Club Penguin

O.K. I am known as a little less mature than I could be. For example, I own and collect Beanie-Babies. HEY!!! They're CUTE!!! Not many 13-year-olds do that. But, well, I do. SO WHAT?
Everyone has something about them that they didn't leave behind growing up! I have recently discovered a wonderful world. It is called 'Club Penguin'. I am addicted to it. It is a virtual winter-wonderland, and you are in the form of a penguin! Any color! You choose a username, and waddle around for as long as you want! You can talk, sing, dance and even THROW SNOWBALLS AT OTHER PENGUINS!!! How cool is that? I have gotten my brother into it, along with my cousin, Battle-King. Even ChocoholicMK has a penguin! It may seem babyish, and, yes, I agree. It is. But, once you start, it is almost impossible to stop! It's addictive! Addictive, I tell you!!!! I have a purple penguin and she has a puffle. Puffles are a type of pet for Club Penguin, that you can buy once you have enough coinz. Coinz are recieved when you play games around Club Penguin. You can chat the entire time! Every Thursday the newspaper of Club Penguin is renewed. It is filled with jokes,riddles,poems and stories! It even has comics!
Games on Club Penguin are surfing, sledding, swimming, connect-the-dots and SO MUCH MORE! I love Club Penguin. I love it. It is fun, believe it or not! And all around you are other penguins! You can scream HELLO! at them or throw a snowball, anything! There is pizza to eat, and a beach to swim in, a theater where plays take place, a little disco, and other penguins always have parties in their igloos! There is always something going on! And the greatest is, there is a whole world to waddle around! It isn't just one room! There is a beach, an underground world, a pizza parlor, a game-room, and all kinds of places! Even an iceberg! IT IS SO COOL! Call me weird, but I DARE-no,no I DOUB-No! I TRIPLE DOG DOUGHNUT DARE YOU TO JOIN! It is absolutely free! Unless you want clothes for your penguin...Then you have to pay $5.99 a month....Sorry, but my penguin is absolutely fine in the nude. She doesn't need clothes! Sie! No voy a pagar para que mi pinguino puede tener nada mas una gora o un vestido! Mi pinguino esta bien desnuda!
So, try it! Click RIGHT HERE to start!

Try It! Oh, and Please Keep Praying for Maddie McCann!



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Sigh I would collect beanie babies bu i travel too much and plus i hate having too much stuff because i don't know where i'd put it. I don't really play Club Penguin anymore. I would, but you really can't do much. I had enough money to get a puffle but it said I have to be a member (pay 5.99). It's so annoying. Well anyway I miss you!
Have fun with your nudist penguin!

January 31, 2008 1:46 PM  

Oh I didn't know you could only adopt blue and red puffles...COOL

January 31, 2008 1:57 PM  

plz blog plz blog plz plz plz plz

February 03, 2008 10:19 AM  

yes! Shane is addicted to it now too! I love hearing you two on the phone with each other discussing it while playing on line at the same time. Great post Jayde. It would make anyone want to join or at least check out the site.

February 05, 2008 5:00 PM  

Thanks for the link....

My D#5 LOVES playing this!! She wants you to email your name of yours so yall can "play together"....

You can get the address from your Aunt Pam!!

Thanks---it is FUN!!

February 06, 2008 7:27 AM  

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