Club Penguin

O.K. I am known as a little less mature than I could be. For example, I own and collect Beanie-Babies. HEY!!! They're CUTE!!! Not many 13-year-olds do that. But, well, I do. SO WHAT?
Everyone has something about them that they didn't leave behind growing up! I have recently discovered a wonderful world. It is called 'Club Penguin'. I am addicted to it. It is a virtual winter-wonderland, and you are in the form of a penguin! Any color! You choose a username, and waddle around for as long as you want! You can talk, sing, dance and even THROW SNOWBALLS AT OTHER PENGUINS!!! How cool is that? I have gotten my brother into it, along with my cousin, Battle-King. Even ChocoholicMK has a penguin! It may seem babyish, and, yes, I agree. It is. But, once you start, it is almost impossible to stop! It's addictive! Addictive, I tell you!!!! I have a purple penguin and she has a puffle. Puffles are a type of pet for Club Penguin, that you can buy once you have enough coinz. Coinz are recieved when you play games around Club Penguin. You can chat the entire time! Every Thursday the newspaper of Club Penguin is renewed. It is filled with jokes,riddles,poems and stories! It even has comics!
Games on Club Penguin are surfing, sledding, swimming, connect-the-dots and SO MUCH MORE! I love Club Penguin. I love it. It is fun, believe it or not! And all around you are other penguins! You can scream HELLO! at them or throw a snowball, anything! There is pizza to eat, and a beach to swim in, a theater where plays take place, a little disco, and other penguins always have parties in their igloos! There is always something going on! And the greatest is, there is a whole world to waddle around! It isn't just one room! There is a beach, an underground world, a pizza parlor, a game-room, and all kinds of places! Even an iceberg! IT IS SO COOL! Call me weird, but I DARE-no,no I DOUB-No! I TRIPLE DOG DOUGHNUT DARE YOU TO JOIN! It is absolutely free! Unless you want clothes for your penguin...Then you have to pay $5.99 a month....Sorry, but my penguin is absolutely fine in the nude. She doesn't need clothes! Sie! No voy a pagar para que mi pinguino puede tener nada mas una gora o un vestido! Mi pinguino esta bien desnuda!
So, try it! Click RIGHT HERE to start!

Try It! Oh, and Please Keep Praying for Maddie McCann!



Devotions and Today

I woke up today, church was nice. Funny, yet clear sermon. Pastor J preaches very well. Afterwards, I came back home, and meditated. I read my Bible, and took notes of what I read, in my brand new "It's Personal! Daily Journal" that my dad got for me, my sister and himself. Sadly, we have been delaying in family and personal devotions, and he has been wanting to fix that, so when he got the chance, he bought those journals. It includes reading a Proverbs every day, and two other books of your choice in the Bible. I am doing Genesis and John. Very good books. After you read, and write down your insight of what you read, it has a time for discipleship. I haven't been doing that, but, it has a place for that day's subject and note spaces. Then, it goes on to writing down you prayer requests, praises, forgiveness and safety. I fill those spaces to the rim, and included, are "family and friends" so, I am, indeed praying for everyone that I know. Anyways, after prayer, it has a time for counsel, in which you write a question you are seeking wisdom with, or a subject that you would like to talk about with your discipler or counselor (yes, I DID spell wierd words...), and it keeps going, to a place to write how God convicted or led you yesterday, and whom you can encourage. It is a great book. I like it. I have made a resolution that I will do it EVERY single day, unless, of course, I get struck by lightning, (oops. I probably shouldn't have said it's gonna happen to me...great..LOL!JK!) or am unable. I try to do it every morning, but sometimes, I do them at night just because. Jewel hasn't written or done hers yet, but, then again, she hasn't had the time to.... I highly recommend this little book. It is called, 'It's Personal! Daily Journal by Steve Curington' And I know that you will have no regret if you get one..They are terrific... Be sure to read my post below, and leave comments, and I will try my best to return the favor!

I Feel Great.

This post is a bit rambling, because I had no idea what to post about, but, obviously, out of the human nature, you are going to read on anyway, so enjoy.

I woke up and did some stretching to wake myself up a little bit. I plan to do it every morning, as it is relaxing and very rewarding and helps me to concentrate better on my school and I get it done faster, which I LOVE.

I got a fair night's sleep. I finished school about 3 hours early. And now I can blog. I scored everything in my school, so I know for a fact that I am indeed done. It's a wonderful quiet day. Unless, you count the kids screaming at the top of their lungs while playing tag, jumping off the playground house roofs, sitting sadly on the swings and yelling, "SOMEBODY COME PUSH ME!!!" or just plain, being kids. I am sometimes in that group, but other days I just like to relax inside. It's nice.

