REPORT: TERRACOTTA! That is fun to say...

So today I'm supposed to do a report on somethin' I read about in History.

* goes and finds out what the report was supposed to be again *

Aha! Yes.

I'm supposed to write about Terracotta. It is a type of clay. It's name is Italian for 'baked earth'. It's a natural brownish red color, and has been used for centuries. Whether to make a sculpture, or a pot, or whatever... It's a very old material used for arts and crafts.
It makes me think of... that appetizer horse whatever, called bruschetta. Terracotta bruschetta.
Doesn't that sound yummy? Mmmm...

* cough, cough * NOT.

Terracotta is still used today. It's clay. Yay.
It's flexible enough to be used to make ANYTHING.
Go out and buy some... It's a lotta fun!

* slowly sticks head over wall *


* blinks, bites lip *
* screams as tomatoes come flying her way *
* loses balance *
* lands in a pile of tomatoes *

Hi... everybody...

I haven't blogged in.. forever.. I know.
* shields face with hands *

I come here with grave news...
My other, wonderful, faithful computer has gone to Heaven. He has passed. He was a frie-!-
* ducks, as a pineapple comes her way *

ALRIGHT! I admit.. I have been leaving... And not coming back for quite some time.
It's just that nothing has been going on. Worthy enough to be mentioned in my blog, I mean.
Well, my birthday is coming up. The treinta! :D
My pop-tarts are gone.
And my Cheez Nips.
* puts head in hands and bawls *
* wipes eyes with hankie *
I'll survive, though.
Today is Friendship Day, here in cold, frigid Paraguay. I have recieved messages that say the exact same thing, from all kinds of different people.
Even my phone service sent me a friendship message...
Tomorrow, I'll be going to the mall. And being a girl with a bunch of my girlfriends. :) We'll be taking pictures, and trying things on, walkin' around ..(the Christmas tree GAH! * stops self *), just being total nincompoops.
That is a very fun word.
Try saying it fast.
I double dog donut dare you!
* stares at you until you say it *

It comes out soundin' somethin' like 'nincumpup'... say it 8 times really fast.

Comes out like 'ninkapoo'... Let's hope we never meet a Ninka who has to 'go'... Cause.. That's what'd come out... of it's... yeah.. xD

So, my last post was about a red button game. Addicting, I must say.
Well, my friend... * needs to make up a name for her *... EEYORE! :) She loves Eeyore...
Okay, Eeyore will be coming to my house tomorrow and spending the night. :)

* slaps the giggly person with a Twizzler *
LAUGHTER!... Is a sin.

* stares at cat who is and has been stuck in the closet *
It's her fault. She climbed up there; she can get down. :)

She's PREGNANT! She's a fatty! She's got a huge tummy. Regrettably, I think she may end up having the kittens in my room, since she spends so much time there.
Let's hope not.
* shudders *

Anna, I love you, baby, but if you give birth in my quarters I'll beat the tar out of you.
Okay.. No, I probably won't. I'll scream bloody murder, then go get Dad, explain what's going on, and then in the morning, I will pet the precious little beauties. :) And you, of course, Anna.
For those of you who may be completely clueless, 'ANNA' is my lovely Siamese cat. :)

She's really adorable... And soft. BOY, is she soft! She feels as though she were made of cotton.

I bought a coat today. Okay, I guess I'd better elaborate on that... DAD bought me a coat today. It's red! And ... sparkly-ish... You know, that.. really sheen material? And I look like a Michelin man who just fell in a vat of Ketchup. :) But it's cute. And cozy. And that's the whole point of a coat.
One can't live on hoodies and sweaters alone! :)
Unless you bundle up in a ton of them. But we all know that'd be UGLY as... a frog's nostril.
And those are ugly.

* gags *

And then a few days ago, we went out and bought a ton of pretty skirts and a few shirts and a snazzy jean jacket.
Okay, there's something I don't get. 'Snazzy'.. But you pronounce it, 'schnazzy'. Kinda like, 'schnauzer'.
* Schnazzy would be a nice nickname for a schnauzer *
* makes mental note, for if she ever gets a schnauzer *
Schnauzer dogs look like little Irish men. I always wanna put a pair of glasses on one... It just sounds cute.

