A Day In The Life Of Turtles: This is a LONG post..

Hi, how's it going? Today, I decided to make a post about my sisters and I, and give you a taste of our life. Here is Keblar,Cami,Muffin,Lulu,Tankie's and me, Daisy's, schedule.

8:00: We are all asleep and Jayde wakes us up, and gives us a cold morning shower with the hose.

8:30: She refills our water and gets us new food, and picks some fresh green weed clippings, and scatters them all over our flowerpot for snacks later on.

9:00: We eat some of the yummy lettuce, and swim for a little bit. We take turns.

9:30: Keblar takes a nap, and me, Tankie, Muffin, Cami and Lulu explore a little and stare at our pretty wall. It's white. And It's REALLY cool!

10:00: Jayde comes to check on us, checks our water and our food dish to make sure it's full, and she pets us or plays with us.

10:30: Jayde leaves. She says she has something wierd to do. She calls it school. No idea what that is. She is gone for an hour.:(

11:00: My favorite time of the day!! Jayde comes back, and puts us all on the green grass to eat, play and walk.

11:30: Jayde goes and plays with all the other animals. While she is gone, this creepy white fluffy thing stares at us as we move in the grass. I don't like it. But he never bites us or anything, he is just a little creepy.:

12:00: It is starting to become hot outside, and Jayde knows that. She comes back out, fills our water dishes, and puts each of us in the nice cool water to soak. She blows us kisses and goes back inside.

12:30: Me and my sisters walk around, play with eachother, and Keblar baby-sits Lulu and Tankie as they nap. She stays close by, and watches over each of us.

1:00: It is now very,very,very hot. We drink all the water there is. Jayde knows us so well, that she knows there is no water by now. So, once again, she comes back and refills our water, pets us, and goes back inside.

1:30: We all munch on the chewy green grass clippings, and Lulu and Tankie wake up, and walk around together.

2:00: It's still very hot. Me and all my sisters find nice,cool corners to nap in, or stare at the pretty wall.

2:30: We eat a nice lunch of lettuce and some tomatoes and fruit. Then we drink lots of water and watch the door, waiting for Jayde. We stare at the door for as long as it takes.

3:00: Jayde COMES BACK!! She gives us all rides on the slide and holds us on the swing. Then she puts us back, gives us turtle treats, says she loves us, and goes back inside, but only after checking our water supply, of course.

3:30: We all take another nap. But since Keblar is rested, she keeps a close eye on all of us.

4:00: It's cooling down in the afternoon, and Jayde comes back out and takes Keblar on a walk in the park, leaving Cami in charge, since she is the oldest after Keblar.

4:00: Cami is nice, and watches us, and Muffin helps her.

4:00: Jayde gives us all more rides on the slide, and gives us kisses on our head before she has to leave. That is all. GOODBYE!!:)

Oh, yeah, here are some pics of me playing with the webcam..hehehe...
Don't tell Jayde..;) Maybe later, all her other animals will do a post!:)

P.S. You may think that the shirt and pants in the second picture is Jayde herself, but it was just some old crinkled cleaning rags, and an old yellow shirt that is used as a rag too. Jayde was upstairs doing school. Hehehe.:)
I have proof! I can't wai tuntil she finds out what I did. Hahaha!


3 murmurs:

This was way too cute! I loved it! What a creative idea! I hope Jayde thinks its cute when she sees what you have been up to, my turtle friend! The photo are what put this over the top!

February 09, 2007 4:58 PM  

Jayde---too cute--


And, you are a great caretaker of your animal friends!!

February 10, 2007 6:31 AM  

HUH?? I have no idea what ur talking about!

February 10, 2007 11:37 AM  

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