I got a very cute clip-watch. It is from a preteen store, called Claire's. It is shiny and black, with a picture of an adorable sharpay dog on it. It is in the shape of a cell-phone and flips open just like the brand new black-berry with a universal remote, internet, comes with it's own private jet, bla bla bla. Yes, I am exaggerating, but, you know what I mean. Anyway, my little watch clips on to a belt-loop, a purse, it is basically a key-chain sort of thing. And it tells you what time it is, or if you press a tiny button on the side it tells you what date it is. How nice! I love it. I also got some cute pink ear-buds. They are very comfortable, and I like them.

The wedding is coming up. I am a junior bridesmaid, and I am trying to find dresses. I like A-lines. There is one that everybody else likes, that I find a bit plain, but, you know, you can always add a ribbon to the waist to spruce it up a little. The color theme of N and J's wedding is Clover green and a nice earthy brown. I like those colors. Very pretty.

Church last night was quite nice. Scroll down for the best idea I have ever had! I am serious, better than Albert Einstein, I tell you! I love it! YAY ME! I am so smart! I haven't ever thought this up! I am so proud of myself! YAY ME!
Okay, scroll down SLOWLY or you will mess it up. Slowly and smooth. Don't cheat.

Good! Keep Going...

Keep It Up!...

Be Patient....

That's it..... Nice and Easy....

Keep Going, You Can Do It!....

Good Job! Go On....

I Am SO Proud of You! Keep scrolling...


Keep On!!!

I Know This Is Getting A Little Bit Annoying, But It's GREAT, So Keep Going!

Man! You Are Patient!!....

Wow....I'm Impressed. Most People Would Quit By Now....

You Are Doing Great!!

Just Keep Scrolling, Just Keep Scrolling....

There we go! Almost There!! COME ON YOU CAN DO IT!!



KEEP ON!!!!!!!!


Okay! Congratulations for wasting about 5 minutes of your time in doing something positively useless. You could be commenting, but instead you scrolled down to something of absolutely no importance. Congratulations. For doing something so stupid... Keep this a secret! DON'T TELL ANYONE!! Or, I will get you again! You just got played like a violin! I tricked you sooooo bad..... Admit it....You hate me now! And you are very frustrated, aren't you? I am a genius!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Anyways, I am glad you waited.......
You try it on your blog sometime. It's great..... Just don't tell anyone about mine. They need to see if they have the patience and are crazy enough to trust me... The Mistress of All Pranks. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Lots of Fun!

I had so much fun today! I went to a cool pottery place and painted an awesome purple panda-bear to match my bedspread in Paraguay. It will look so awesome!
It was my friend's birthday today, so, yeah. It was really sweet! I got her a nice necklace-earring set thing... The only problem was that she doesn't have pierced ears. She liked the necklace, though. And I gave her a present from Chocoholic MK, and she totally loved it!
We ate pizza and drank soda, so, yeah. It was fun. One of the other girls made a necklace which was really easy and quick, so she was bored to death while all of us were painting our pieces. My panda is gonna look awesome! One girl from Kenya made a gecko! She painted it green and yellow! It was so cool! Another girl did a blue, yellow and green pig! Interesting, all right! But, she liked it a lot! And the birthday girl did a pink-and-purple poodle! It was soooo cute! I loved it! And the lady who took us, painted a tile that said, 'happy fifteenth!' and all of us girls got to sign it! So that was cool...
It was really funny, because the guy who was helping us kept having to help somebody else, so one girl needed a really thin brush to paint a stripe, so we had to send three girls to get one little brush! LOL!
She also didn't like sauce on her pizza! I thought that was weird, but she loved it! I had so much fun!
I think I am gonna keep writing in this cute purple color. I like it alot! It fits me really well.
So, yeah, I had a lot of fun! Oh, and Chocoholic MK! She said to thank you, so THANK YOU from K. W. Love!


Be Nice To Your Siblings Day!

