Arguing With Barney.

So Today--
Hiya, Verja!!
Um..Hi. As I was saying--
How's about we go FLY A KITE, UP TO THE HIGHEST HEIGHT! Haha!
Yeah...No thanks. AHEM Today I plan to organize my room a bit mo--
Ugh. What?
You didn't include ME in your plans!
Hmm...*scratches* Why on EARTH would I do that?
Because I'm your friend! I love you and you love me--
Who said I ever loved you?
I just did. Love goes all around! We need to spread love and be nice to everyone!
Okay, listen up Mr. Big purple hippie.
Now, now, don't call people names... It isn't ni--
NICE? I'm not exactly nice to some fat, purple dinosaur. Picture this:
Pretend I'm one of the kids on your show and we're all gonna have a race. At the end we all come up to you, wondering who won. What would you tell us?
That you are all winners, of course! Haha!
So we all lost?
No. You are all winners because you tried and you had fun.
What about that fat kid still way back at the starting line eating cake? Don't I get something over him?
Now now...You aren't being very nice. Everyone should be nice. It's called caring. Caring rhymes with SHARING. So, when you race, remember to share the winning. In fact, I know a SONG about sharing and caring! Would you like to hear it?
Yeah--um...Think I'll pass on that, thanks anyways. Can I please get back to blogging now, Barney? Please go away?
Oh...I feel sad, Verja.
You are NOT a nice little lady!
Never have been. Go away.
Ooh! I'm angry at you!!!!!!
Bring it, fatso! I'll knock the lights out of the French guy inside you!!
OoOh! No, I don't fight! And there you go with the name-calling again, Verja. I said it isn't nice.
Well, I can't figure out any way to get rid of you so I can blog!! So, that's my only hope.
Please is a good word.
Yeah? PLEASE...Hmm...I said that, like right before I made you sad.
Yeah. So go away.
I don't want to. No one should be forced to do something that they don't want to. It's wrong!!
Goodbye, Barney. And good riddance.
*lands in island full of dinosaur study people* Ooh! Look, BoB!!

So, as I was saying. I plan to do some work today. I plan to think up some good names for Netsirk's kitten.
I like the name Crystal or Tinker. How about you, Netsirk? lemme know.


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When you write in pink and purple, it kind of has this optical illusion effect. The words are kind of 3-D. Pretty cool.

September 22, 2008 9:05 AM  

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