This is me singing at my second wedding. I was so, so nervous!! The wedding was beautiful! Gold and white go really well together! Maria T (the bride) and the groom, Richard are still off on their honeymoon. Haha!

Soon, I will be singing again. At a conference. One song with Jewel, and another song by myself. But I am not the least bit nervous! I guess it's because I have already sang in two weddings, in Smyrna Baptist Church I have sung during Invitation, I did a Spanish special and I have sung in Smyrna's choir, I sang in another church in the States, a Christmas solo in Santa Biblia, I entered a singing contest at Camp Sunlight and won, sang with a little girl, Paola, in Santa Biblia, sang to various friends and family members Mom knows, sang during Invitation in Santa Biblia, sang 2 songs with Kid's Choir, sang in a play in Santa Biblia, sang 2 specials on Invitation Sunday in my classroom, sang with the Women's Choir, I sing in my house all the time, I sang with my cousins in ChajuraƱa once, and I am planning to sing with a teenager in church as a special, and I want to sing with one of the people who play guitar and sing. And what I REALLY want to do is to sing with Jesus Adrian Romero, Steve Green and Andrea Bocelli. That last one, Andrea Bocelli, I KNOW it is absolutely impossible for me to sing with him, I know, but I can dream, right?? And Holly Stell sang with him, so, why can't I??

I am not nervous at all about the conference.
However, Jewel is wound up tighter than a tick! She agreed to do it, so she has to stay true to her word, but she is still nervous!!
I hope it'll all go well...
And I hope all the songs coming up will touch peoples' hearts and to help non believers to believe.
Oh, and pray for Jewel! Poor thing!!

We As Christians...

How many times do we hide our belief in Christ? A lot of times, it's because we want to be normal, or we want a normal person, a non-believer to like us. Like, for instance, ( this is not true. It is just an example.) a non-believer friend or such, blows up at us because we don't agree on some of the movies they like. The options are endless. The point is, they ask us why we don't like the movies, and are we really religious or something? And here is what we say, " What? Oh, no, no. I'm not religious! I have no idea why I said that! I forgot to say that that is my all-time favorite movie!" Now, why do we say that?
Because we want to be normal. I think trying to be normal should be one of the things all Christians should stay away from.
Even in the Bible, in Luke 6:26, it explains that we should be as different as possible. It says," Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you. For so did their fathers to the false prophets."
If we are normal, and everyone likes us, then how can we minister? How can we be Christians? We should be different in order for us to minister. The Bible says Woe! Woe unto you who when all men shall speak well of you!!
If you're a Christian, yes, a lot of people are going to hate you. Welcome to my life! I live in Venezuela and lots of people don't like me or my family, just because we are Christians and we wanted to minister to the Ye'kwana Indians in ChajuraƱa.
They disliked us so much they told us horrible things, they told us to go, and to take our ministry with us! Sure, we were hated, resented, and people wanted to spit on us. But we took it, and were proud that we had done the most important thing. We had left the Word of Christ with as many Indians as we could, and right now, those Indians still believe in Him, and they are still glad being Christians and glad telling others about Christ. That makes me happy!
Now, we should be PROUD to be Christians!! We should be overjoyed to know that God loves us and the world! Not upset and embarrassed. Not ashamed that people don't like us if we are who God wants us to be! Now, let's grab our Bibles, and let's get out there in the world, and share our happiness with others. Let's make the world as happy as we are in the same way we are!

Guys, We Need Plenty Of Prayers Going Up.

Today is my Grandpa's surgery day. I would really appreciate it if you all would keep him in extra prayer today. Pray the operation will go well, and that he'll be fine afterwards. I know alot of you are praying, and I am very thankful for it. Because I know we all love him and want him to be better. So, thanks again!
God bless all, especially my Grandpa and all who are praying for him.
Thank you.

You Asked For 'Em, And You Got 'Em! Turtle Pics And Me!

Here are some pictures of Crutchie and Tiny. And since some of you have asked what I look like with my glasses, there are some pictures of me, also.

This is me and Crutchie.

This is me and Tiny and Crutchie. Tiny is the one on the left, and Crutchie is on the right.

This is me and Tiny.

And here are some of me.

This is me...

And this is me again!

Well, C YA, folks!
Love, Blessings and Prayers!

My New Blog

In case you haven't noticed, I have changed the colors of my blog and my template is just like my Dad's. Please note that this does not mean that I care more about fashion than animals. I am still jungle jayde. I just changed my template!
God bless you all, and remember to keep praying for my Grandpa.

Please Pray!

Please pray for my Grandpa. They are taking him to the Hospital to get him checked out. We don't know what it is yet, and that is all I have for now. But once again, please pray.

I'm back into BlogWorld. I know I haven't written in a while, but a lot of things have been going on. I am going to be singing in yet ANOTHER wedding, the same song I sang in the first. I have finished two subjects this year, Health and Bible, and I am way ahead in Biology and History, so I am mainly focusing on Math. I am doing well, but that does not mean I am enjoying it. Also, I am a Turtle Therapist for an adorable baby turtle, Crutchie, who can't use his back legs. So I am teaching him how, and he is learning quickly. He is kept company by his sibling, Tiny, and they both live in my room. Sadly there is no news of Toupee, and it does make me feel sad to know that I won't ever see him again, but I know God is watching him. So, now do you see why I didn't have time to Blog?
Love, Prayers and Blessings to You All,

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