say HI, Bill.......................BILL!


Say hi.

Oh. Hi.

Aww...Bill must be shy.

I AM NOT! I talk a lot.

Right...And giraffes are fat. And elephants are fitness instructors. *Laugh, please*... ... ...*Thank you.*

No. Stop it. Enough with the sarcasm. It's annoying.

*mimics in a high voice* No. Stop it..WAAAH!

Well, whatever. I'm sick of it.

Bill, I think you need a hug...


I think soOo...


Fine...Be a sourpuss.

Thanks. I will. What is the point of creating me if all you want to do is bug me?

That. That is the point.


I like bugging people. It's fun. And now, everyone in my comments is going to bug you, too...Won't that be fun.

No. Not for me.

Aww...Poor Bill...GET OVER IT!

Ouch...You're mean...

I'm sorry. I'm just bored.

Ok...I see that. Look! A BALL OF DUST!

OoOh! I want to PLAY with it!

What? Ew...Gross. You can't play with a ball of dust...You can't even ROLL IT!

Watch me. Everyone told Tommy Edison that he couldn't create a lightbulb. See what he did?
*flicks on a lamp*

Well...I know one thing...




NO. I'm going to bed. It's late.



What? I don't get you, Bill.

Good...Then goodbye! I guess I'll see you next time you decide to torture me with vocabulary.


And thanks for reading this, people of the world. Bill, say goodbye......*crickets*......BIIIIIIIIIILLL!!!!

What??? I was asleep...Whatever! GOODBYE!

The Lyrics To The Song I Wrote About Boredom

When you feel like doing crazy things, cause there's nothing else to do,
Like jumping off a counter, or painting with peanut-butter because that's just you.

Oh yes you're bored! (repeat)
So very bored! (repeat)

That you're going crazy (repeat going crazy), trying to find out what to do!
Because you're bored (repeat)
You are so bored!...!

You get ideas that just pop in your head.
Like making a camping ground out of your bed.
Or writing a story about a frog named Bill.
And just admit it, next time you're bored you will!
. . .

You've thought of drawing a picture of a zebra snake,
Or chasing your brother with a rake,
Just admit it...You are so bored!

You've thought of..
Inventing a peanut butter and jelly sundae,
Writing a song with only one letter,
Making a video of crazy faces,

You've probably,
Tried to tape your face together with Scotch tape,
Taken a picture of your elbow,
Drawn a picture of your cat in a shoe-box,

You've wished you could,
Run away and paint all your neighbor's mailboxes,
Take the cat out for a walk,
Played a prank on your lawn,
Throw a water balloon at a dog!


I know you probably know this by now,
but the number one way to tell,
Is that if you write or have written a song like mine,


Dum dum dum DUUUUUUUUM!

Thanks. I know it's stupid, but I wrote it when I was bored and I know Phika will like it. And probably Marina, too. I know it is very crazy, but I can say honestly, that I have done all of these things.


Eclectic Post! Quiz, Update, RANDOMNESS!


Name five things that not everyone knows about you:
1. I always have to sing the alphabet to figure out what letters come before and after.

2. I put empty milk cartons in the fridge just to annoy my brother. But...sniffle...I can't do that anymore!

3. I wrote and composed a song about being bored, one time when I was bored. I'll post the lyrics tomorrow. Be sure to check!

4. I love this quote: "People who say nothing is impossible obviously never tried to nail jello to a tree.

5. I invented this little quiz! Off the top of my head!


My cell phone is acting very wierd. I can't text. It says it doesn't have service support, and I know it does! RRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Like, I can get text messages, but I can't reply to them. It's driving me up a tree!


And now, I have to go. BYE BYE!

Hello Again!

I have a cell phone!!!! It is little and purple with a camera and I love it. Nobody knows my number yet so I don't get any texts, but when I get to church I'll give them my number.

I really want the container to get here! With my bedspread and all my knickknacks. I have SOME things here but my winter shoes and my bedspread and a bunch of my purses are in that little box labeled Jayde's Junk. Dad picked out the label. Not me.
I'm thinking that I want to paint my room like Aqua because that would match y bedspread and I'd only paint ONE wall. But I kind of want to see the bedspread and the colors first before I do that. And I have a big fuzzy pink rug on the container too. I love my room! It's all wooden and it's big! With A LOOOOOT of space for my stuff. And a desk...woo hoo....for school...yay.

I was sick with a stomach virus last night. I was throwing up, coughing, and I had a fever. I couldn't drink or eat anything because it would come right back up. Now I am super hungry but I don't want to eat until I know for sure that it is over. I couldn't even drink water! And I was moving around because I couldn't get to sleep. I kept camping out outside the bathroom laying down on the floor.

I like this place. A lot. I mean, it's different. But different isn't always bad. And knowing that I am not leaving is very great too.

My birthday is coming up! This Month! I already know what my presents are! The new cell phone being one, and I won't say the others because my mom reads my blog and she will hide them again until next year if I specifically say the objects. And I don't want that.
It is the 30th. I don't know what we will be doing, because I have very few acquaintances here. Being that I speak different and can't really understand people here.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know what is going on with me.




I just found out last night that I might get a cell phone for my fourteenth birthday!

I cannot wait. And, that is just a little update. I am so excited!
Dad bought it. It has a camera! YAY!



