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I have been very very bored lately, so, why not learn a new language? LOL. Yes, I am a missionary kid. Interested in learning languages, and I try to do either that or get on Club Penguin when I am bored. But, I cannot decide on a language to learn...I am at a cross between Hebrew, more French, Greek, Chinese, Guarani, etc....(Hint: That's when you come in. Tell me what language I should teach myself?)

I think learning Hebrew would be a useful choice, because the Bible was written in it....Paul spoke it... It would help me understand more religious things, and, a prophet once said in the Bible, that reading in translation is like kissing your bride through the veil.

French, I already know enough to get by, and I am sent daily Rocket French lessons through email, so I can learn it easily. Also, the French language is similar to Spanish, so, it wouldn't be that hard to learn.

Greek, would be useful to read in, but, nobody speaks Greek anymore, so....

Chinese, I am told, that if you learn it, it will make learning any other language easier, because it is supposed as the hardest language ever to learn... It figures...The words all sound the same to me.... Hai ho chaing cha hao hoa ching cha yao ming....(Plus, what if you learned it, and said something like 'and i eat balloon animals' on a stage, when you mean to say, 'and thank you for listening'?)

Guarani, I am very interested in. Partly because I am going to have to learn it when I live in Paraguay, so why not make it easier and start now? Plus, the accents and vowels are very similar to those of the Ye'kwana language.

Russian, first, because I think it'd be AWESOME! Russian language sounds very swift and, well, cool! Plus, my dear friend, Chocoholic MK, speaks it fluently. So, that one-ups it a bit.

German, sounds as though you are angry when you speak it...Well, to me it does. However, it would be a neat language to learn because if you spoke it, you could communicate with lots of blond people across the globe...Well, maybe....LOL. You know what I mean, and you know it!

So, tell me what language you think I should try in my spare time... Thanks!

Love & Hugs!


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Very funny about the Chinese language! You made me laugh, again.

I vote for French, become more fluent and/or Guarani, because that is a necessity.

Your comments about blonds and Germans made me recall my days living in Mexico. So many people I met in the streets and shops assumed I was from Germany! Even your Uncle Agustin said he thought I was Hitler's great granddaughter when he first met me!! LOL

March 01, 2008 9:46 PM  

My dad taught himself hebrew. Then once he learned all the pronunciations and letters and stuff he wrote in english in his journal but used Hebrew letters. Sounds cool. But you could do that in any language sort of. Greek would be funny because if you tell someone something they might say "that all sounds like greek to me."
Chinese is annoying. Especially the names. Ling, Long, Chang, Chong, Ming, Choy, Chow...blah. I've never heard of Guarani. That would probably be a more practical thing to learn.
RUSSIAN RUSSIAN RUSSIAN! They say it's the language of heaven because it takes eternity to learn. But it's really not all that hard. And you can make it sounds like you're REALLY REALLY mad!
If you speak German teach me some so I can torment my bro. He hates German.
That wasn't much help was it? Well, if you want what I want you to learn, you should learn Russian. But Guarani sounds more useful to you.

March 02, 2008 8:35 AM  

What do they speak in ... err ... Greece?

March 02, 2008 1:25 PM  

Hey Jayde I think you should learn Guarani because you are going to have to learn it anyway.


March 02, 2008 4:59 PM  

FRENCH!!! GERMAN, or RUSSIAN! hahaha dont learn Guarani, no one hardly speaks it down here,,,

March 04, 2008 4:38 AM  

Pastor Erik D (formerly of Tabernacle) here. Linked over from your mom's blog.

For your information -

μερικοι λεγουσι Ελληνικος αλλά μονάχα με αλλοι ελληνικοι.

I read ancient Greek and am working on modern Greek (above) because I work with a Greek guy and my favorite pizza shop owner is Greek.

FYI - Paul probably did not speak Hebrew on a daily basis although as a Pharisee he was fluent. He was from Tarsus, so he probably spoke Greek as his primary language and Aramaic when he was in Palestine. He might have spoken Latin, but no one is sure.

My vote is for Hebrew. It's awesome.


April 08, 2008 6:53 PM  

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