Okay, so I was thinking of maybe making yet ANOTHER blog... With my fashion opinion. :)

Whaddaya think? I could be real creative with it, and state my opinion as hard as I wish, cause.. It's MY blog and I can do whatever I want with it! :P



K, so today I have choir practice. I ♥ choir practice...:)

I'm recovering from my cough, drinkin' nasty, gross medicine to get the yicky cough and cold-ness out.
One is blue pills that taste like the jungle. (Don't ask. But even Mom says they do...)
And nasty cough syrup with a name that is at the very least honest...It sounds nasty, and is. It's called Muxol.

Grr...Hungry. I can't wait til' lunch.

* scans blogger template website she snatched from Skittles *

* icky nasty 'RIP micheal j' one...* gags *

I'd like the world to know... Here is a newsflash:


Now. Would ya chillazzy, please?

Why do people care so much about him? All I know is I was sayin' on my Facebook,
'Micheal J is dead! weirdo...'
And someone said to me:

It's not nice to think so happily when a person dies...

To which I retorted:

Are you even sure he was a person? Have you SEEN him?

And they said:

...Good point.


What else can I jabber about? I love that word...Jabber. It's more cool than chatter, and that's part of my email...I should switch it.
But no. Cause then all my friends would hate me, because they wouldn't be able to find me and I just don't wanna go through all that trouble.

I got a keyboard! Pastor J is awesome... He gave it to us for free! And now it sits in the corner of my room, with Anna wanting to jump on it. I have to say "no, Anna!" because if she jumps on it it'll fall, and break...And I'll get in trouble. For something the cat did....But somehow, it'll be switched around to my fault. Probably for leaving it out...? I dunno. But I don't wanna risk it. :)

* coughs *
COVER YOUR FACE! I've a bad habit of not covering my mouth... So it's up to you not to get sick.


It's highly contagious! I could cough on you and ...well...You'd...cough. But still! I have power! I have power to ...make you cough. But I have POWER!
Sicky evil powers! You'd have to drink MUXOL to recover from it! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And drink nasty QuickSoup like me...!!

>:D hehehehehehe!

The Oxiclean guy died a while ago. The one that screamed at you?


That dude.

That is one of the reasons I was glad we don't have American television.
Not that I like television...In fact, I barely ever watch anything but Bones. That's it. House I dislike muchly. I don't like the dubbed-over-in-Spanish Disney junk, or the reality shows. Or those stupid suspense series...Like Lost. "GAH! What's gonna HAPPEN to them? Is she gonna have her baby on the ISLAND?"

To Be Continued...
And then you want to either call up the directors and sue them or just throw something at the TV.
It's not healthy!

That's another phrase that cracks me up!

'Too much internet time isn't healthy!"

What...Is it gonna make me puke?

* opens Gmail *

* heart-attack *

* gasps for breath *

* throws up *

* regrets Internet *

Nope. Not gonna happen. :)

A lot of people have been finding my blog recently. Icky freaky creeps, and then a few Indian fellas.
Talkin' in SPANISH. I think they may be more messed up than me...And if they think for ONE SECOND that I'm goin' back to their blog Indo whatever-ness... THINK AGAIN!
I think I'm gonna make up an email... for this blog. JUST for this blog. I don't like people I don't know well to email mah personal stuffs. Or leavin' they stuff as a comment. I'd rather recieve it privately and be able to dispose of it.

That's a funny word...'dispose'...Makes me think of an old, English persnickety woman holding her nose to a little kid who brought in a dead rat. "Ugh! My dear, dispose of that wretched, disgusting lifeless creature!"
:) I have a wild imagination...In case ya didn't know.

Back to emails...

Maybe somethin' like,


pinkandblackjunglebunny@blabla is too long. I tried it. :/


I'll put it on mah sidebar when I have one. :)

I've got monkey slippers...Whai? I'll tell ya why. Cause it's COLD!!!

I thought we came to Paraguay to ESCAPE the cold? Humph...

Well, methinks I've kept ya long enough. Thanks for readin'! :)

* waves wildly *

Hi, everyone!

I'm back! :)

I've disappeared!! I know! WOW, right? :O :O :O
Notice the smileys: :O :O :O

This is something that you really don't want to do.


I'm serious! You don't want to do it.

Oh, great...See!!! I was trying to save you!!

Fine, fine.

Do what you want.

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