I created it. If you want to, you can join in the fun and be nice to your sibling! Wake him/her up with coffee, make their bed, give them a big hug, the point is to show them how much you care about them. Siblings fight. Hey, God has a sense of humor. They show love to you in sometimes odd ways, but nevertheless they love you! In this house, jumping around the corner to scare your sibling's socks off, is considered love. Changing the alarm clock to 3:30 AM when it should be set to 7:00 AM is also considered love. We don't always show love to our siblings. Today is the day to make it up to them. I highly recommend that you wait until at least 1:00 to take them some coffee or do loud Saturday chores. Better safe than sorry! : )
Older siblings, younger siblings, show them how much you care! They are a part of your family, whether you like it or not, and your family deserves as much love as they can get from you! Don't save it all for the Holidays! Give them a hug or a smile at least once a day! I have done this:
-Brought Jewel coffee. (A little early for her liking, so I just walked out silently, popped it in the microwave and waited for her to come out when she was ready.)
I Plan To:
-Make her bed.
-Give her a lot of hugs.
-Scare her when she comes out of the bathroom.
-Clean my areas of the room. (That is a BIG treat to her.)
-Dive-bomb her feet when she walks around the kitchen corner.
-Dust her things.
-Write her a nice, long Happy Sibling Day email.

That is what I hope to be able to accomplish today. Sure, I might die in the midst of doing some of the things, but I'll die showing my sisterly love! LOL! JUST KIDDING!
So, what do you think you'll do for Sibling Day? C'mon, youngest siblings. Who knows our siblings better than we do? We know their fears! We know their favorite thing! Maybe something you can do for them is just give them a bright, happy hug. EVERYONE loves hugs! Give them all-day access to the television. All day access to the computer. There are all sorts of things you can do!
Fix them a special snack. Tackle them to the ground when they come around a corner. I quote the Campbell's chicken noodle soup commercial : Possibilities!
The point is to show them you love them in the best way you can think of. Good Luck and Have Fun!
(You can copy my goals for the day, but try a LITTLE bit to be original! ;)

YAY!! * cuts ribbon*




I just had to post this. It means so much too me. I know that it will mean a lot to you as well. I am now reminded to pray for our troops, who risk their lives for us. For people they don't even know. They could be safe and sound with their families, but they serve their country. They care more about their country. For their family. For their friends. For people unknown to them. Because they care. They have huge hearts to go out there and protect strangers like that. They are heroes. Here is a beautiful video that I found, and I knew right then that I had to post this. It is absolutely beautiful. The music and most importantly, the true meaning to it. The singer placed the words perfectly, and they make perfect sense. They make me cry. This is a beautiful video. Enjoy, and remember to pray for our brave troups.

I am reminded to pray for them. They are my heroes. War is a horrible thing. But, it is necessary.

Please pray for them.


20 Q

The new coolest game ever! 20 Q is the next revolutionary breakthrough! It's amazing! It asks you 20 questions, and answers you with a guess! If it doesn't get the right answer, you keep asking and it fails twice, then you win! But, that is extremely rare. It almost never happens. All you do is think of something, like, for example, a koala, and pick a category. So, it asks you questions like,
-Is it furry?
-Is it bigger than a bread-box?
-Can it swim?
-Does it have a shell?

And it gathers information. NOTE: I think there is a voice-recorder on it. Because if you say what you guessed out loud, it WILL guess it! I was doing it with my mom and told her not to say what she was thinking of, and so we were doing fine. Then my dad comes, says " What are you guessing? Your laptop computer?" Blew our cover completely!!!!
After a few more yes, no, sometimes, and unknown questions it guessed laptop computer!!! Thanks, dad!
I just bought one today at Wal-Mart and I love it! It even has an undo button if you make a mistake!
It has an attitude! It will say things like, 'I can't make it look to easy, can I?' and 'Oh! I guessed wrong! How human of me...' I love it! It is awesome, and it's really hard to beat! If you buy one, don't say what you are thinking about, because it WILL guess it! I'll believe it has ears! It has guessed every single question right! You can go with my mom who says I am exaggerating, or believe me and find out for yourself!
They are very entertaining, and they tweak your brain just perfectly! They are a very convenient size, so I carry it around in my pocket, and they make you angry sometimes!!


A Peek Into My School

You will now see what I learned today in each of my subjects, except math, because I didn't do it today. I'll write small bits out of the text, so you can get a gist! Anyways, here we go!

Social Studies : The Boston Massacre

On March 5, 1770, in Boston, Massachusetts,
a tragic even occurred. A young boy offended
one of the British army officers quartered in
Boston by calling out, "There are no gentlemen among the officers!"
A nearby soldier ca
me and knocked the boy down with his musket.
The boy began shouting that he had been s
truck by the soldier.
Angry colonists gathered
and started a riot by throwing snowballs and
ces of ice at the soldiers.

I, personally, think the boy's remark is hilarious! And the colonists started throwing snowballs! :) Maybe that's where snowball fights go started! (?) Moving on.

