Hello everybody!

I am bored today. And it's Friday! I don't know about you, but after Sunday, Friday is my favorite day. It means that there will be no school for 2 days. That is just wonderful! At least to kids, anyway...;)
I have had plenty to think about today. For one, THAT GIRL WHO CHANGES HER NAME SO MUCH, I think it's Skittles, now...Maybe...? She'll probably change it soon...So, don't count on it. Anyways, her birthday is tomorrow, and I have a present, which I shall create with GIMP, in mind, but the sad thing is, GIMP is on the older computer and that computer just shut off..So..I can't GIMP. But I have to so that I can make TGWCHNSM's present. (that girl who changes her name so much)...I only have until TOMORROW!! I have to! I have to make it!! NOW NOW NOW!

Alas, all my friends are not online. I think they left as soon as my computer shut off, meaning I couldn't communicate with them, thus, as soon as I, their entertainment, left, they got bored and left. I love ya, friends! :D

I am writing a mystery novel. Nothing scary, don't worry. The problem is..I don't know what to do for a mystery! I have started it..and..* crickets * ALRIGHT-ALRIGHT I KNOW! I procrastinate!! I haven't sat down and thought very much. I'm more of a 'make-it-up-as-you-go' sort of author. And another thing, I write and write and then I can never finish the book...Or I get bored halfway through and KAPUT. I forget entirely about it. For example...I have about 5 stories in my email drafts and another 12 in Microsoft Office Word. And they have been there since...* crickets *...About 5 months now. Maybe? I don't know. Just a guesstimate.
So, please leave me a comment with an idea on a NOT-FREAKY mystery. And it has to be made up by you, and I want it to be creative. And different. Not typical. Where is Jerry Bruckheimer when you need him?

I drew an interesting picture today. I put my art supplies given to me by about 40 churches, (THANK YOU!! :D) to good use and drew a charcoal picture of a little girl on a swing in a little place by a creek. Personally, I think I could have done better, but...I don't have a charcoal eraser, and thus, I will leave it as is. The little girl is cute! With pigtails. And there is a little stool under the swing. And in the creek behind her, are cat-tails and fish...I want to go there...To that peaceful place. And I don't believe in looking at it, staring and concentrating on it because, um. THAT WON'T TAKE ME THERE! I have a vivid imagination, but I refuse to use it for that...
I have a dilemma. I want to draw something to match my room. I want my own artwork on the wall. Since I can't use my paint-by-numbers, I want to draw or paint my own piece. (My paint-by-numbers' paint dried up...BOTH KITS! * sobs in despair *) Any ideas?? My room is colorful. Themed INDIA, because I've always admired how India is so colorful! I want to go there...: ) Anyways, here are the colors, if, in any way this helps you to think of something: turquoise, pink, yellow, green, orange, and stripes in all those colors along with blue butterflies. I have thought of drawing the Taj Mahal,( Not sure HOW you spell that!) because I have always thought that that building is COOL-LOOKIN'!

I have named my camera Chloe. Thank you very very very much, Skittles! I love that name! And it fits my camera perfectly. Because she has a little beaded dog and a little trinket made by my dear, dear friend BosSha hanging from the hook. Chloe...I love it! : )

I have a few more lessons in math and then I'll be DONE. For about a week, I'll get some freedom, and then I will start the next book...Oh, the joy.

Turkey Day is coming up! TURKEY DAY! The day where everyone gathers round, is thankful, and stuffs their faces with mashed potatoes, gravy, pies and all that other wooooonderful food...:)
We are having the H family over. They have 8 kids. Yes, 8. But they are such a wonderful family! They gave me books!! : ) Wonderful, glorious books. I've read them already. I can't wait until they get here. Their family is so fun! : ) I plan to sing Sound of Music songs with them, because they all harmonize and know the songs by heart. I LOVE that movie! Julie Andrews has the voice of an angel.

To celebrate any holiday that has a hat involved, (except for Halloween or any other bad holiday), ugh..x|) I wear the hat through the week of the holiday. Since I don't go to public school * shudders at the thought *, I have fun and wear funky hats on holidays. This week, I shall wear a black top-hat that I found in the toy-box. That is as close as I can get to a Pilgrim's hat. AROUND CHRISTMAS, I will wear my Santa hat that Skittles gave me. : )

I have been thinking. What comes to mind when you think toiletries? PRONOUNCE IT.
I think of a group of trees with toilets growing on them. What do YOU think of?
Any other funny mental pictures of strange words? How about...Napkin. Doesn't that seem like a better name for a toddler-size sleeping bag? "Mommy...Did you pack my napkin?"
Isn't that CUTE!? I like that much better than something that we wipe our messy mouths with. What can you think of that people say often and don't realize what they sound like? Please leave it in your comment. I like to laugh. :)

I think I've kept you long enough. I'm off to go and write a chapter in the story blog. BLUEY, SKITTLES AND NETSIRK HAVEN'T BEEN WRITING IN IT!!! I, Verja, shall take upon myself the perilous danger of writing in a story blog that is hungry from not having been written in for months and months.
* places sword on both shoulders *

Bye bye! :D

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Hey! I'm guitargirl and I found you via Soul Skittles, and yes! I have a wonderful idea for a mystery novel! See there's this guy who lives in England...His name is Sherlock. Him and his partner go to a place called Baskerville hall to solve a crime where a giant hound has been scaring people dead...It's fresh, it's original, nobody's come up with it before! LOL!
Cool blog, I esp like Arnold ;)

November 21, 2008 2:23 PM  

If it was earlier in the day I'd have an idea, but no. :(

Steal back the computer! Quickly! We must celebrate Soul Skittles day!

November 22, 2008 12:28 AM  


November 22, 2008 2:19 AM  

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