I am finally back to blogging. Only not quite as much, because the internet here is..let me see-SLO-OW!
I have a few friends here already. I don't know their names though. But they are very nice. And I know that in my time here I can make a few more friends.
H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y JEWEL!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO! Jewel is an adult now. YIPES!
My birthday is next, but for now let's celebrate Jewel!
She is spunky and goofy and fun-loving. She loves animals and for her birthday she is getting a bunny. Her birthday is on Sunday, so we are still going to have church OF COURSE!, and then we will go to Jackie and Brian's house and have hotdogs and hamburgers. And one of the other Americans here is going to bring some donuts. YAY FOR JEWEL!
The house is fantastic! My room is ginormous, with a huge closet and a big bed and something that looks like a pulpit, but it's actually called a butler and you hang your clothes and stuff on it. I have named him Jacques. And he is mine.
IT IS COLD HERE! I am wearing a sweater and a long skirt. And very warm shoes. I already unpacked and I still have to get used to this new country.

Meet Ralphie!

This is my new teddy bear. He is cute as a button! And I find him very cuddly. He was in the house when we moved here and I have too much of a heart to leave him. Plus, I have room for him. Somewhere. I'll find room. Somehow. Either way, I will NOT leave him here!
He is very comforting and he is great because he likes to cuddle. And he is very quiet. That means I get to do the talking. And that's why I like him.



I'm about to have a meltdown. Packing makes me this way. "Everything has to go, and if anything is left behind you'll never see it again, so don't forget anything!"
I have routinely scanned my drawers and my dresser for ANYTHING that is mine.
I have clothes stuffed into two suitcases. Mom said to pack a few changes of clothes in another suitcase, so that if our baggage is laid off for a couple of days or I lose my suitcase full of clothes, I'll have a few clothes and shoes.
My suitcases look like they have eaten too much. About to explode. The zippers are practically begging for mercy.
The thing is, I am not a tidy traveler. Things that I want are shoved in wherever they fit, and even if they don't fit, I MAKE them fit. Clothes almost ALWAYS need to be ironed as soon as they are coughed out of the suitcase. Wrinkly, because I always have a meltdown when I have to back for a LOOOONG time.
Let me explain. These are the thoughts that go through my head when I am having a meltdown:
"Ok. That's done."
"NO WAIT! One more thing!"
"Sorry I called you stupid."
"Calm down, Jayde..O K!-RELAXING TIME IS OVER!"

So now you know why I am going nuts. I'm not a neat-freak, but I HATE forgetting things or having to go over something and do it again.
I love to travel, but not pack for travel. Our house here has a rule that before we can leave everything, down to the last hair-piece, MUST be gone from sight. Or shoved under the bed. Well, it doesn't say that in the rules, but that is MY way of playing! :)

Anyways...My mind is telling me to go check about 1,200 more things. So, thanks for reading something that must scare the heebiejeebies out of ya. I'm not like this all the time. Just when I am packing.



Well, after two days of, yay we're going to busch gardens, then it rained all day and the rides all closed, me and my two cousins went to the mall on Friday.
They bought nothing and I spent 25 bucks...I'm a shopaholic. That's me.

I bought a penguin shirt and a Marines shirt. There was a deal at JCPenney's!

So CUTE! I love the penguin shirt. And the Marines one...Ha...

And now I have to go.



Ok...I have noticed something strange. The world has been trying to 'disguise' prices and values. For example...There was an ad, in the grocery store the other day, and it said, 'FOR LESS THAN $10.00!'. Then you get closer, and it says , 'ONLY $9.99! BUY IT TODAY!'
I mean, seriously, you save ONE CENT! OOH! WOW!
"Oh my word, I am soooo happy! I saved a cent on a newspaper today!"
"Really? WOW!"
"Yeah, ain't it great?'


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW....A cent...Man, you're good!

Just To Mess With My Enemy.

Have I ever mentioned how I am annoyed by Mr. SpellCheck? He bugs me to NO END. And, now I am bored. So, it is time to torture him! MUAHAHAHA!

Like. He wont let me typ lyk ths. evrythin haz to bee capitaeyesed and commuhs beetuine a buncha words. See? He is sooooo mad right now! I just got him GOOOD....

Here is what HE thinks I should be saying:
An argument between us. ME DRIVIN HIM CRAZAY!

SC: See the red line underneath it? In America, we don't use Spanish words. You ought to say hobos.
Me: FINE. Then how about dsajgiggls
SC: NoOo! Stoppit! Say giggliest!
Me: What if I wanna talk about grapes in Spanish...Ha! UVAS!
SC:...Hmm...AHA! Say SUV, please.

So, that is what I do when boredom strikes me. I do strange things to entertain myself....STRANGE THINGS...Like argue with a computer. That's just ONE of them...I also chat with myself sometimes...Hehe.
In fact...I think I'll go ahead and make a blog about that...HA!

Thanks for reading this, even though it is completely random and unimportant. =)


Random Facts About Me!

No time to blog today, so here is a meme!

1. I can say John 3:16 in 80 languages.

2. I am fluent in Pig Latin and Sweevy. Pig Latin is hard to explain, but
this is what it sounds like: Hibye, mabye nabayme ibiz Veberjubba.
3. I can touch my elbow with my tongue. Or as close as anyone could possibly get.

4. If I'm bored, I will google questions. Like,
-do penguins have knees?
-where was the word kumquat originated from?
-how to say lollypop in Afrikaans?
5. My favorite color can vary every once in a while. Right now it's turquoise. I hate pink right now.

Hope you liked it!

And, check this out. I just made it! In your comments, just let me know if you need prayer or someone you know needs prayer.

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