Science: Ocean Layers

Light penetrates through approximately the first 330 feet of sea water.
Water plants that make their food by photosynthesis live here in abundance.
The sunlit layer receives most of the sun's heat; water temperatures average
from about 82* F at the equator to 2* F at the poles. The sunlit region also
houses corals, clams, starfish, and multitudes of food fish that feed on plants.
Most of the oxygen in the sea is found withing 600 feet of the ocean's surface.
To breathe, fish and other forms of sea life filter this oxygen from the water
with their gills.

Right. Because I have always wanted to know how fish breathe.. ?..Yeah... Thanks. It does come in handy when I have to fill spaces out, though.

English : Can't Think of A Title

Every verb has four principle parts, which we must learn. They are called the
present, present participle, past and past participle.

We will learn that the principal parts are used to form the six verb tenses and
to show progressive time.

The present participle of a verb is the only verb that ends in ing. It is always used with a state-of-being helping verb.

Almost none of this makes much sense to me, but I do pretty well in check-ups, so
I guess it's helpful.

Bible : The Method of The First Advent

Hundreds of years before the actual advent of Christ, the Old Testament prophets told that
Christ was to be born of a virgin from the family of David. This unique way in which the Savior
of the world arrived upon the earth will now be examined. The Bible contains many verses that
foretold the birth of Jesus. God judged Adam and Eve because of their willful disobedience to God's law, and He cursed the serpent, Satan. He cursed the devil (Genesis 3:15). God then gave a specific word of how this event would occur by telling Satan that his defeat would come through the seed of the woman. The devil would manage to bruise the heel of Jesus by His crucifixion.

There is your VIP tour to my schoolbooks (Ooh! Aren't you special.) The secrets to my unmistakably perfect grammar (LOL, JK), how I know the secret to how fish breathe, how snowball fights started, and my Biblical studies of the First Advent. Pretty cool, eh?
Hope you're ready for the pop quiz, LOL! ; )
Well, I have had more than enough school today, so, I am going to relax and enjoy my no-school freedom while I can, because I start again tomorrow. Yea.


Mixed Feelings Today

I feel.......

: )

Because my parents get home tonight! I haven't seen them in what seems like forever!

I feel........

: (

Because my friend is leaving tomorrow. She is the coolest person ever, and I will miss her a lot!

I feel.......

X (

Because I don't like Hillary, and yet people seem to love her, which means she might win!

I feel........

: |

Because I got all my feelings out in one place. Now you know how I feel!


See Ya!

My Favorite Things In Life

This new template is so wonderful! I am a bookworm and so when I saw this I had to get it! It was so easy, and I did it on my own. (NOTE: If you all hate it, it is easy as pie to change it back to black.)

My favorite things in life,
Some are big and some are small.
But the most important thing,
Is how much I love them all!

1. God- I'm glad that I can rely on Him for everything. And that when there is a storm, I can go and hide in Him. He tops the list.
2. Family-Even though we have just about the strangest life in the universe, they are always there for me and show me their love. Some in hugs, some in practical jokes. I love them!
3. Friends- They are angels and are about the greatest comforts in the history of the world! They are so important to me, and I make more every where I go.
4. Animals- I could almost not survive without them! Even if they are not my own, I treat them with care and respect. They are a joy and a comfort to me. And they're so delicate and sweet.
5. Books- There is just something so inviting and warm about them. They are great! And anyone who says the opposite, either there is something wrong with them or they are weird. Love You!
6. Life's Necessities- I'm glad we can take showers. And eat off of clean dishes. And sleep in a comfy bed and we can wear clothes! That is just wonderful in itself. Think about it!
7. Venezuela- I enjoyed every minute I spent there, and all of my friends still are awesome. The church was so great, and it was the greatest place ever. Until *cartoon fanfare* Chavez came along!
8. Blogger- I'm glad that I can get on here and tell you all about my day and how my life is going. It is also awesome to read how YOUR day was going.
9. Food- I love it because I don't have to worry about it's slight disadvantages. I have a fast metabolism so however much I eat? That's how much I lose! It's great, ain't it?
10. School- I am glad I am not an unintelligent Floridiot! (Notice this is the one all the way at the bottom!)

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!



The Answers!

Okay, so I am two days late. I said I would post the answers Wednesday. But, I have been quite busy being bored. And freezing. All of that nonsense. Anyway, here we go:


What is my full name? Jayde Louisa Vernoy.
Where was I born? Clearwater, Florida.
Where would I like to go for vacation? Paris, France.
Do I have pets? No. But in Paraguay, I WILL.

What color is my hair? Blonde.
What color are my eyes? Greenish Blue.
What is my favorite color? Pink.
Who is the youngest kid in my family? Me.

