Random Facts About Me!

No time to blog today, so here is a meme!

1. I can say John 3:16 in 80 languages.

2. I am fluent in Pig Latin and Sweevy. Pig Latin is hard to explain, but
this is what it sounds like: Hibye, mabye nabayme ibiz Veberjubba.
3. I can touch my elbow with my tongue. Or as close as anyone could possibly get.

4. If I'm bored, I will google questions. Like,
-do penguins have knees?
-where was the word kumquat originated from?
-how to say lollypop in Afrikaans?
5. My favorite color can vary every once in a while. Right now it's turquoise. I hate pink right now.

Hope you liked it!

And, check this out. I just made it! In your comments, just let me know if you need prayer or someone you know needs prayer.

2 murmurs:

NO!!! You can't hate PINK! That's just un ... un... well un American!

August 01, 2008 11:15 PM  

Wow...you hate pink...I...I never thought you'd say that!
Welcome to the straight and narrow way, bookworm! *shakes hands*
Ooh I can say John 3:16 in 80 languages too! Watch!
"John 3:16 in 80 languages."


August 02, 2008 7:54 AM  

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