December...How Much Longer?? When Will It Come to An END??

I have been waiting forever... Or so it seems... December has decided to take especially long this year. I want it to end! I want to see my cousins! I want to open presents!! NOW!!! LOL! ;)
I may sound very impatient. The Reason: I AM!!! I can't wait for next weekend! We are opening presents next Saturday! One of the reasons? Well, my parents know that they can't keep me out of the presents much longer. So, they figure they'd better get it over with so that they can have peace! Plus, they are just as impatient as me inside!
I have quite a few things to do! I have to buy some presents! I have a Christmas Caroling Banquet Friday! WE OPEN GIFTS SATURDAY!!! WOO HOO!!!
I am twitchy as a jitterbug! I just want to get my hands on that enormous package that says JAYDE on the front! Or the envelope that has MY name written on it and feels a LOT like some sort of Gift Card is inside it! OR, the bag that has something hard and heavy in it. I confess: I have felt around in the bag. That was before Mom scooped it out of my arms and put it behind the tree! ARGH! Why do parents like to torture their children? This is so unjust! I told Mom,
"I pretty much already know what everything is. You might as well let me open them." Of course, she said no. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! She knows I have a pretty close idea to what is inside the bag! SHE KNOWS! I don't understand. When I told her that, she just gave me a sarcastic look that said, "Do you REALLY, beyond a shout of a doubt think I am gonna let you open them?REALLY??"
I know the exact answer to that simple, easy question: No. Nope. Absolutely not. SORRY!!
It would be so much easier! Honestly! WHY do I have to wait? Is there some enormous law that says, "NO OPENING PRESENTS UNTIL CHRISTMAS MORNING!! OR YOU'LL GO TO JAIL FOR FORTY YEARS!!!"
Well, there is a law that I must honor anyway. "Honor thy father and mother." So I MUST honor her. That doesn't mean I have to like it! Especially where presents are involved.
And there are all of the presents. Just sitting under the tree, calling, "OPEN ME! OPEN ME!" Every time I walk by our little four-foot tree. I want to shout back, " BE QUIET!! DON'T SAY A WORD!!! I CAN'T! I JUST CAN'T!!! NOW SHUSH!!"
It's such a happy little tree. With colorful lights and tiny ornaments. So cute and peaceful. And there are the tempting presents. With pretty bows and tissue paper on them. With objects that I will not say what they are inside. An angel on the top is on my mother's side. "Jayde! Don't even think about it! I cross my heart I will blow my plastic horn and your mother will come! Don't even touch them! Go Away!" The little ornaments are not with me neither against me. When the presents say yes, the angel says no, I want a third opinion and ask the ornaments, and they just shrug and say, "I don't know. Your choice." Wow! Such helpful little things, aren't they? Personally, I think I don't know shouldn't qualify as an answer. Unless you are doing school and don't know the answer to the problem. THEN it is fine.

Well, I need to make some lists. And sing some happy Christmas songs.



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Jayde, talking to plastic figurines is not healthy. I would advise...stopping...

December 17, 2007 6:54 PM  

hey just wanted to let u know... i finally blogged again!!

December 19, 2007 7:31 PM  

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