What is my favorite thing to do? Sing.
What is my favorite game? Spoons.
When do I put on make-up? Whenever. I stay more casual for parties, and get a little fancier for special occasions.
What kinds of clothes do I wear? Usually a T-shirt and something comfortable to run in. And my black flip-flops.

What outfit do I usually wear when you see me? Same as above.
What is my favorite song? "Think of Me" From the Phantom of the Opera.
What bad habit do I have? Biting my nails.
Can I speak two languages fluently? Yes. Spanish and English.

Am I a Christian? Yes. And proud of it!!
Am I a grouchy person? No.
What ONE word describes me best? FUN.
What once-in-a-lifetime opportunity have I gotten to do? Helped baby sea-turtles go into the ocean after they hatched. Priceless.

Who do I write most in e-mails? Probably my cousin and/or Kelly Schwanke.
Do I write Christmas cards or send Christmas e-cards? Usually, I write cards and deliver them to my friends in a nice box of candies.
What countries have I lived in? Venezuela, America and soon-to-be Paraguay. (I want to be a missionary to France, also.)
On a rainy day, what do you think I would do? Sing, drive everyone nuts, and beg to be let out to jump in puddles until they let me.

What things annoy me? People who tease and make fun of others, people who don't accept others just because of their past, people who pick me up, throw me around and never stop.
What things calm me down? My mom's voice. Praying. And singing a calm song.
What summer job should I do, based on my talents? Babysit. I'm told that I am good with kids.
What is my favorite Bible verse? Joshua 24:15. I love the clear message that it speaks.

What is my favorite season? Summer. I am not a fan of winter.
What is my favorite holiday? Christmas!!!
Do I like to swim? Yes.
Do I like to take pictures? Love to. My dad's camera, is my camera.

Do I like to shop? Yes.
How old am I? 13.
What is my favorite animal? Turtle. I love turtles. They are adorable and cute and sweet and I have never been bitten by one. I am also the only person in my family that the turtles will come to. And they bite anyone else who tries to kiss them. Not me. HAHA!
Do I play any instruments? Absolutely not. I have tried, and failed. Never trying again.

Ahh... A New Year...

I love starting a new year. There is just something about feeling motivated and fresh. We started New Years same as 98% of America's population. You know the drill: Watch the ball drop in Times Square, yell 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!!' Shoot fireworks, play crazy games and eat delicious appetizers like nachos and cookies. We did that. Then, yesterday I got my very own brand new bedspread at JCPenney's. And was an eye-witness of a robbery! I was standing there with my mom while my dad and my sister brought the car up close to the door so that we didn't have to walk all the way through 42 degree weather. Two young girls stood near the store alarm near the main entrance and one called on her cellphone. I know what you're thinking: Nothing different there. Teenagers live on cellphones, big deal, Jayde! Well, wait! Then, a car pulled up and, clutching their EXTREMELY huge coats (stuffed with goodies, I would imagine), they ran through the front door and set the beeper going about 4 times. If I hadn't been in shock, I would have chased them or something, but there I stood dumbfounded. Watching as they ran and jumped in the car. Wow!

Great way to start the new year. It drives me nuts how people think they can just steal something! I've even seen things in Wal-Mart! People just rip the silver tags off of a cute piece of jewelry and walk right out. Right passed me! I usually glare at them and they glare back. But, MAN!!!

In Venezuela, I watched as a man pulled his computer lap-top into the airport. He handed it to his daughter who was sleepy-eyed and tired. (I don't blame her. It was 3:30 in the morning!) He said clearly, "Cuida esto, y no miras a ninguna otra cosa!" For those of you who don't have any idea what I said and are reading that phrase over and over again with blank faces, that means "Watch this, and don't look at anything else!" Clear words, right? Well, unfortunately, she didn't seem to care, leaned and fell back on a suitcase and went to sleep! I watched as a man with a striped shirt on walked inside. He looked around for a minute. Then waved to absolutely no one in the hallway. Wierd. Then he walked right next to the girl, pretended to look at his watch, (which he wasn't wearing) waited a few minutes, picked up the bag and walked right out the door to a black car waiting for him, and climbed right inside. Who do people think they are!?

I have a lot of resolutions. For those of you who know me, know that I am not the neatest person in the world. I can just picture my mom and Jackie saying, "DUH! I had to live with you all your life!"
My First Resolution is : Keep my things tidy.

My Second Resolution is : Do better in my math. (Probably won't happen, but, hey, it's worth a try!)

My Third Resolution is : (You'll LOVE this one!) To blog more!

I hope I can keep them...

I mentioned earlier the cutest bedspread. Here It Is!!!

Well. Happy New Year! : )

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