The Olympics, Miss Persia

The Olympics is one of today's greatest athletic events. The Olympics games began thousands of years ago in Greece as part of Greek worship services. The Greeks believe the gods and godesses liked to see healthy bodies and athletic skills.
So, every four years the best athletes competed in racing, boxing, wrestling, discus and javelin. At the start of the games, they honored Zeus, the king of their gods.
An Olympic winner recieved no money.
The winner of each sports event was given a crown of laurel leaves. Winning the Olympics was considered the highest honor a man could earn. When Greece fell, the Olympic games were discontinued.
Then in 1896 they were renewed. This time, however, the worship of Greek gods was no longer a part of the competition.
Athletes competed for the honor of their country.
Today, of course, the Olympic games are telecast all over the world for people of every nation to see.
~*~ (wipes sweat from forehead)

During the rule of King Xerxes in ancient Persia, there was a beauty pageant much like today's Miss Universe and Miss America contests.
After divorcing his wife for disobeying him, Xerxes wanted to select a new queen. He held a Miss Persia contest in which all the most beautiful girls in the Persian Empire entered. The winner, the lovely Hebrew girl, Esther, married Xerxes and became queen of Persia.
Then, as told by the Veggie tales,
She saved herself and all the other Hebrews from being sent to the dreaded Isle of Perpetual Tickling for eternity.
This is recorded in the book of Esther. I'm sure it wasn't really the Isle of Perpetual Tickling...Probably something much worse.
In the VT movie, a grim reaper dude comes through the palace doors carrying and waving a feather while tickling the Peoni brothers and leading them to the Isle of Tickling.
Its a great movie. Makes me laugh like something crazy. :D

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